Samurai's ETQW Guide to becoming a better player!

(r3fleX) #21

Thanks for the positive feedback guys, makes it more worth while :slight_smile:
Yes sure i will add some irc channels in next version

(Apples) #22

A strat guid would be awesome, but I’m not enough versed in comp to know the tactics… I can help out graphically tho (after sepember the 10th)… make some maps with main / alternate roads / spot to snipe from etc…


(Rex) #23

You put so much effort into it Samurai, all I can say is: Great job! :cool:

(murka) #24

Regarding net_clientMaxRate, it is capped by the server cvar net_serverMaxClientRate which is by default 16000. I’m quite sure there is no way one would hit that limit so people shouldn’t be bothered by increasing it.

And as you mentioned it takes 5sec to capture a spawn, you could add that it takes 10sec to eliminate a spawn.

Great guide so far.

(r3fleX) #25

Thanks guys, oh really murka i might edit that in thanks.
Will not be able to update this guide until sunday as i am away untill saturday night maybe, currently making a sniper tutorial (done) and a small sniper movie to go along with it (half done) + the other fixes.

(Coliseum) #26

Small? As in 15 mins in lenght with music and fancy editing? Well thank you very much! :smiley:

All jokes aside, nice guide man. Just out of curiosity: what sens are you actually using atm (in terms of cm/360)?

(r3fleX) #27

erm approximately 27.5cm/360 with 105 fov, i also play at 1920 x 1080 16:9 aspect ratio, however thats with my sense at 1.2 (it usually changes with values between 1 and 1.3 depending on how im playing) so give or take 1/2 a cm i would say.

Hope it cures your curiosity :stuck_out_tongue:

Also nah im looking to make it around 4 minutes long with some of Apoc’s sniper frags (and a couple of mine ofc) any longer and you would get bored :smiley: + im not very good with fancy editing…

(Dthy) #28

if you search #biatch.etqw on google, your the top result!

(Apples) #29

yeah! samurai makes us free ads :wink:

(BandwidthBandit) #30

[QUOTE=r3fleX;238149]Thanks for the positive feedback guys, makes it more worth while :slight_smile:
Yes sure i will add some irc channels in next version[/QUOTE]

It is a good compilation of ETQW wisdom to be sure and well done, but the link yo your config files appears to be broken (Rapid share says its maxxed out the number of downloads it can have for that file). Could you post it afresh or check the link? Apologies in advance if it’s ok and I just caught it on a bad day.

I know my expectations are different from many but I prefer the following team and class selection config, it’s s bit long winded and not an instant switch but the ability to preview my selection before locking it in appealed to me as I then don’t have to remember a bucket load of (extra) keys.

Instructions are included in the comments sections…

//  F5 sets team as GDF
//  F6 sets team as Strogg
//  F7 sets team as spectator
//  F8  Soldier		or  Aggressor
//  F9  Medic		or  Technician
//  F10 Engineer	or  Constructor
//  F11 Field Ops	or  Oppressor
//  F12 Covert Ops	or  Infiltrator
//  Select Function key multiple times for default weapon selection
//  e.g. F8 once = Soldier with Assault Rifle F8 twice = Soldier with Rocket launcher etc etc blah blah blah!
//  KP_ENTER finalises the choice and notfies team
//  CTRL + K respawns
// Summary: Sounds complex but is really easy to use once you get going

 //             Team / Class Selection Binds              // 
// Team Selection
bind "k" "kill" "RIGHTCTRL"
bind "F5" "clientTeam GDF; addchatline 'Joined GDF team'; vstr gdfconfig"
bind "F6" "clientTeam Strogg; addchatline 'Joined STROGG team'; vstr stroggconfig"
bind "F7" "clientTeam Spectator; addchatline 'Joined Spectators'"

