servers list down today ?

(macbeth) #1

seems when u start ET with ET.EXE the servers list is down today

(Petbark) #2

The server list has been down all weekend.

Any resolution to this?

(macbeth) #3

just have to wait i think
use or

(Tankey) #4

Isn’t there a way to prevent those downtimes…?
Maybe backup Masterlist? Shouldn’t be hard to make?

The amount of ET players is already decreasing, this stupid faults just encourage it…

(XaNaX) #5

i thought it was a problem on my end untill i checked here. does this happen often? i wouldnt notice because i always just /connect or /connect but with et playerbase dying off some times when the server has less people i look for others. i hope it gets fixed before. is it possible a reinstall could fix it?

(badman) #6

We’ve let id know - hopefully this will be resolved soon.

(Petbark) #7

72 hrs and still down.

Anyone know why?

(zbzero) #8

Any news??? It still down!!!

(Dragonji) #9

Seems id Software is doing it purposely…

(Tankey) #10

What about a backup serverlist… omg… They are ruining there self produced game. Sad. after 4 days still down. Just sad.

(Slut) #11

afaik id is behind this and we can only speculate.
But tbh… It was just a matter of time if you look at the ddos attacks past few years and the screwed serverlist.

Maybe they are working on it
Maybe they move it to SD
Maybe they are fixing the flaws
Maybe we get an update with a new protocol
Maybe they dropped it

But all in all i cannot imagine they drop it since it still remains a huge fanbase of SD.
…and we have to be patience.
(I wish too the communication betweed ID/Zenimax and SD would be but at the end, we have to wait)…

(diaboliksmart) #12


V584 :frowning:

(acQu) #13


(XaNaX) #14

played a few games that i seen the admin team or whoever runs it just let it wither down to nothing. eventually they dont respond and they give you. “we arent allowed to disclose these things” then more and more people leave. do they make money from the servers? if so its even more messed up. but idk how all that works. just hope its resolved soon. until the heres a few servers

/connect (et pub USA)

/connect (etpro FRANCE)

/connect (pub USA)

/connect (TJ USA)

also i noticed today that on the website theres a box that lists the players online on that server. thats down aswell. i dont know if its on there end or not. im gona try to check out a couple more servers and there sites and see if same problem

(Dragonji) #15

Stop making ads… Everybody who wants to find a server can use or anytime he/she wants to.

(Smurfer) #16


(XaNaX) #17

Idk… that looks like an advertisement to me :rolleyes:

(Joe999) #18


(TheSgtBilko) #19

Same problem for RtCW master servers.

@BADMAN if you have some contact with IDS regarding W:ET, tell them about RtCW as well.

(DesScorp) #20

Do we know this for certain? Or is this just speculation?

Regardless, I’d appreciate it if Splash Damage staff would get an update from the ID people on the issue, and report it here.