"The Bridge of Remagen" Beta Shots!

(BXpress) #441


Fusen and me on MSN…:
BXpunk says:
BXpunk says:
Remagen sucks atm
Fusen says:

Fusen says:
how come?
BXpunk says:
i can compile… but it stops on Rawlightmap 4…
Fusen says:
BXpunk says:
it just stops compile
Fusen says:
go back to the last version which compiled full then see what you added?
BXpunk says:
well, i just deleted
BXpunk says:
and i think thats more good than bad
Fusen says:
BXpunk says:
BXpunk says:
i hate this map
BXpunk says:
but i still love it
BXpunk says:
Fusen says:
Fusen says:
cant believe its gonna be a year
Fusen says:
BXpunk says:
it was one whole year
BXpunk says:
BXpunk says:
i still hate it
BXpunk says:
but i want to finish it now!!!
BXpunk says:
but i still dont want to delete parts of it
Fusen says:
you added to much?
BXpunk says:
BXpunk says:
but but but, hell
BXpunk says:
BXpunk says:
BXpunk says:
BXpunk says:

well, any ideas of HOW COMES THIS FUCKIN ERROR? thx


(Shallow) #442

Is it actually crashing or just stopping? If it’s stopping, can you tell that the q3map2 process is still doing stuff in Task Manager?

(BXpress) #443

well, its not crashing but its stopping…
made @pause at the end of my .bat …and after “Rawlightmap 4…” i get the message, “press any key to proceed…”

its like just stopping… hell, i get crazy!

(G0-Gerbil) #444

You think that’s bad? It’s not like you are going to get everything right first time, so expect to be working on it longer to get an actual final :wink:
Can you post up the entire compile so we can see more of where it was when it went wrong?

I’d probably say it’s a RAM / pagefile error (IE run out) but that’s really a stab in the dark with so little info to go on :frowning:

(Shallow) #445

Hmm, maybe try adding -v (verbose) to your light compile line to see if it gives any enlightening information (pun not intended).

(greg candel) #446

i am doing a documentary for public television and we are looking for pictures of ramagen bridge to use. could you please tell me who has the right to the ramagen bridge photos you are using on your website. i would like to contact them about the possibility of using them in our program. thanks for any assistance.

greg candel


(BXpress) #447

hehe, well greg, i have the rights for them cause i made this map! but i would prefer to use newer shots… i will send u an e-mail with some links to the shots.

to the others: well thank you… i will try it out tonight… i hate compiling!

PS: i wish i had a timemachine for travelling back… just to see this bridge… hell, i praise, when i have the money, i will rebuild it!

(PlaidAvenger) #448


WOW! Damn man! Your map looks AMAZING!! I can’t wait till you’ve got it finished, great work! :slight_smile:

(BXpress) #449

well, it is at 98,5% …but i still cant finish the compile… nothing helped… :frowning:

(seven_dc) #450

What is your light compile switches…
I had a mermory problem that I resolved by adding -lomem switch… but it slows down the light phase like 10 times…
My map compiles about 9-10 hours with -lomem and - bounce 3 but at least it compiles.

Zoloft Attorney

(BXpress) #451

well, thx but michi.be helped me out!
BUT the map will not be released on the 18th of July… sorry… but its still the maps birthday!:wink:
thx a lot… i will post when this shit is done…

(Fusen) #452

awwww :frowning: how much longer do you think it’ll take?

(BXpress) #453

one month… real fans can wait… i cant^^

(G0-Gerbil) #454

So what was the problem with the light compile issue?
Always helps to say what fixed it in case other people have the same prob :slight_smile:

(Akir) #455

the thread is one year old woohoo…
so i guess no map yet, oh well, i say take ur time for the perfect results and dont rush it.

(Maverick9611) #456

Take your time. Make sure you dont take to much time because we having been waiting for a year and could start a riot!

(jah) #457


(Maverick9611) #458

I dont think he’s updated that percentage. Its probably more like 99.5% or 99.9% or 100% done but he doesnt want to tell us because this is all a plan to secretly take over the world! Ok Im done now.

(nUllSkillZ) #459

Good things take time.

(thore) #460

better things take even more time :X