"The Bridge of Remagen" Beta Shots!

(Schaffer) #521

I think they added a script :slight_smile:

(thore) #522

Go, Kerr… errrrm… Go, BXpress, go!

(]UBC[ McNite) #523

Well… BX is doing some final brushwork and some changes, and I m doing the whole script.
Just to let u guys know… the brushwork in this map is impressive. I really need to visit Remagen sometime to have a look at the real brigde.

(M8DNephelim) #524


(BXpress) #525

muhaha, McNite is scripting^^

(Genesis) #526

U r Evil… letting him do the scripting… mapping and “brushing” is the fun part imo :smiley:

(niko) #527

indeed :smiley:

good job!

(jah) #528

“Use the Schwartz!” -Yoghurt
Bridge of Remagen: 99,9998% Done

omg! finish it already! i’ve already reached puberty since you started this thread! :)))

(Akir) #529

I really must hand it to you BX, when (and if) this is released you should be hired by Splashdamage or someone.
seriously, this is the best looking map I’ve seen so far for ET. You even did your research, how many mappers have done that? cough:smiley:

(BXpress) #530

naaaaah… my damn map just got hyped too much…

(Matthew J. X. Denn) #531

Hi! My name is Matt Denn and I am of German origin. My entire family on the Denn side is originally from Remagen for hundreds of years and my cousin was the mayor of the entire town of Remagen up until a year ago. I have been to Remagen and I would like to receive an email when this project is complete. Too bad that I don’t have this version of the game. I have some interesting pictures of me at the Bride of Remagen with my cousin, the mayor or Burgermeister Lorenz Denn at the Bridgehead with the Erpeler Ley (dominating hill) in the background. Please email me at matthewdenn@msn.com if you would like more information. Thanks.

Matt Denn


(EB) #532

Dudes,do you think they even downloaded Radiant yet ?

35000+ views…come on - at least an alpha.

(Fusen) #533

haha it’s all just a prank

(Schaffer) #534

There was an alpha about 6 or more months back.

I did the Command Map and the version I had was really hooty then

(]UBC[ McNite) #535

Its on my todo-list… but i had to work the last 3 weeks 7 days a week, this weekend is no exception… that s teh bad sides of being a freelance :banghead: anyway the first parts of the script worked fine so no worries :smiley:

(Genesis) #536

I think they are having a hard time getting thru this:


(]UBC[ McNite) #537

Genesis, I think you just better go fuck off to some kindergarten…

(Genesis) #538

Thanks for having such a great sense of humor imo!!!

the screenshots + my post = joke…

get it?!

(Sauron|EFG) #539

Um, ET is free, just download it. :slight_smile:

(BXpress) #540

It was my Birthday yesterday so screw all of you!