Punk Buster Legacy Files - Including Quake Wars + question

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After trying to play some more (not very active in ETQW anymore so I came to this conclusion a little later…) its still giving me the finger if I join most of the active servers (ranked and unranked), yes with pb_security 0 before I connect.

I think I can conclude I can only join servers tha havn’t t been restarted yet, so am I right that my Punkbuster is still out to date? Can anyone collect and send me the Punkbuster files for the Mac please?

(DrFunkenstein) #62

We restart our server every couple of days but that doesn’t stop it from getting authenticated after every reboot. The way I understand is that if you authenticated your server before the main server went down, you won’t experience any problems.

That’s probably a slight consolation to you though. Changing pb_security to zero works for most people, but it sometimes seems to fail and I’m not sure what’s causing that. I can offer a link to the legacy installer that still includes ETQW in the games list, but I’m not sure if it will be of any use to you. It did help someone who suffered from the same problems as you do, but it’s a PC installer and I don’t know if it will work on a MAC.

My suggestion would be to find a fellow MAC user and ask him to send the files he’s using to you.

Dr. Funkenstein

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I want to make an apology for buggin you guys with my mac related issue. It seems to work now again. I think there is something in my base folder, probably custom content related that screws it up. After renaming my base folder to base_old, the game created a new directory called base, so I moved up only some configs and now I can join servers again. Thanks for the pointers anyway!

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[QUOTE=Donnovan;382934]Here all the legacy Punk Buster files so you can last update your discontinued Punk Buster game:

Here the Quake Wars legacy PB file:
Windows http://www.pbbans.com/forums/files/quake-wars-windows-file65.html
Linux http://www.pbbans.com/forums/files/quake-wars-linux-file66.html[/quote]

please upload the files to a free server that doesn’t require new registration…
I had to reformat disc …and I am sick of the pb_security 0 thing all the timwe… just upload the lastest pb folder to a place where everyone can get it easily since the manually downloaded pb update software is dead for QW and not supported anymore …
to get the 1.5 patch was drama enough … all links here on the “official” side are unbelivable slow or 95% dead …

support you’re games or customer is gone :stuck_out_tongue:

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Splash Damage can’t do that. This is more suitable for a user to do. But you will need to believe this user.

(acekiller345) #66

Well i seem to have a VERY annoying Punkbuster Issue at the moment… and no way to fix it. Maybe one of you guys could help?

Currently, whenver i get on a Public QW server, IE a Vanilla basic QW server with no mods what so ever, i always get kicked for PnkbsterB.Exe failed.

I have tryed using pb_security 0, pb_sleep 500. I have completely reinstalled my game twice, i had downloaded the Punkbuster Legacy files mentioned in this thread. I have made sure my firewall has the PnkbsterA and B on the allow list. I even went as far as to completely disable my Windows Firewall and uninstall my AVG antivirus to make sure they werent screwing with PunkBuster, and i still got kicked. However, i can go onto the TAW practice servers loaded with QWTA 3.5 and not get kicked at all.

Im open for any suggestions that might help… Thanks


(Kl3ppy) #67

Uninstall pb and install it again, maybe that helps you.

(acekiller345) #68

How would i uninstall/reinstall? pbsetup and pbsvc dont work anymore


(Kl3ppy) #69


Maybe the other solutions works for you. Some years ago i did it with the pbsvc, never did the first solution.

(hexeric) #70

hi there!

i just stumbled over the game i wanted to play years ago…unfortunately, since for MAC no work around existed, it required 2 hours of work until i could actually play it online!

opening the console doesn’t work for me! i cannot find the right key combination (CTRL+ALT+^ or ’ do not work for me), also binding a key in the corresponding .cfg file to {toggle allow_console “1”} doesn’t work. so setting “pa_security 0” is a no-go for me obviously, BUT:

this is what WORKED for me on MAC OS 10.6.8 SL (NOT mentioned here already!)

  1. goto http://cod22.evenbalance.com/index.php?page=dl-etqw.php and get all the MAC files (pbsec.htm, mc002114.htm, ma001313.htm)
  2. put them into: ~/Library/Application Support/ETQW/sdnet/PROFILENAME/pb/htm
  3. start the game, activate PB and join a server - PB files should update now!

if for whatever reason this doesn’t happen, here is my PB folder with all the files already downloaded: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/17363461/pb.zip

let me know if it works for you! great game!
:stroggtapir: (whatever that is)

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[QUOTE=taw_m0nsta;397195]So you are saying Evenbalance should no longer provide this manual update app?
(If i am correct you need OSX Tiger (PPC) to compile mods for ETQW for OSX)


there is a new intel version downloadable, but since ETQW is not longer supported you cannot use it, you need to update the files manually, see my previous post for that! spread the word! such a shame, it’s a great game.

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see my post: http://forums.warchestgames.com/showthread.php/31245-Punk-Buster-Legacy-Files-Including-Quake-Wars-question?p=403223#post403223

(millerq3) #73

Since the server authentication problem seams to be resolved, maybe measures can be taken in resolving the PB file problem.

What you reckon Badman :wink:

(hexeric) #74

does my workaround not work for you? SEE PREVIOUS POST

(millerq3) #75


your resolve may help those tech savvy amongst us but doesn’t change the fact it has to be in-putted manually.

Ideally the matter has to be sorted centrally,server side.

This is were SD,Id or whoever,I hope,can repair the anti-cheat streaming system.

(DrFunkenstein) #76

Getting the update is a matter of a couple of seconds if you know what to do but the big problem is explaining people what they should do and getting them to try it out. And on top of that there’s also a language barrier: a lot of people don’t have a very good grasp of English which complicates things even more. I’ve used Google translate to explain people in Spanish, Italian, French, Polish & Russian how they can get their updates. Some people actually manage to take the hurdle, but I suppose most of them just give up after a couple of kicks.

I’m glad the authentication problem is solved, thanks for that, but this is the real nail in the coffin in my opinion. It basically stops new players from trying out the game.

Dr. Funkenstein

(hexeric) #77

you’re absolutely right, this is a barrier. what do you think of putting up a small, simple website, which pops up as the first google result, explaining in a video or so how to get PB working - it’s just copying some files (also downloadable from that website). this game needs more new players!

(DrFunkenstein) #78

I’m not sure what made Evenbalance decide to stop offering the download for the update but I somehow doubt it was because of the incessant downloading of updates for this game that brought their servers to their knees.

How much would it cost to just simply provide the central location and the bandwidth for the downloads? It’s a tiny amount of hard disc space and only a couple of downloads per day. I don’t understand the reasons behind all this and I feel bad for the people that buy this game and end up being kicked because they have to jump through hoops to avoid being kicked.

Dr. Funkenstein

(taw_m0nsta) #79

Can’t you just put in the pb_security 0 in your autoexec.cfg instead of doing this every time manually?

(DrFunkenstein) #80

You don’t need to do this every time you play, just once. That should be enough to download the correct version from the server you’re connected to and after that, you won’t have any problems.

Dr. Funkenstein