"The Bridge of Remagen" Beta Shots!

(BXpress) #621

I’m afraid of posting here but if anybody is interested in the .map files or textures or so. let me know.

(pazur) #622

Did you finish the map? … source .map files are always great and interesting :smiley: Of course I’m interested.

(Loffy) #623

BXpress, many of us web surfers have followed the The Bridge of Remagen-project with interest. The project has been good to follow over the years. If possible - at least it is my opinion -, You should hand over the .map files to anyone who is interested in making either a RtCW/W:ET or an ETQW map.

(BXpress) #624

that was what i thought too. and that is why i’m posting this.
maybe ill just put a downloadlink of it up so everybody can have it.

i learned a lot about project managing and leveldesign through this projekt. and also, i definitely learned how to HYPE.
omg, i mean, just look at the high amount of waste that this thread is made of.

i would love to see this map reborn in ETQS or so. Also because it’s running on my mac.
… hm… mac …i just remember that i wasn’t able to put up the radiant on it. some ideas?

(BXpress) #625

Well that is it. Maybe you want to make this a sticky now? cause this thread could act as an example or a documentation or so for other level-kids!

anyways, heres the ~23 MB Source Zip of everything.
Have Fun. Feel free to e-mail me about any questions :wink:


(Pegazus) #626

Thanks for the source :slight_smile: Gonna peek inside :^)

(aaa3) #627

if ya still need radi for mac there was a topic with a link recently here about it

(Fluffy_gIMp) #628

OMG it’s Bxpress! :slight_smile:

It would be nice for this darn map to actually make it out, if only because this is the 2nd most popular thread in the entire forum :slight_smile:

(BXpress) #629

I would if i could :wink:

(pazur) #630

Maybe someone from the forum can finish the map for you? “Streets of Italy” has been a community effort of me Isbowthen and IndyJones himself.

(ailmanki) #631

I wonder what isn’t finished? (:stuck_out_tongue: Bridge of Remagen: 99,9998% Done)
gotta have to install radiant again … :slight_smile:

(BXpress) #632

He’s back with a new avatar. Anyways… opened a thread for this stuff.
And… well. Feel free to do anything you want with this map. ANYTHING… mu ha… -.-°

(tourist.tam) #633


That is excellent. Thanks :slight_smile:


(CleaverDancer) #634

heheh I’m tempted to learn radiant myself, there most be someone with the skillz to help finish this one off? :slight_smile: :stroggbanana:

(DeatH) #635

I’m sure i could give this a go and get it out to the community. Just what things need to be done?

(Pytox) #636

That would be great DeatH!!! :slight_smile:

(BXpress) #637

Anyone still interested in the .map files etc. ?

(Kic) #638

Yes I want this map file

(BXpress) #639

Well here’s the downloadlink. (which will just work in a few minutes/hours/dunno)
Tell me what you think.


/EDIT: heres a hotfile Download


(shagileo) #640

Awesome, thanks for sharing with us!

(will download)