Test retexture of RtCW

(Eugeny) #1

Ready HD Texture Pack Alpha v. 0.23
In pack some 60 textures
Download here

(Eugeny) #2

Work on retextur stopped, probably forever.

(ronboy) #3

What happened? :confused:

(vicpas) #4

I think, Eugeny is bored with few interest in this project by the RTCW’s fans.

(Eugeny) #5

is very few people need these hd textures

At the moment I do a map for Project-X

(.Chris.) #6

Should release texture pack for use with ET, would gain you lots of new fans, seems more people mapping there than RTCW. They are well done and still looks like Wolfenstein style texturing.

(jacKfIsher05) #7

I agree with you, .Chris. , but that’s a lot of work for one guy.

I really can help with that (I mean for the HD Texture Pack), but I don’t know what Eugeny thinks about this and especially for creating a HD Texture Pack for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

(.Chris.) #8

Releasing the image files should be enough, and if people want to use them, they can make their own shader files.

Just to clarify, I didn’t mean he should retexture all the ET textures, just release the ones he done so far for people making custom maps in other games, I’m not sure why he chose to only allow them for RTCW when many other mappers would benefit from these nice textures.

(jacKfIsher05) #9

“Releasing the image files should be enough”

What you mean with that?

I know that I sound noobish, but sorry for that :smiley:

(.Chris.) #10

Well he already has .jpg or .tga files for the textures he’s made, if he just simply released these files in a .zip or something as they currently are then mappers can create their own .shader files that use them if they want these textures in their own maps.

I know I would like to use some of them for my ET map. :slight_smile:

(Eugeny) #11

I did not forbid use textures on their maps, but maps should be to RtCW, specifying that for playing as they wanted the developers need to download my pack

(Eugeny) #12

(Mateos) #13

The advertising around the screenshots :rolleyes:

Nice work :slight_smile:

(.Chris.) #14

Please use http://imgur.com/ or something next time, I don’t particularly want to see that stuff every time click to see full size image.

Here’s what I see when click on the links and I’m using adblock too…

Anyway nice work.

(ronboy) #15

Nice work Eugeny. And nice image hosting site you’re using. :wink:

(Eugeny) #16

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(Eugeny) #19

(Mateos) #20

1, 2, 3, 4 o.o

Nice work still, do you have an idea of the progress in %?