//GDF: For the Freedown of Earth!
// Load-Reset default GDF Class Binds
set gdfconfig "addchatline '^1GDF ^7commands loaded'; bind 'F8' $soldier0; bind 'F9' $med0; bind 'F10' $eng0; bind 'F11' $field0; bind 'F12' $covert0; bind 'w' $stroggconfig"
set gdfspawnreset "bind 'F8' $soldier0; bind 'F9' $med0; bind 'F10' $eng0; bind 'F11' $field0; bind 'F12' $covert0"

set soldier0 "bind 'KP_ENTER' $soldier0sp; bind 'F8' $soldier1; addchatline 'Spawn ^4Soldier ^7/ ^1Assault Rifle'"
set soldier1 "bind 'KP_ENTER' $soldier1sp; bind 'F8' $soldier2; addchatline 'Spawn ^4Soldier ^7/ ^1Rocket Launcher'"
set soldier2 "bind 'KP_ENTER' $soldier2sp; bind 'F8' $soldier3; addchatline 'Spawn ^4Soldier ^7/ ^1GPMG'"
set soldier3 "bind 'KP_ENTER' $soldier3sp; bind 'F8' $soldier0; addchatline 'Spawn ^4Soldier ^7/ ^1Shotgun'"
set soldier0sp "clientClass Soldier 0; sayteam '^7 Spawning ^mSoldier ^7with ^nAssault Rifle'; $gdfspawnreset"
set soldier1sp "clientClass Soldier 1; sayteam '^7 Spawning ^mSoldier ^7with ^zRocket Launcher'; $gdfspawnreset"
set soldier2sp "clientClass Soldier 2; sayteam '^7 Spawning ^mSoldier ^7with ^8GPMG'; $gdfspawnreset"
set soldier3sp "clientClass Soldier 3; sayteam '^7 Spawning ^mSoldier ^7with ^9Shotgun'; $gdfspawnreset"

set med0 "bind 'KP_ENTER' $med0sp; bind 'F9' $med1; addchatline 'Spawn ^4Medic ^7/ ^1Assault Rifle'"
set med1 "bind 'KP_ENTER' $med1sp; bind 'F9' $med0; addchatline 'Spawn ^4Medic ^7/ ^1Shotgun'"
set med0sp "clientClass Medic 0; sayteam '^7Spawning ^iMedic ^7with ^nAssault Rifle'; $gdfspawnreset"
set med1sp "clientClass Medic 1; sayteam '^7Spawning ^iMedic ^7with ^zShotgun'; $gdfspawnreset"

set eng0 "bind 'KP_ENTER' $eng0sp; bind 'F10' $eng1; addchatline 'Spawn ^4Engineer ^7/ ^1Assault Rifle'"
set eng1 "bind 'KP_ENTER' $eng1sp; bind 'F10' $eng2; addchatline 'Spawn ^4Engineer ^7/ ^1Shotgun'"
set eng2 "bind 'KP_ENTER' $eng2sp; bind 'F10' $eng0; addchatline 'Spawn ^4Engineer ^7/ ^1Grenade Launcher'"
set eng0sp "clientClass Engineer 0; sayteam '^7Spawning ^fEngineer ^7with ^nAssault Rifle'; $gdfspawnreset"
set eng1sp "clientClass Engineer 1; sayteam '^7Spawning ^fEngineer ^7with ^zShotgun'; $gdfspawnreset"
set eng2sp "clientClass Engineer 2; sayteam '^7Spawning ^fEngineer ^7with ^8Grenade Launcher'; $gdfspawnreset"

//Field Ops
set field0 "bind 'KP_ENTER' $field0sp; bind 'F11' $field1; addchatline 'Spawn ^4Field Op ^7/ ^1Assault Rifle'"
set field1 "bind 'KP_ENTER' $field1sp; bind 'F11' $field0; addchatline 'Spawn ^4Field Op ^7/ ^1Scoped Assault Rifle'"
set field0sp "clientClass FieldOps 0; sayteam '^7Spawning ^dField Op ^7with ^nAssault Rifle'; $gdfspawnreset"
set field1sp "clientClass FieldOps 1; sayteam '^7Spawning ^dField Op ^7with ^zScoped Assault Rifle'; $gdfspawnreset"

//Covert Ops
set covert0 "bind 'KP_ENTER' $covert0sp; bind 'F12' $covert1; addchatline 'Spawn ^4Covert Op ^7/ ^1Scoped Assault RIfle'"
set covert1 "bind 'KP_ENTER' $covert1sp; bind 'F12' $covert0; addchatline 'Spawn ^4Covert Op ^7/ ^1Sniper Rifle'"
set covert0sp "clientClass CovertOps 0; sayteam '^7Spawning ^cCovert Op ^7with ^nScoped Assault Rifle'; $gdfspawnreset"
set covert1sp "clientClass CovertOps 1; sayteam '^7Spawning ^cCovert Op ^7with ^zSniper Rifle'; $gdfspawnreset"

