Samurai's ETQW Guide to becoming a better player!

(Dthy) #161

Haven’t been reading it enough, still dieing :frowning:

(Donnovan) #162

Thanks r3fleX!

Well, if i became a better player i will considere this a miracle. At least i will be a bad player with great knowledge.

But… for the truth, i believe i will be better after reading the guide and making some off-line or even online tests… thinking and watching demos.

Doing that, i predict my entrance to the Good Players League at the year of 2120. (just kiding).

It’s not the guide fault.

I readed the bock “How I get rich” from x. And I not get rich…

(Nail) #163

you get rich by selling “how to get rich” books

(r3fleX) #164

Not good enough young jedi! U need moar practice :smiley:

ahaha, well tbh the guide is just pointing out alot of little things which all contribute towards improving your gameplay… at the end of the day if you don’t invest enough time into practicing and using that time effectively then you won’t improve. By time, i dont mean you should play 6 hours straight each day and you will become God… you will benefit alot more if you play often for short durations so you dont lose concentration and become bored i find.

Also you should take what you learn in 1 game and try to apply that knowledge to games in the future, however you will always have to adapt, i mean playing COD i have had to increase my sensitivity by 10cm to aim well… now whenever i play etqw my aim is not the same cos i can’t play with my old low sensitivity feels really odd.

& np Donnavon thanks for taking the time to read it :slight_smile:

Also i like the idea of a “good players league” :smiley:

(.N.E.R.D.) #165

Weren’t you playing like 30cm/360° in QW ??? 30 works fine in COD IMO

(r3fleX) #166

well my sensitivity varies alot… depends how i feel each day, i was shifting towards 35cm in ETQW… i now use 20-25cm in COD cos sniping in that game is very twitchy and lower fov :frowning:

(Dthy) #167

In other words, COD is a POS :smiley: PLAY ET:QW NAOW!

(r3fleX) #168

Heh i do agree dthwsh, COD is okay after release as it is new content which is interesting, however turns boring very quickly after you max prestige…

I do like COD’s demo features though, very easy to record/create montages (Just released a Sniping Montage -->see sig :cool:)

But yea i’ll be playing ETQW more regularly slowly getting back to my old sensitivity to own your ass dth :slight_smile:

(Dthy) #169

Rank whore :stuck_out_tongue:

Nicee, loving the new intro

You know what the sad thing is? Even when you were playing COD more then played a lil bit of ETQW, i still couldn’t kill you :frowning:

(r3fleX) #170

lol dthwsh u know that isn’t true, you kill me all the time :wink:

Ah im glad you liked the new intro, speaking of which im just starting out on a little project to make probably my last etqw frag movie. :slight_smile: My past 1’s have been pretty aweful looking back at them, as i was just starting out back then, so hopefully now i can make summit thats alot better. Still deciding wether to include some of my old frags combined with new frags (from TLR Cups), that i put in my indestructible movie as they were decent but the quality was so low :o

(Dthy) #171

i’d say, don’t re-use any frags. Re-using frags imo shows that your a lazy phat nub :smiley: I’d help you if you want, but not sure how xD. TLR frags would be nice

(r3fleX) #172

haha well, just need to make sure i have enough frags that are a decent quality and fit the music, also really annoying me that the 4 Kill nade on salvage from the other day, won’t show the demo :frowning:

Damn you rex! i reckon you hijack’d my demo just so you dont get shown :stuck_out_tongue:

(lausl) #173

that fu**ing backrape nade…you deserve it :smiley:

(r3fleX) #174

there we go fixed.

P.s. My capslock is stuck atm, so u may call me captain capslock! :d

EDIT: Okay now my capslock is fixed :smiley: and i am ignoring your advice dthwsh and will be a little lazy phat nub :smiley:

(Seo Trainer) #175

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(jopjop) #176

why no updates to the guide? We need patches and new videos pls k thx

(Dthy) #177

We need your secrets! I demand your knowledge!

(r3fleX) #178

Damn you guyz are demanding!

Well im playing bf3 atm spamming some nubz in 64 player metro servers :smiley:

what do you wanna know? :rolleyes:

(Dthy) #179

Where can i get your hacks? Or equivalent programs?

(Donnovan) #180

If you guys really want to know the secrets of win, you must contact Ashog! The best ETQW player!

My g_testspectator is stuck on 0!

How to became a better player:

1 - Download Nirvana demo
2 - run demo on game
3 - set g_testspectator 0 on console
4 - watch