"The Bridge of Remagen" Beta Shots!

(D3C0Y) #581

he’s alive, alive !!

(BXpress) #582

For Schnitzel! …and im gonna continue on this thing soon i think… but i think my time ran up… spend too much time on this… as too many said;)

(Ifurita) #583

I still think flipping the objectives to run the other way would make for better gameplay.

(Fusen) #584

this was all a big hoax wasnt it :frowning:

(Dazzamac) #585

Did better than me though, a head full of ideas and an an ass too lazy to learn how to make them a reality :confused:

(BXpress) #586

oh well ifurita, would be a good idea :slight_smile:

(]UBC[ McNite) #587

While I was doing the first parts of the script for this map I got the impression that while its impressive brushwork, the whole thing is born dead. You ll never get any decent gameplay (and no good fps too) on a map that basically is a long bridge and thus one real long bottleneck.

The only chance that I saw back then (and that I uttered too) is to cut off half of the map and have a good set of objectives around the black towers on the town side of the map.

Its a huge pity, but i m afraid that this map is the best and saddest example for the problems you get into when you don’t plan a good map- and gamelayout before you actually start building your map.

No offence meant BX, but i really think you should move on.

(flower.Hercules) #588

/me shoots thread

I’ve never seen such a huge thread (I’ve seen bigger, but nothing this old and still going) :o 2 stinking years this has been going on, would be insane to quit now!

(Yojo) #589

heh i am going to give my vision here. when i saw this thread it looked like the bigest ET map ever.

it looked like very controversial hehe.
so i got the first beta in my etmain and tested it out.

what directly went crazy, was when my first screen came up (spawning as spec in info_player_deathmatch) my gmae hangs 2 or 3 seconds, thats normal. on this map it hung 15 seconds …

then i flew as spec over the bridge. it looks a bit TO long for me. it disallows the use of hint brushes to stop some unneeded drawing.

when i was running around a bit, it kept sometimes going slowly, not smooth. the map just took to many from my GPU. mind what happens if u put a connection between them, and lag/packet loss. then i think this map makes people lag crazy.

(BXpress) #590

yeah, as i said… its dead…
i think ill leave my vision of “keeping it real to the original” … new map, smaller bridge, just more gameplay, more gameable … hell… sorry sorry sorry for this hell of a long thread… i dont know WHO would read the whole 21 pages!!! ( i did)… :moo:

(EterneX) #591

lol I read about 10 pages then i decided to see what was on the last page! :banghead:

(RToiletman) #592

This kind of posts is called ‘Spam’.

(Shaderman) #593

And how do we call yours? :eek2:

I didn’t read all posts here but is there a chance that someone else finishes your work if you won’t do it yourself? Please ignore this post if it was discussed in here before :slight_smile:

(RToiletman) #594

How you call my posts?

And what do you mean with that?

Please lock this topic.

(kamikazee) #595

Hang on, this topic ain’t 21 pages for nothing… :wink:

(]UBC[ McNite) #596

Rtoiletman… for the sake of the forum… just quit posting things that a) nobody wants to read b) don’t add any valuable information and c) are utterly stupid.

And who the fuck do you think you are that you can demand someone closes a thread just because you don’t like it? Anyways… don’t feed the troll… so 'nuff said.

(RToiletman) #597

Ok, I’ll stop posting in this topic. But I won’t listen to a German :wink:

(BXpress) #598

Many listened Before :wink:

Gonna start this shit map now again … hope to give u some shots tonight … MUSE is with me…

(<BT>Pitsbrgparatrpr) #599

We run this map as part of a campaign on our server, most of us our WWII buffs and we liek it. Yes it centers around the bridge but… thats what happened. Yes… it takes a while… but os does Fueldump? Anyway, I think you have a more playable map if you do just a few things:

  1. Fix spawns, you never go to where you should, Allies always have to click to get to best spawn when they take the flags. I like the capturable spawns and defusing aspect, but the Allied players has to constantly go to the Map menu and choose th flag.
  2. The bridge turns into a narrow fight, for game play, and since the Germans had cables hanging evrywhere from wiring the bridge, use the ropes you let the Allies climb up in another place as well. Have those same ropes available half way out at the river, build a crate, or keep a permanent rope there to give Allies another way to sneak onto the bridge besides swimming the whole way across.
    We find it hard for the Allies to get started, btu every flag they take the game swings more their way. At <BT> we run it in a 6 map campaign and we liek it, except for spawns and it woudl be nice ot have one other entrance.
    As far as we are concerned the map is DAMN GOOD, we get 8-16 playign it and its a blast, the whole concept is just historical and I think with a few tweaks this version is still playable? Only other thing you might do is limit the town… its not used much anyway, could cut that part in half (although it looks great) and save space?

(Ifurita) #600

I still think game play would be many times better if you reversed the map. That way, the allies start out in the open, with lots of room to run and get up to the bridge, and the game ends once you cross the bridge, in the city.