[Question] Quake Wars Compatibility With Windows 7?

(Dope) #21

Dont have any problems

(Donnovan) #22

Thanks a lot DrFunkenstein! It worked like sugar!

(muraqqi) #23

hi guys, i have a problem with etqw server 1.5 setup, the installer won’t work in win 7 sp1. What cause this error “windows nt and win 98/me/2000 is not supported”? I think this is because the installer think that my win 7 sp 1 is an older windows, i have try the compatibility mode and it’s not work. How to fix this?

(Hz65) #24

The problem with installing and running ETQW-server-1.5-full-setup on Windows 7 64bit was solved in a simple way;
In the properties of the installation package:
compatibility;Windows XP (SP3)
Disable visual design
Disable high resolution image scaling
Run this program as administrator
Same procedure with server exe files ( etqwded.exe , serverlauncher.exe)
Sorry / google translator; (