[Question] Quake Wars Compatibility With Windows 7?

(maggol) #1

Before i start, i want to apologize if this thread a re-post and out of topic. But. i had use the search function and found nothing.

Back to topic, i want to ask about quake wars compatibility with windows 7, especially 64 bit one. Does the game have a problem with win 7? especially 64 bit one? Does the SDK have a problem too? How about the installer?

Because i planning to built a new rig for editing and gaming, i still saving for now and planned to realize this rig in December 2010

Thank you for your concern to read this thread and thank you for answer my question.

(brbrbr) #2

minor issues with 3rd-party SW, but both ETQW and Win7 is not hostile towards each other.

some time you need run ETQW in “compatibility” mode, but for very few reasons.

(Gradis) #3

No probs with qw here on 7 64bit or any mods ex. promod, qwta etc.

No idea with the sdk though.

(phryzz) #4

SDK works with w7 64bit.

(murka) #5

Only thing i can remember is a performance hit when in windowed mode, but i don’t think anyone will actually play in windowed mode.

(Stroggafier) #6

sound and vid subsystems were a problem early on, but those have been addressed. By December, you should have no problems with HW or SW compatibility.

(light_sh4v0r) #7

Can confirm it works fine.

(AnthonyDa) #8

On which configuration ? (gfx card in mind)
Because I may have less 1-2% with aero enabled in windowed mode but you don’t see any difference while playing ingame.
Moreover, punkbuster is disabling aero, so if you play on noobranked server, performances are the same.

(ED209) #9

Can’t comment on the x64 version but I have been running Win7 for couple months and all is well

(scud24) #10

I also am running 64-bit windows 7 and a quad core processor but with an Ati graphics card which according to activision has more than double the recommended attribute levels but for reasons I don’t know my game crashes randomly. (I can play for over 4 campaigns straight some days before quitting and it won’t crash but other times i cant play 30 seconds without it crashing, although it usually will work for somewhere between)

Could this be something to do with the me having the collector’s edition?
I wouldn’t think so since from what I could tell the collector’s edition has the same games disc as the standard it just has a different label.

also it might help to know that it only crashes during gameplay (both online and vs. computer)
and it doesn’t influence the crashes whether I have all the graphics settings on max or min

Any thoughts on what is crashes would be very helpful. (activision didn’t have any info in their support)

(fry) #11

my quake wars runs fine on win7 as well.

(Donnovan) #12

Anyone have noticed problems with ETQW and KasperSky Internet Security 2010? On Windows 7 or any other?

(Gradis) #13

win7. recently started to get crashes when joining a server or a new map. No kaspersky though.

(scud24) #14

Windows 7 wasn’t out when etqw was released so it does not support it. if you are having problems try running it in compatibility mode for windows vista. I experienced lots of crashes during gameplay before I started running it in compatibility mode but I have not had a crash since I started running it in compatibility mode.

(Brainless) #15

Like everybody is saying no problems here with win7 pro 64bit. Not even with 8GB RAM and the 480gtx. Everything works fine.:penguin:

(Violator) #16

Win7 x64 no problems except sometimes when it starts (fullscreen), the screen shows offset from the corner requiring a vid_restart to fix and a ‘colour scheme has been changed to windows 7 basic’ warning (whatever that is). :penguin:

(Dthy) #17

Just means the startbar and header’s for window’s aren’t see through, so you get more performance. Looks like you starting an 8-bit quake wars lol

(murka) #18

I’m sure it’s PB forcing aero off.

(Donnovan) #19

I’m trying to install the ETQW server file.

I click 2 times in the 444 mega exe file and a small window opens for some instants and then nothing more happens.

I use Windows 7 64 bits.

I will never be able to run a ETQW server?

Also, i think devs can make the file format your HD after 2 clicks so it can still be usefull.

(DrFunkenstein) #20

I’m not sure what your intention is, but if you want to run a dedicated server locally, there’s no need for extra downloads or installations. Your game directory should contain a file called etqwded.exe and that’s all you need to run a dedicated server.

I created a shortcut to it and added these options:

+set net_serverDedicated 1 +set fs_game “etqwpro” +exec server.cfg

The server gets authenticated when I start it, the mod that is loaded is etqwpro and it shows up in the list when I click “Play on LAN” in the client’s main menu. A direct connect works as well.

Your mileage may differ though. There seems to be a bit of black magic involved in trying to get a dedicated server running yourself. If anyone feels like explaining how it really works, please do!

Hope this helps.

Dr. Funkenstein