PS3 Users - I need Brink friends

(BallsPartyof2) #1

Posting this topic cause this game is amazing. The game is so great that I bought 2 copies and sent one to my budy in Germany. However, my friends in the MAG and COD either don’t have the money to buy or just stupid. This FPS is a great change up. With that I have no one to game with on Brink.

I’m looking for west coast gamers, everynight gameing from about 8:00 pm to about 12:00 am. Please send me a friend request. My tag is “BallsPartyof2”. I’m an old man so please no one under the age of 18. Send me a request and I’ll tell you the funny story on how you get a gamer tag like that. Just looking for a few good gamers or a clan for that matter. I have a web site up already so if your a small clan (or huge) and need a forum to call home, I got it along with my MAG caln “RIP” with over a 100 registered users. I hate long post. Hit me up guys, tired of playing with people with no mics online.

Pray for lobbies! :cool:

(fearlessfox) #2

Add me, perhaps if we can get a community going I’ll find my Brink experience reinvigorated.

ID: fluentfox

(pinksocking) #3

PSN id : pinksocking

(chamber666) #4

my tag is same as my id here. i’m 30. played about 4 matches the other day with some kid named autumnsangel. he/she was a soldier who refused to refill ammo. wanted to go all rambo instead and cost us a few matches but ‘at least i got most kills’ that didn’t last long until i dominated with my medic and buffed everybody’s health but his. so then he switched sides and i went out of my way to rape him till he left the game.

i’d like to play fewer games with guys like that. if that sounds like you, add me up

(Milk Lizard) #5

Plz don’t add me, not playing this any more at the moment…might give it a try when the new DLC hits. I’ll update after I’ve played the new DLC to see what has been fixed/improved and make my call from there.

PSN ID: GhostofFire

(BallsPartyof2) #6

Thanks guys, I got all your IDs and will send out invites. I start gameing at about 8:00 tonight but i’ll send invites first thing when I get home. I’m all about team play and shootin the sh__ so hope to see more names added to the list.

Thanks again. :cool:

(JulyDerek) #7

We have a small BRINK community going on

This is the thread where all the players id’s are listed.

(JulyDerek) #8

I play between 4PM to 9PM GMT everyday.


Add me if you play around the same time.

(BallsPartyof2) #9

Thanks, I’ll add you tonight! I’ll check out that site at lunch and also post my idea about joining up friends to play.

(blinx282) #10


Add me up

I play, a lot

(BallsPartyof2) #11

Will do, Thanks

(ataliba) #12

PSN ID: atliba420

(BallsPartyof2) #13

Thanks to all who have posted and to those who sent invites last night.

Same problem I had in MAG is happening here in Brink so I’ll give Brink the same solution. Chat rooms. It would be nice if PS3 had pvt party chats like xbox but they don’t and never will. I will create 5 Brink chats rooms based on the 5 ranks since servers and games depend upon it. I hate long post so I’ll try my best to make short and clear.

  1. Lauch Brink game.
  2. Select which char and really rank for that matter you want to play with.
  3. Sign into the correct Rank Brink Chat room. Here you can find out whos playing at that rank, how much time is left in a match, tell others your down to play and send an invite, etc…it does help.

I’ll create all 5 chat rooms tonight and send chat invites all who have posted in this topic, you can choose to delete if you just don’t care for this idea, I’ll keep track so I don’t send repeat invites.

Thanks again to everyone and your feedback. Brink mode: ON

(BallsPartyof2) #14

I’ll add you new guys tonight.

(raddbj03) #15

just got my copy in the mail today

add me - raddbj03

see you guys online

oh…and i’m not all that good yet, just a disclaimer in case some of you guys are like hardcore or something i don’t want to upset anyone, just looking to have fun but play team brink, not solo.

(Dr.Ricktofen) #16

Heres my PSN if you want :slight_smile:

PSN: DrRicktofen

I probably wont be on for some time because my ps3 is being repaird.

Also, you might want to check out ‘The Dream Team’

We are a small, tight nit community of PS3 players who are dedicated to playing BRINK, were all about having fun, and soon we will start getting into clan matches and such. So give us a look if you want :slight_smile:


(BallsPartyof2) #17

Sorry, foregot my paper with the new Id’s so I’ll add ya tonight. I’ll be on late though.

Thanks to all who gamed it up last night. It was fun and the chat rooms seam to work out. Thamks to all who are using them.

(neuroatypical) #18

uk gmt+0
PSD ID neuroatypical

have mic

(raddbj03) #19

where do you ps3 players play?? campaign levels?? free play?? and which free play??

i was playin for awhile last night and had a hard time finding people in any lobby. i mean i know not that many people picked up the ps3 version, but there should at least be a couple people in any given game mode.


(Bedrock_66) #20

ballsParty thanks for add. My PSN id as per my sign in on here. lvl 19 soldier and also working on a skinny operative (about 17 I think) Hoping to get a few games tonight - mic is charging as I type.