"The Bridge of Remagen" Beta Shots!

(BXpress) #421

86% :wink:
please send me the link to your clanpage through PM :wink:

(MadJack) #422

Woohoo! 2% more :wink: lol

(BXpress) #423

i had to format C …and i got the wrong version of remagen_beta3 on my save discs.
its not that bad but i have to redo the last 2 percent… shame on me :frowning:

but anyways, this thread is toooooooooo long…

(Boleth) #424

not for a great looking map like this!
Cant wait for the release!

(BXpress) #425

you know, everybody who said that isnt waiting anymore :stuck_out_tongue:
how old is this thread? 9 months?

(MadJack) #426

Yeah and it’s about time to give birth :stuck_out_tongue: lol

(Schaffer) #427

I’m still waiting here BX :slight_smile: I really think this map is worthwhile waiting for

(BXpress) #428

hi … making the Fine Tuning now, i hope you enjoyed the one year process of this map;)

(fraSer) #429

Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?
(Said in a Bart and Lisa Simpson annoying Homer type voice)

(BXpress) #430

heh i remember that episode…cause im a TV junkie and have seen every episode… hm. yes we are there! 98% percent of the map is done.
shots are coming with the final version!

(nUllSkillZ) #431

Thats great.
Can’t wait to play the map.

(Boleth) #432

Whooo hooooo
Its here!
I’ll get to posting this on the home page today!
Sorry its taken so long for me to post it, I know I said I would a while ago but Ive been a little busy lately :smiley:

Visit us of you get the time

Or our server :smiley:

Im gonna try my hardest to get this map pushed onto the rotation!

(Big Boss) #433

98% cool been looking forward to this map for long time now and maybe just maybe it will finaly come out. :banana: :clap: :drink:

(BXpress) #434

sorry, i want to release it on the 18th of July!
so we have this Thread for ONE year! wow, happy birthday soon :wink:
one month and the map is 100% finished!

(Mark.C) #435

Where are the most recent screens ???

(BXpress) #436

page 12 to 14 :wink:

(BXpress) #437

well, one month left until release.

M.Schaffer is working on the Tracemap,
Drakir is doing the Script
and me is over to delete bugs and workin on the make up!

if u are interested in an historical instruction about the Bridge, you may read this -> http://bruecke-remagen.de/geschichte_en.htm

Well, thats the news!
After a year of depressions, joy and love, im over to finish this map…
stay tuned
your BXpress

(nUllSkillZ) #438

5 days left.
Will it be released on 18th of July?

(BXpress) #439

we all hope it will^^ pray

(squadjot) #440

looks damn cool…