"The Bridge of Remagen" Beta Shots!

(Codename Ty) #601

It’s been a while since I’ve played this map to be honest, but from what I can remember, I think the main problem with it is the best parts of the map were woefully underused.

The city that you did a pretty good job on doesn’t have any objectives in it, though is the nicest looking part of the map, as well as the Axis communications and control center on the other side of the bridge.

While the Axis communication center was one of the objectives, perhaps it needs expanding? I’m not sure if you tried to use plans from the original town or if you were going for an adaption of the movie based on the same name “The Bridge at Remagen”, but I would expand the communications and control center and I would also put some objectives within the town and make it worthwhile, other than a simple spawn, it seemed incredibly underused and the bridge needs to be lit up a little, at least within the towers…way too many shadows and places you can’t see it all.

In the movie they had AA guns up one of the hills overlooking the bridge to take on incoming Allied tanks, perhaps you could do something like that? Make it a tank map? I don’t know, just some ideas for you to ponder.

Good luck with redoing/continuing the map and I look forward to playing it once you’re ready. Should you need help with playtesting before you’re ready for a general release, I’ll be happy to help you out.

[nWo]Codename Ty

(BXpress) #602

hey, you guys have some real good ideas!
I will rethink the whole concept… would someone have fun talking about this in #splashdamage @Quakenet?
Would be cool… ill get another guy to it too who made the very first version before he gave the whole projekt (+love^^) to me:)

(Codename Ty) #603

I would be interested, though I’m on vacation and won’t be back at a computer capable of supporting MIRC until the 9th of January. Would be fun though. :drink:

(BXpress) #604

Made some stuff!
Here, thats where the Allies will Spawn at the Beginning. I picked up Ifuritas Idea of just swapping the team sides and missions…

The Axis will attack the Allies spawn from 3 sides… after they got the Allied flag on the bridge, they will spawn at that flag and the Allies on the other side… and so this is war focused on the bridge;)

There will be some Flag Attached to the Axis Spawn 3 too, so you can climb up a ladder to it… will be fun :moo:

(eRRoLfLyNN) #605

I said it before, but I am an arsehole anyway. Please please start a new thread, this is really tedious now…

Making a new start? Maybe start a new thread?

btw your images aren’t showing (for me - on Firefox)

(D3C0Y) #606

images are showing fine here for me in firefox eRRoLfLyNN

(macbeth) #607

long time not played this map on our server
i will wait the new version

(Apple) #608

I’ve been away from ‘the scene’ for about a year now, but I was sitting around bored and so decided to stop on by to see what’s new in the world of mapping. I guess not much - seeing as this thread is still on the first page, just like it was a year ago, and a year before that. lol, will it never die?

(Ifurita) #609


(BXpress) #610

it wont die as long as i live… am busy with a few other projects, depending on my job… but im gonna add something to the Bridge tonight :slight_smile:

(EB) #611

how’s about some new screenies ?

(<BT>Pitsbrgparatrpr) #612

So… hows the map coming, the new spawns looked good! When your done with the final changes I’d like to run it on our server! Please think about that rope in the niddle of the river to add another element to getting up to the bridge without going the whole way over. It isnt like the Germans didnt have enough cables and crap dangling off that sucker anyway once it was all rigged up. Anyway… looking forward to whatever you do!

(<BT>Pitsbrgparatrpr) #613

So… do we have a new version yet!!! :chef:

(IneQuation) #614

OMG, I just skimmed the 20-odd pages of this thread and haven’t found one working screenshot. :nag:

(Fusen) #615

well try and imagen a huge bridge…

(jmnzcom) #616

cool but somone shuld make one of somewhere like mexico rosswell with alien skins and swatt skins and yeh that whuld be nice sry for the randome talk

(Visceral*Scythian) #617

Better frame rates?

(<BT>Pitsbrgparatrpr) #618

My clan, <BT>, has merged with another clan in the Pittsburgh area, SNA, and formed =FbF=, Feared by Few. We have about 23 members and do ET and BF2. This map is on our rotation, and we love it. I HOPE we see a couple of the needed revisions and such soon… a lot of people like this map.PLEASE keep it going with a new update!!!
I would change Axis spawn to add another possible location at end, so they don’t get camped (easy to do from Tower). Maybe a boat in water down on the left (opposite side of bridge, West I think), in the movie the Axis are on that boat in river… so it would fit. then Axis woudl have three options to spawn from at end… lessens camping which we see at end a lot.
The only other thing I think would be cool is a rope to go up the middle of the bridge from a support at the bottom, like the ropes you can build in the beginning to scale walls. Maybe a little support down there with a crate for Aliies to build… since they were climbing all over that thing anyway.
Perhaps more action in the opening town also, buildable machine gun nests that point up at Axis, and a CP… that town is so cool… but it doesnt do much. Anyway… these are just things we noticed since we still play it alot.
Anyone should come by and visit our =FbF= server, were running 3.2.5 etpro at: IP for a little Remagen action!!! Please say HI, and check out our cool maps! :clap:

(aaa3) #619

where can i download it?

(Berzerkr) #620

You can download it here: The Bridge of Remagen (Beta 1)