Samurai's ETQW Guide to becoming a better player!

(r3fleX) #1

Samurai’s Complete Guide to becoming a better player!

This is an ETQW Guide for players looking to progress past the ordinary “public level” in the game. Since there seem to be new cups/comps being revealed and very few players playing competitively I would hope public players would learn something from this guide to improve their gameplay and become more confident to join ETQW Pro Pub Games and to make the cups more competitive and fun for everyone.

Topics which are covered in this guide:
[/li][li]ETQW Pro Tweaks
[/li][li]Useful Binds
[/li][li]Movement, Sensitivity & General Aim
[/li][li]In game Strategies/Key Positioning
[/li][li]ETQW Pro Pub Basics
[/li][li]ETQW Preparing for Competition
[/li][li]Analysing Other Players Styles
[/li][li]Final Comments

Final Version Released!!!

Final Version (19/08/10) Download Links:
Seanza’s Link (Thanks :D):
Timestar’s Link (Thanks):
If you want to read it online visit here:

Link to Downloading ETQWPro (thanks Seanza):

Updated Version includes:

  • Added a topic on being an effective RL/Oblit
  • Added a short 2min vid with tips for RL/Oblit here
  • Added a topic on ec_drawtime “1”
  • Updated the link to my current Autoexec that i used in promod now - last 1 was outdated.
  • Fixed a couple of format issues
  • Added a link to Seanza’s MIRC Guide

Any constructive feedback is welcome
Contact me at:
IGN: Samurai. (with the dot)
Splash Damage Forums: r3fleX
OCB/sGs site: sGs.Samurai

Distribution: Feel free to post this on your clans websites as I would like it to be read by as many players as possible, however please do not attempt to claim this work as your own is all I ask.

Special Thanks to:
Lemmiwinks for encouraging me to create this guide & adding additional tips / comments and proof reading.
ZernoK & Aijp for additional ideas.
Murka & Kriterium & DarkAngel for saving me time by making great ETQW tutorials.
Apoc (my brother) for introducing me to ETQW.
My clans a.Toon/sGs for my promod experience.
Seanza for organising fantastic cups, providing many promod servers and for the very detailed MIRC Guide!

I hope you have learnt something from this guide and will see you in Pro pub! :slight_smile:

[b][u]If you would like me to add topics that i have missed out feel free to make a request.

Thanks for reading![/u][/b]

Additional Guides/Helpful Resources - Post any of your own to be added here!
Killer Aim by Hendrik ’Anderson’ Kinks
IRC Guide - By Seanza

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ooh nice, will read when I have some spare time.

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Nice but both files are down due to overdownloading. Guess I have to wait.

What about putting it to

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I’ll mirror it if there’s a working download.

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A quick mirror

@reflex, upload it to scribd

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on rapidshare:

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slight problem there


Very nice guide, detailed and descriptive. I have two tactics which i sometimes use. The first is Circle Jumping opponents, you get the height advantage as you will be at head height and your moving very quickly around them, which makes it harder for them to hit you if you are fast enough. The other tactic is what i learn’t from ‘Nkm Railbitch’, where you quick-scope the Sniper Rifle at medium/close distance, so you don’t lose any movement speed yet still as accurate.

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A quick mirror

@reflex, upload it to scribd[/QUOTE]

And another:

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As you wish.
File will be up 100days after last view so it should be a reliable link.

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Hi guys, okay ive uploaded it to and currently adding it to scribd. Will update download links when they are done :slight_smile:

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Nice, you ought to post this on all dem pub clan sites. My #1 personal tip is to consider one’s self lucky to have a setup that can actually run QW online well lol, But on a more serious note is stressing the teamwork/communication aspect. I really hate it when people try and play for frags in a competitive match, a lot of the time it makes you lose :o.

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Typo on page 26:

[…]already know where they are going to be positioned an
assassinate them. Or you can be stealthy and capture[…]

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nice work Samurai…

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Great, I may become better now :smiley: altho I dont have neither a good pc, nor a good aim, nor good reflex, and I barely speak english cuz ya know… I’m shy!


Nice one tho! (I can upload it again somewhere else if some ppl need it)


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Please Sticky

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damn, sticky please

massive props for writing something like this out
takes a lot of effort!

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maybe u can add some irc chans, like #etqw.gather, #splashdamage, #biatch.etqw @quakenet

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Anthonyda will not be happy if our chan is surrounded by people :smiley:

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well i dont care about raging tony :stuck_out_tongue:

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And #thelastresort and #Seanza

… :rolleyes:

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really nice guide , thx for this!Guess this took some hours.

I will try to find some promod server and play!