PS3 Users - I need Brink friends

(BallsPartyof2) #141

Lots of action last night in the Unofficial Chat, full teams even. Link, I’m sorry but I foregot to send you an invite. I’ll be sure to send you one tonight. Hope DLC is out soon. I’m ready for some new maps.

(Super-Pangolin) #142

Wow, I just read first post for the first time… and I’m not from West Coast, in fact I’m miles and miles away, and I’m 18 in a month. :tongue:

Ah well, as long as I don’t host I should’t be a problem in the matches. Nearly 18 anyway, and I got my mic fixed, just waiting to pick up my PS3 replacement and I’m good to go.

(Derpington) #143

Hey, guys. Just a heads up I’m out of town so any messages you send or anything are going to my brother who’s on my profile. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll finally be able to sit in and rock some Brink with you guys here in about a week.

(damcde) #144

Anyone can add me if they would like, I am always up for some Brink. My psn is the same as my username.

Also who do I contact to get an invite to the Big Teams chat room?


(BallsPartyof2) #145

damcde, I’ll send you a friend request and then send you all 3 chat rooms tonight.

(siberian-bullet) #146

I need brink friends!!! I just bought the game and joined the forum so add me up my psn- siberian-bullet.

I am from the uk and normally on at 9pm Gmt

(thesuzukimethod) #147

i mean to post here sooner - i’ve stumbled into a few games with you guys already (balls, oschino, others) but my PSN ID is thesuzukimethod

would def appreciate the chat invite connection.

(Switched1) #148

Add me too Switched1

(Nickles) #149

[QUOTE=BallsPartyof2;322334]Posting this topic cause this game is amazing. The game is so great that I bought 2 copies and sent one to my budy in Germany. However, my friends in the MAG and COD either don’t have the money to buy or just stupid. This FPS is a great change up. With that I have no one to game with on Brink.

I’m looking for west coast gamers, everynight gameing from about 8:00 pm to about 12:00 am. Please send me a friend request. My tag is “BallsPartyof2”. I’m an old man so please no one under the age of 18. Send me a request and I’ll tell you the funny story on how you get a gamer tag like that. Just looking for a few good gamers or a clan for that matter. I have a web site up already so if your a small clan (or huge) and need a forum to call home, I got it along with my MAG caln “RIP” with over a 100 registered users. I hate long post. Hit me up guys, tired of playing with people with no mics online.

Pray for lobbies! :cool:[/QUOTE]

well not every night from 8-12:00 but mayby i play west coast:stroggtapir::penguin::oppressor::infiltrator::stroggbanana:

(BallsPartyof2) #150

I’ll add you new guys tonight. I had family in town this weekend so sorry if I missed your invites. I’ll be on for a few tonight. I’ll send you new guys the chat rooms once you’ve accept my friend request.

(Shojimbo) #151

PSN: Shojimbo

I really enjoyed Brink from day one but the community has clearly declined rather than grown. I’ve veered off course and have been busy with some other new titles but I’d love to get back into Brink but without having to play against bots all the time.


(BallsPartyof2) #152

thesuzukimethod - my invite did not go through, it said your not a PSN member. Did I get the Id wrong?

Shojimbo - I’ll send you a friend request tonight. Chat rooms will follow after you accept.

My friends list is reaching close to full. I will have to start deleting some of you. If I do delete you please remember its not anything personal. If I delet you and you really want to stay on my friends list then just send me a message. I’ll find someone else to delete.

On another note, I have not been on a lot this week or last due to June is busy month. Grads, family in town, NO DLC YET! I will be gearing up for some major Brink here soon. Just need to get through this busy month. I’ll do my best to get a few games in here and there.

New guys - post here, I am still tracking everyone, invites, chat rooms, they are still working and going strong so if your looking for gamers and online games to join. This is the right place.

(thesuzukimethod) #153

hmm. not sure
it’s definitely thesuzukimethod
all one word

i’ll check it out and maybe send you an F.R. to see if it works that way. would be good to link up with some MST/PDT time zone ppl - since by the time i get on, it can be a bit late for east coast folks

(AmishWarMachine) #154

I’m PDT… it would definitely be nice to have peeps on my friends list that aren’t just about to log off when I log on.

I’ll try and remember to send you a FR tonight, or you can toss one my way. Either or.

EDIT: PSN is board username

(Oschino1907) #155

I been playin with a lot of you west coasters since the game came out but lately been having trouble staying up till 2-4am, I am usually on around 9-11 till 1-2 and on and off during all times of the day if nothing to do and enough friends on. Thats 5-7 till 9-10 for west coast that I am on almost daily.

Last night was the first night I havent played since the game came out, but then again unforseen circumstances caused that, but it was def all worth it though. AmishWarMachine knows! LOL

(its al bout security) #156

i am so jelly i dont have a ps3 right now i want to play with the plethora of personell here.

last time i played ps3 it was a bunch of annoying kids and really trollpish people. they flamed my mike.

but seeing all you guys i might go pick one up.

(digitalzero) #157

Great to play with you guys tonight!

(Oschino1907) #158

Thats what your mom said too! Hahahaha if the people from here only knew… Boards might start to get a lil more entertaining.

Hope Balls gets on here soon to revamp the thread, will look awesome when done!

(BallsPartyof2) #159

Great games last night! I will work on the repost but will take a few days. I have somewhere around 30 - 40 ID’s. I froz last night so that why I did’nt get back on. See ya guys tonight.

(QUIK420) #160

Good games these past cpl of days with you guys. I invited a few ppl to the chats to try and get more ppl together. Oh and dont forget to even up those Big Teams games so the lil randoms dont leave with a big :frowning: