Samurai's ETQW Guide to becoming a better player!

(jopjop) #181

Donnovan: When you say download you have to embed a link! I’m not the Pavlovs dog but I found my self clicking the Download word on your comment. :frowning:

(Seanza) #182

Joel, I love you. Just sayin’!

PS. It’s nearly that time of year :slight_smile:

(Ashog) #183

[QUOTE=Donnovan;384643]If you guys really want to know the secrets of win, you must contact Ashog! The best ETQW player!

My g_testspectator is stuck on 0!

How to became a better player:


I canz teach people how to a) suck b) teabag c) annoy people


Back to topic: which Razer mouse is better?

(Donnovan) #184

Its near that time of year? Copulation time?

(Ashog) #185

Technically, teabag is not a copulation. Read the ****ing manual plz :slight_smile:

(Donnovan) #186

I was talking about Seanza post, Ashog!

(jopjop) #187

Yeah indeedy! we shold go and have a few rounds of christmas crash :slight_smile: