Test retexture of RtCW

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(ronboy) #103

Beautiful chateau textures!

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Testing of helmet texture

(ronboy) #107

Very nice. I thought you were only doing textures, and not ai skins.

(WL6) #108

Hey Eugeny, I came across this original version of the Hitler portrait used in RTCW today (larger res), don’t know if it’s any use?

(Eugeny) #109

Yes, without problems.
Only need to texture sizes are multiples of two.

ps. sorry for bad english

(Eugeny) #110

Test my textures on Bers@RtCW

(Mateos) #111

The Parralax at its finest :slight_smile: Combined with a high-quality texture rework, it’s beyond awesome :smiley:

(ronboy) #112

Yes, I hope for this texture remake project to be finished.

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(ronboy) #114

The health packs look okay, but I do have one concern. Where is the little tack that the original health pack hung from? The original model had a health pack hanging on a small tack.

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(.Chris.) #117

Still think most of these textures are too clean and new looking for the setting of the game. Whilst they are of good quality they look really out of place in the screenshots.

(ronboy) #118

I agree. These textures need to be adjusted.

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