// Load default STROGG Class Binds
set stroggconfig "addchatline '^1STROGG ^7commands loaded'; bind 'F8' $agg0; bind 'F9' $tech0; bind 'F10' $const0; bind 'F11' $opp0; bind 'F12' $infil0; bind 'w' $gdfconfig"
set stroggspawnreset "set 'F8' $agg0; set 'F9' $tech0; set 'F10' $const0; set 'F11' $opp0; set 'F12' $infil0"

set agg0 "bind 'KP_ENTER' $agg0sp; bind 'F8' $agg1; addchatline 'Spawn ^4Aggressor ^7/ ^1Lacerator'"
set agg1 "bind 'KP_ENTER' $agg1sp; bind 'F8' $agg2; addchatline 'Spawn ^4Aggressor ^7/ ^1Obliterator'"
set agg2 "bind 'KP_ENTER' $agg2sp; bind 'F8' $agg3; addchatline 'Spawn ^4Aggressor ^7/ ^1Hyperblaster'"
set agg3 "bind 'KP_ENTER' $agg3sp; bind 'F8' $agg0; addchatline 'Spawn ^4Aggressor ^7/ ^1Nailgun'"
set agg0sp "clientClass Aggressor 0; sayteam '^7Spawning ^mAggressor ^7with ^nLacerator'; $stroggspawnreset"
set agg1sp "clientClass Aggressor 1; sayteam '^7Spawning ^mAggressor ^7with ^zObliterator'; $stroggspawnreset"
set agg2sp "clientClass Aggressor 2; sayteam '^7Spawning ^mAggressor ^7with ^8Hyperblaster'; $stroggspawnreset"
set agg3sp "clientClass Aggressor 3; sayteam '^7Spawning ^mAggressor ^7with ^9Nailgun'; $stroggspawnreset"

set tech0 "bind 'KP_ENTER' $tech0sp; bind 'F9' $tech1; addchatline 'Spawn ^4Technician ^7/ ^1Lacerator'"
set tech1 "bind 'KP_ENTER' $tech1sp; bind 'F9' $tech0; addchatline 'Spawn ^4Technician ^7/ ^1Nailgun'"
set tech0sp "clientClass Technician 0; sayteam '^7Spawning ^aTechnician ^7with ^nLacerator'; $stroggspawnreset"
set tech1sp "clientClass Technician 1; sayteam '^7Spawning ^aTechnician ^7with ^zNailgun'; $stroggspawnreset"

set const0 "bind 'KP_ENTER' $const0sp; bind 'F10' $const1; addchatline 'Spawn ^4Constructor ^7/ ^1Lacerator'"
set const1 "bind 'KP_ENTER' $const1sp; bind 'F10' $const2; addchatline 'Spawn ^4Constructor ^7/ ^1Nailgun'"
set const2 "bind 'KP_ENTER' $const2sp; bind 'F10' $const0; addchatline 'Spawn ^4Constructor ^7/ ^1Plasma Launcher'"
set const0sp "clientClass Constructor 0; sayteam 'Spawning ^fConstructor ^7with ^nLacerator'; $stroggspawnreset"
set const1sp "clientClass Constructor 1; sayteam 'Spawning ^fConstructor ^7with ^zNailgun'; $stroggspawnreset"
set const2sp "clientClass Constructor 2; sayteam 'Spawning ^fConstructor ^7with ^8Plasma Launcher'; $stroggspawnreset"

set opp0 "bind 'KP_ENTER' $opp0sp; bind 'F11' $opp1; addchatline 'Spawn ^4Oppressor ^7/ ^1Lacerator'"
set opp1 "bind 'KP_ENTER' $opp1sp; bind 'F11' $opp0; addchatline 'Spawn ^4Oppressor ^7/ ^1Accurized Lacerator'"
set opp0sp "clientClass Oppressor 0; sayteam '^7Spawning ^dOppressor ^7with ^nLacerator'; $stroggspawnreset"
set opp1sp "clientClass Oppressor 1; sayteam '^7Spawning ^dOppressor ^7with ^zAccurized Lacerator'; $stroggspawnreset"

