"The Bridge of Remagen" Beta Shots!

(Red*Uk) #461

:bump: so nearly 13months old hows this doing??

(Big Boss) #462

one month… real fans can wait… i cant^^

So are we there yet? :poke:

(BXpress) #463

fans= dead
map= 99% , changed to the old NIGHT athmosphere and drakir wants/hast to (muhaha) make the script, then it is done
me= playing around with the doom 3 Engine and so on…
age= in 2 days, 13 months old

(thore) #464

we’ll all play RtCW2/ET2 whatever when remagen is released if you don’t start to hurry now :moo:


(Genesis) #465

:banana: 4 BX… damn 13 months on 1 map… id go nuts!

(Maverick9611) #466

Yeah spending 13 months on one map is crazy but waiting for 13 months is almost as bad! Are we there yet?

(Maverick9611) #467

Did I miss something? Did BX die or something? Bump

(G0-Gerbil) #468

In case you hadn’t noticed from his sig, BXpress is now working on maps for the Price of Peace mod.
What I would probably say is that the final 5% of work on a map takes 95% of the time.
Sometimes it just gets plain boring and you have… delays.

(Schaffer) #469

Last time I spoke to him it was the scripting that was the only thing to go. He was hoping that Drakir would help him out. Havn’t spoken to him for about a fortnight though

(G0-Gerbil) #470

Ah fairy nuff then.

(Rought) #471

I don’t think this map has a release :wink:

(BXpress) #472

its like hell on earth you know?
the last thing to do is the damn script… and its just a simple script… the prob is: i cant script! …dont have the time…
also, im out with friends, more than ever!
requesting: a silly stupid script for my intelligent map :>

ps. im alive and im not working on PoP anymore…

(nUllSkillZ) #473

Just post what type of script you need.
I think some of the regulars here are willing to help you.

(BXpress) #474

thats the mission!.. from the right to the left…
PS: the axis should spawn at the flags!.. when the allies captured it, the allies should spawn there…

(nUllSkillZ) #475

Two “scriptlets”:
One for “func_explosive”-entities:

// func_explosive (not part of objective)
		wait 200
		constructible_class 3 // 2 = satchel / 3 = dynamite
		// wm_objective_status <objective No.> <team No.> <status: 0=neutral (Limbo blank) | 1=succeeded (Limbo tick) | 2=failed (Limbo cross)>
		wm_objective_status 1 0 2 // objective 1, Axis failed
		wm_objective_status 1 1 1 // objective 1, Allied succeeded

		wm_announce "Allied have blown up the func_explosive!" 

And one for “func_constructible”-entities:

// func_constructible
		wait 200
		trigger self setup
		constructible_class 3 // 2 = satchel / 3 = dynamite

	trigger setup
		setstate ALLIED_CONSTRUCTIBLE invisible
		setstate ALLIED_CRATES default

	buildstart final
		setstate ALLIED_CONSTRUCTIBLE underconstruction
		setstate ALLIED_CRATES default

	built final
		setstate ALLIED_CONSTRUCTIBLE default
		setstate ALLIED_CRATES invisible

		wm_objective_status 2 0 2
		wm_objective_status 2 1 1

		wm_announce "The Allied Constructible has been build"

	decayed final
		trigger self setup

		trigger self setup

		wm_objective_status 2 0 1
		wm_objective_status 2 1 2

		wm_announce "The Allied Constructible has been destroyed"

Unfortunately I can’t help you with the spawnflags.

How many radar-parts have to be blown up?

(G0-Gerbil) #476

Is the bridge multi-level? Otherwise it’s going to be a hell of a choke point for the attackers to cross?
Or can you jump in the water and swim? :smiley:

(BXpress) #477

thats it… you can swim if you want ^^

the problem will be to get up into the towers… they may be full of Axis^^

btw, this map is best for 12 vs. 12 or even 16 vs. 16 …

(Chr()nos) #478

somethig is wrong, because there was 98,5% done and now is 98,0469% done, so it is less than it was,

(BXpress) #479


(Fusen) #480

awww :frowning: 12v12 just lost a valued customer =P