Test retexture of RtCW

(Eugeny) #81

pk3 == zip

(Mateos) #82

Some browsers recognize the PK3 as ZIP and auto-rename it sometimes; Nice work Eugeny!

(Eugeny) #83

continue slowly



(Eugeny) #84

(rorgoroth) #85

Shame I don’t own the game for such a long time, all these textures looks so nice.

(Eugeny) #86

(ronboy) #87

Mateos, thanks for explaining. :slight_smile:
Rorgoroth, then consider getting Rtcw again.
Eugeny, nice shots! :cool:

(Eugeny) #88

(Eugeny) #89

(ronboy) #90

Nice! :cool:

(William Faure) #91

Those textures are amazing ! Gook work ! :slight_smile:

(Eugeny) #92

Site updated and change adress - http://rtcw.pro/

At the current time, the site is in Russian

English version - http://rtcw.pro/en/

(Eugeny) #93

До \ Before

После \ After

(ronboy) #94

Nice retexture of the beer poster! :smiley:

(Eugeny) #95

(Nail) #96

sorry, bad moment in my life

I apologize and wish you all the best

(ronboy) #97

Many Rtcw fans are appreciating this HD retexture project. You obviously don’t care, so why did you even bother commenting?
Here’s a suggestion: go troll somewhere else.

(Nail) #98

see above edit

(Eugeny) #99

(ronboy) #100

Nail, apology accepted. I think it’s a good idea to stay away from forums when one is in a bad mood, because this will avoid starting any flame wars. I’m sorry for thinking you were trolling. :slight_smile:
Eugeny, good work on those posters.