set infil0 "bind 'KP_ENTER' $infil0sp; bind 'F12' $infil1; addchatline 'Spawn ^4Infiltrator ^7/ ^1Accurized Lacerator'"
set infil1 "bind 'KP_ENTER' $infil1sp; bind 'F12' $infil0; addchatline 'Spawn ^4Infiltrator ^7/ ^1Railgun'"
set infil0sp "clientclass Infiltrator 0; sayteam '^7Spawning ^cInfiltrator ^7with ^nAccurized Lacerator'; $stroggspawnreset"
set infil1sp "clientClass Infiltrator 1; sayteam '^7Spawning ^cInfiltrator ^7with ^zRailgun'; $stroggspawnreset"

(Szakalot) #31

40+ pages?! Impressive!

I’ll look into it one day, i wonder how many things ill disagree with :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Seanza) #32

[QUOTE=Szakalot;238463]40+ pages?! Impressive!

I’ll look into it one day, i wonder how many things ill disagree with ;P[/QUOTE]

Has your flying guide been resurrected on these forums since the old ones are down? If not, might be a nice idea to post it aswell : )

(fry) #33

A flying guide would be awesome.
Cause all i can do with flyers is crashing in a very spectacular way. :wink:

Maybe other (semi-)professional players can work on a guide how to play Oppressor, Obli/RocketLauncher and Heavies.

(r3fleX) #34

Yes that would be a good idea as i have no experience of being a pilot so it is not covered in my guide :slight_smile:

Also @ Bandwidth_Bandito sure i will change the link, i will be updating it shortly so thanks for including that…

I did have a very simple class script that only works in promod however they were different binds to my public class script. So i used the 1 that works in both, but heres the simple pro mod 1:

bind “F1” “Class 0 0; $say ‘Spawning Soldier’” “” “default”
bind “F2” “Class 0 1; $say ‘Spawning RL’” “” “default”
bind “F3” “Class 1 0; $say 'Spawning Medic” “” “default”
bind “F4” “Class 2 0; $say ‘Spawning Engi’” “” “default”
bind “F5” “Class 3 0; $say ‘Spawning Fops’” “” “default”
bind “F6” “Class 4 0; $say ‘Spawning Acc’” “” “default”
bind “F7” “Class 4 1; $say ‘Spawning Sniper’” “” “default”

This was used for comp so most weapons such as nailgun were not necessary but just change the 2nd number in “Class 0 0” to alter what weapon you use. The names are of GDF classes however when on strogg side it wil make you Techinician etc… Only works in PROMOD.

@Fry i can do a small bit on RL/Oblit as i started out in comp playing that role for a.Toon, its actually a very fun role if you use skill to judge the distance/arc to hit stuff rather than lockons, also by heavies do you mean heavy vehicles or heavy weapons like hyper/gpmg? :slight_smile:

(fry) #35

hyper and gpmg are easy stuff imo

always stay on ground level; and gpmg kicks ass in scope mode…
(btw I noticed that for hyperblaster increasing net_clientprediction 5 units to what i use for lacerator/AR gives me a great advantage)

i mean heavy vehicles: tank,trojan APC, desecrator and fat one-eyed warmech(forgot the name :D)
Knowing how to place these vehicles best, like you described tank position on ARK with AIT behind house, what works very well.

  • i wonder whether 4Kings tanker just has luck shooting shielded hogs with tank from the front or if there is any trick behind this.(i watched the 4Kings fragmovie : " 7 of a kind")

(Seanza) #36

It wasn’t luck, there’s a way to to do it. He continued it constantly when he played for Explanation eSports too : )

(Dthy) #37

He aimed just infront, so it some how hit the bottom of the hog, and not the sheild. And tanking not that hard imo, love shooting tormy’s out the sky :smiley:

(treefrog) #38

an Obli/Rocket Launcher guide you say?

  1. have a beer next to you
  2. aim & fire
  3. sip beer
  4. aim & fire
  5. sip beer
  6. etc.

or at least that is how I play

(INF3RN0) #39

Red Barron let me in on something that was actually pretty interesting about the RL/Obli. Overall though I would say that everything in general takes practice, unless someone just linked you to an aimbot of course :tongue:.

(Tanzverbot) #40

[QUOTE=fry;238468]A flying guide would be awesome.
Cause all i can do with flyers is crashing in a very spectacular way. :wink: