"The Bridge of Remagen" Beta Shots!

(]UBC[ McNite) #501

I offer some scripting for a bunch of good textures for walls (with trim) etc for my map and a nice command map… anyone willing to trade? :smiley:
Its not that I don’t like being creative… I only suck with photoshop and it takes a lot of work until I m satisfied with my custom textures .

(BXpress) #502

yea… i give u a call in my readme for doing the script :>

(]UBC[ McNite) #503

Well… that wouldn’t help me with my map would it? :bump: The bargain would be textures (that fit my map) against scripting :smiley:

(BXpress) #504

riighto, cya

(cementoske) #505

i realy like the screenshots BXpress , how long are you working now on this map? a year??!!! it realy looks amazing i have no words for it

(niko) #506

i have read your mind BX, i now know how wonderful the map is

(Oxygen - o2) #507

good god release teh map :bash:

(niko) #508

whoa now

i said i read his mind, not downloaded every memory

(D3C0Y) #509

stop nagging for the goddamn map, impatient children…


(jah) #510

haah i think that i’ve been visiting this forums just to see if this map is finally released :wink:

for a whole year :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe gl bxpress!

(niko) #511

i’ve been doing that too

and that whole “it’s done when it’s done” is so over used now

MS, iD, Symantec, Netscape

they are all the same!

don’t be a conformist…finish it before it’s done!!

(BXpress) #512

it will be finished before its done :wink:
packing up the pk3 for McNite atm. just have to wait till hes coming back online… then i will ask him about the spawn, how to set what entities and then i will make a final compile. put the .bsp and .map and .bak into the remagen.pk3 , load it up, give him the link, wait and see what he will do^^


(jah) #513

quoting on of my favorite spy’s in the world:

“YEAH baby YEAAH!”

heeh nice bxpress!

(cementoske) #514

33252 views… omg

(niko) #515

i think the map was done several months ago and he’s just playing hard to get.

…but the map is sooooooooo attractive :smiley:

(Big Boss) #516

…but the map is sooooooooo attractive

oooh baby thats one sexy map.:fiesta:

(BXpress) #517

McNite and Me are solving out the last errors and working on the script… this map’s gonna blow :wink:

(TFate) #518

You mean blow us away. This map is going to blow us away.

Right? o_O

(]UBC[ McNite) #519

Well that would def be the first time a map can blow… quite a new experience. If its possible I d prefer the map to be brunette then :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

(CrazyGuy) #520

Did you guys add anything to the map ?