PS3 Users - I need Brink friends

(sithhappens) #161

[QUOTE=Oschino1907;343568]Thats what your mom said too! Hahahaha if the people from here only knew… Boards might start to get a lil more entertaining.

Hope Balls gets on here soon to revamp the thread, will look awesome when done![/QUOTE]

so true so true:tongue::wink:

(goshe) #162

Hello guys,

i’m from germany and like to join this chatrooms, to get more excited games than the usual 2-4 vs 3-5 :frowning:

Can please send me an friend request and an invite for the chatrooms?

psn-id is the same as my forum nick.


(BallsPartyof2) #163

I got you covered goshe. I’ll send you a friend request tonight! If you can send me a request instead, I can send you the chat rooms first thing when I get home. Up to you.

(LlamaRampant) #164

Hiya, I’m from Australia. I’m not a great player but I have the occasional moment of brilliance sometimes, on a good day, if the weather is right. I mention Australia because it means I lag if I’m playing with someone more than 25 meters away.

Anyway, I put my name up on the PS3 names thread on the Bethesda forums so I thought I’d put my name up here too. Makes sense right?

If you want to add me my PSN ID is Star_Whale. Stats site says I have 0 exp, but I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten more than that.

(BallsPartyof2) #165

thesuzukimethod - got your invite. Thank you. Sent you the chat rooms. I sent invites to the rest of you. I’ll send you the chat rooms tonight.

(Super-Pangolin) #166

GGs all around for yesterday, had a total blast. My copy of Fallout 3 arrived today so I’m going to be making up for lost time and living under a rock with it for a while. When the DLC drops I’ll hop right back onto Brink though.

(Oschino1907) #167

Maybe by then you will be able to get atleast half a bar for your connection. LOL missed some good **** tonight, we are all hyped for DLC, need to set up a nice Big Teams Stop Watch match and run it all day when the DLC comes out. We are gettin so competitive now we need to change it up and start running stopwatch as our primary in the future.

(MrFoxer) #168

ID: MrFoxer

(BallsPartyof2) #169

I’ll send a invite tonight. Then come the chats. Still working on a overall list. It would help if you guys could post again your time zone and times you play. Also if you have a great connection, list that you can host games.

(Super-Pangolin) #170

Well I’m in UTC +12:00 for NZ, so basically NZ/AU, and the times I play are all over the place. If this EST site is correct, then I guess any time around 5PM-8PM & 9PM-6AM EST?

EDIT: Also as you’ve probably seen I don’t think I’ll be a good host… even by NZ standards, my connection is laughable and pathetic. 35kB/s download, and 200+ms ping to US… yay. :tongue:

(Shojimbo) #171

I’ve been really enjoying Brink these past few days. Recognising a few names on here and making some friends in game. It’s looking like a really small community but I have no problem with that as long as there’s always more than two in a game! It’d be ideal if it was 8 vs 8 human players all the time but I’ve had some cracking games nonetheless. Always join the team with least players to even things up.

The critics can go blow. Brink is fast, flowing, expressive fun. I’ve always kept my PSN friend’s list nice & trim so any fellow Brinklings can add me.

(JayXombie) #172

Add me up if you can: JayXomb1e.

(BallsPartyof2) #173

I’M BACK! I can focus again on Brink. I sent invites out. Very late invites. Sorry. I will try to get the re-post up by the end of this week. Good games last night.

(digitalzero) #174

Thanks for the games! :cool:

(thesuzukimethod) #175

i knew i should have stopped fixating on new vegas for a bit to jump into a few brink matches last night! gotta get some work done this week though…hopefully back able to play a bit more regularly by sunday…

i have a love/hate relationship with deadlines. arrgh.

(BallsPartyof2) #176

again, great games last night. A few close ones and what great teamwork. This game I think surprises a lot of gamers comming into the full rooms with no bots and see how much different of a game it becomes with mics and teamwork. Keep it up. DLC should be here soon and with that, its lunch time.

(gooey79) #177

Feel free to add me: gooey79


(damcde) #178

I had a great time playing in some actual full rooms last nite. It has been a long time since that has occurred at least for me. Definitely more challenging (and fun) then going against bots.

(Reanimator) #179

Add me, PSN ID is in my sig.

(BallsPartyof2) #180

I’ll add you new guys tonight.