Punk Buster Legacy Files - Including Quake Wars + question

(lambenttyto) #21

[QUOTE=DrFunkenstein;396316]You open the console in the way Donovan described, and I would suggest doing this first:

  • Open the console;
  • Type pb_security 0;
  • Press ENTER;
  • Close the console;
  • Connect to a game server.

I tried this, and the console said “Unknown Command.”

(kidx) #22

Does ETQW work online and is it worth installing again?

(DrFunkenstein) #23

The answer to the first question is a “yes”, the second question is one you can only answer yourself.

Dr. Funkenstein

(kidx) #24

Well, I don’t wanan waste space, so I don’t know I see some progress yet its like 50/50 I don’t know if it’s worth it for the single player. Pretty sad the game took a **** I bought limited-edition cause I liked it.

(Rex) #25

Oh the single player is great! Has a good story line and characters you’ll remember. The last boss fight was so epic <3.

(Chronicler) #26

Rex is only trolling, he never made it to the last boss. Nub.

(kidx) #27

I speak EQTW, I don’t know what boss you’re talking about the single player it is just like mp but with bots looks like I have to install it myself rather than site here listen to rubbush boss battles.

(Susefreak) #28

Been there, done that, got the T-shirt

(Chronicler) #29

The best ending of an ETQW campaign would be the GDF commander in chief saying “Now you get your cigar”, and then you had a cigar you could take out in MP to show that you finished the campaign.

If you want to play kidx, TAW EU and NA plays twice every week. Assuming you have a good reputation with people which I don’t know.

(Rex) #30

You sound angry, because you haven’t made it so far yet.

(edxot) #31

whenever you run out of heavies, every enemy becomes a boss, hehehe

(Donnovan) #32

If yes, in what folder those files need to be put?

You can type “fs_savepath” on the game console. It will give you a Hard Disk local with the end:
“(…)/Id Software/Enemy Territory - Quake Wars”

Remove this end and put “PunkBuster/ETQW/pb” so it will turn into:

This is the place to put the Legacy PunkBuster files.

If you continue to have problems, tell us.

(singing_fish) #33

Thank you mate!
Hopefully this will work for Linux.
If not, well, PB better hide in shadows somewhere :mad:


(pangumas) #34

I have the game on the MAC, and after a minute or two thrown me from the server. Maybe someone has Punk Buster Legacy Files on MAC?

(pangumas) #35

ok I worked it out :slight_smile:

(Paulicat) #36

Please please do tell how you worked it out on mac?
I can’t seem to find the files anywhere…

(pangumas) #37

The legacy files work only on Windows platform.
On Linux only, I managed to connect to a one server.
As for the Mac platform, there is no solution.

(BioSnark) #38

someone who has the updated mac files can upload.

(pangumas) #39

I searched and found a solution. For me it works.
I added a port on the router for PankBustera and now do not throw me out of the game.
Port for a PankBuster: 27666
This can be useful for someone: http://box24.evenbalance.com/index.php?page=faq-etqw.php

(DrFunkenstein) #40

I found some information about Punkbuster legacy files on PBBans and they mentioned something interesting: there’s a cvar called pb_security which defaults to “1” but changing that to “0” should enable you to download Punkbuster files from any (game) server.

Here’s the quote:

pb_Security 0 // allow pb-update downloads from ANY (game-)server

And here’s the link to the thread I found. Check post no 4 by Benway.

It worked for one of our clan members, perhaps other people should try this. Seems by far the easiest solution…

Dr. Funkenstein