"The Bridge of Remagen" Beta Shots!

(BXpress) #1

hi folks!
As far as known, im workin on a new map Called “Remagen”.
“By March of 1945 the Allied armies in the west had reached the Rhine river, Germany’s historic frontier. On the 7th of March American troops took the city of Cologne. On the same day American troops seized the Remagen bridge (Ludendorf Railroad bridge) in northern Germany while it was being destroyed. Engineers managed to cut the wires as charges were going off, saving the damaged bridge. Ten days later, after repeated air and long-range artillery attacks, the bridge collapsed.”
so, here are the newsest shots of it!
im workin with a friend on it! the cool thing: my friend lives in Remagen:D
k… shots shots shots…

k, tell me what you think!

(Lockeownzj00) #2

rhine? isn’t there already a rhine map? Not that this won’t be good, I’d like to say, just curious…

(BXpress) #3

well, the other rhine map has nothing to do with remagen! :bored:

(Lockeownzj00) #4

heh, alright! it looks cool–i’d like to see both takes on the situation, I like how you have the bridge set up.

(Lanz) #5

I think it looks really nice, good work. You could have gamma corrected the screenshots though, they are almost pitch black on my monitor :slight_smile:

(BXpress) #6

hehe, anyway i will change the skybox :slight_smile:

(Thej) #7

Looking very impressive!

Maybe this could be in a campaign together with the Rhine map.

(NINO) #8

Ok this looks like a real bridge!! :slight_smile:

keep up the good work

(Fluffy_gIMp) #9

Looking good so far, I’m glad to see you are using photo reference.
Make sure you stick in that cool the underpass shown in the photo it could work quite well for gameplay.
Depending on how you continue to build the map, you may need to add in distance culling fog to keep the FPS up.
For texturing of the brick towers if you were to tweak the oasis brick textures to a brown colour they may work quite well.

Keep up the good work!


(BXpress) #10

thank you all:)
anyway i wanted to rebuild the 4 towers… they dont look realistic.
well, if you have a wish or a suggestion for this map, tell in this thread!

(sock) #11

Certainly looks very good and realistic but you seriously need to fix the gamma on those screenshots unless you live in a cave or something. With distance foggin it would look awesome. Plus you could have various broken vehicles, broken materials floating in the water for cover. Looking forward to running across the top of the bridge beams :smiley:

:moo: z0r

(Wraith2k3) #12

hehe, anyway i will change the skybox

Keep it night though. It just kinda looks like a nighttime map :slight_smile:

Looks nice, I look forward to playing it :slight_smile:

(BXpress) #13

kk, fog shader is in progress:D
(i love Q3ase :wink: )

(BXpress) #14


PS: hoooray, my freind sent me 35 reference pix! :cool:

(Drakir) #15

Looks awsome, i was using remagen as my theme from the beginning.

(diaper eater) #16

great brushwork on that bridge, looks awesome

(DemonX) #17

sweet, looks great dude…

keep it up

(SuperC) #18

ouch, i wish i could that :bored: nice job bx very nice

(DaiShan) #19

Some more Accual bridge pics…

After it was hit by the v2 rocket :slight_smile:

Some pretty interesting objective possibiltys. Maybe have the axis bunker on the ridge to the east with the v2 rocket facility. and have the allies prevent there launch.

The bridge at remagen was the only bridge the Allied forces captured intact. though not for long. and it took 11 v2 rockets to destroy it.

Good map!

(BXpress) #20

thanx dudes :clap:

these pics are helpfull!
today i had my First Public Alpha Test! it was lot of fun:)

but now i need big help on making the objectives!
heres my Final objective plan:

  1. The Axis Have to blow the bridge with Dynamite before the whole allied team reaches a trigger on the Axis side!
  2. if the axis blew the bridge, the allies have to make hedges for crossing the rhine! if only one of the allies reaches a trigger on the axis side, the match is won:)
    if The Axis can hold the allied forces back, the Axis won!