PS3 Users - I need Brink friends

(R_Shackelford) #241

Wouldn’t know about the extended warranty. My first machine lasted about three years, but the warranty was up long before they offered the extended service. My second phat is probably going on about three years now, and I’d like to crack it open and dust it out.

I will note, however, that with both the regular and extended warranties, if you send in your console, they don’t actually fix it and send it back, they send you another refurbished unit, so you lose all your data on the HDD. You can re-download anything you’ve gotten from the PS Store, but you’ll lose your gamesaves. This was one of the nice things about fixing it myself. Even though it crapped out again, I was able to fix it again and transfer all the data to a new machine before trading in the old one (and since I kept it in good condition otherwise, and it was a soft-BC/4-USB model, and it was during a +%50 on hardware deal, I was able to get $150 credit out of it).

If it craps out, it’s not terribly hard to fix. You’ve got to take the whole thing apart and heat-gun the motherboard for a minute or two (check around online for specifics). However, after I did that, it only lasted about three weeks before it broke again. The second time I added some flux to the process (which I didn’t the first time), but right after I fixed it the second time I transferred the data to the new slim and traded in the old one, so I don’t know how long it lasted. (yeah, call me a dick for passing my problem on to someone else… hopefully it either held together, or crapped out again within the Gamestop warranty) A phat that I fixed for a friend (where I did use flux) at about the same time is still going, I believe.

To clean out the dust, you basically have to take the machine apart and just vacuum/blow out the dust buildup. They’re not that hard to take apart and reassemble (the phats, at least). You’ll need a torque-head (star-head) screwdriver (or small flathead) to get the main security screw out, but that’s the most specialized tool you’ll need. There are a couple ribbon cables with delicate connectors you have to be careful with. If you end up separating the heatsink from the cell and GPU, you’ll want to add some new thermal paste before putting it back together (Arctic Silver or equivalent… about $10). I did disassemble and clean out the old phat a couple years ago, and it lasted another year or so before it finally red-lighted.

(thesuzukimethod) #242

thanks for all this - I’m def not afraid to tear it apart - my laptops get torn down on the reg, so I’ve got all the tools, and hate to “waste” $45 on an extended warranty when I could just clean it myself.

mine’s a slim, which should be less problematic if the trends are to be believed, but living in So Arizona with no AC means the machine runs a bit hot no matter what, even with a dedicated case fan blowing across the top/back at all times.

(Jonesy2700) #243

Just got BRINK. Been playing a lot last 4 days, but still haven’t had a chance to play with real people, only bots…
Please add my PSN: passenger_x

Aaah :smiley:

So that’s where I’d seen your nametag :smiley: hai

On a side note, you lot need to play more during afternoon hours on weekdays (gmt) :wink:

The missus is at work and I’m geeking away on Brink

(Super-Pangolin) #244

My console is a slim. I lost most of my fats to Red Screen Of Death… I got 3 in one year, most people don’t even ever hear about them at all. :frowning:

(Zanchile) #245

bumping to get spammers thread off front page

(BallsPartyof2) #246

I found a computer servive place that fixes xbox and PS3, charged me $50 for the year for as manys cleanings you want. I take it in about every other month and it takes them about 30 min and it always come back looking like new. Its worth the money I think. I’m still on my first PS3 but on my 2nd mother board.

(BallsPartyof2) #247

I’ll be on a lot this Sunday for my birthday trying out my new gun and scope(got my spec op code).
Lets get some games going sat night. I’m ready!

(R_Shackelford) #248

That does sound like a decent deal, just for the time saved. If I sat down in a clean workspace with the tools laid out I might be able to tear down, clean, and reassemble in 30 minutes, but over multiple cleanings the cost/benefit would come to a negative. And the $10 thermal paste will supply enough for about two applications (2 x 2 chips, Cell & GPU), maybe three.

How did the new mobo come about? Get a red-light-of-death? How much did that cost?

Do they warranty the cleanings and mobo replacement?

(Bug) #249

ID: J-portier
im new to the site, looking for some brink players to well… almost wanted to say play with but that sounds dirty. So im looking for ppl to kick some ass. Mostly play with Operative.
Gametimes: Depends on work, or gf. Looking forward to some awesome games.

Peace and love

(kvndikes) #250

ID: Grrr0_o looking for some serious players to actually do some missions with. send me some invites. tired of bots and empty games.

(LvFR3AKSHOW) #251


i would like to see people on i always join an empty room making it hard for me to play brink anymore

(tangoliber) #252

Sent friend requests to the last 3 guys. Will send chat invites once confirmed.

(BallsPartyof2) #253

Thanks Tangoliber for doing that.

(BaNeJuDgEmEnT) #254

I am looking for older / mature gamers to play with psn BaNeJuDgEmEnT hit me up for some coop or just vs. Really would like to play this with people on my team other than bots lol :slight_smile:

PS I have a Mic!! :slight_smile:

(BallsPartyof2) #255

I’ll send you one tonight.

(tangoliber) #256

I saw BaNe in the chatroom the other day, so I believe he has got an invite.

Are there any PS3 players located in Asia? I’m trying to get as many players in the region as I can, for lag free matches. Send a friend request to M82-Tango. I have about 10 right now…mostly people in Japan or China…expats and nationals.

I’ve got operatives scavenging the internet for players on Mandarin and Japanese forums as we speak. Don’t worry…if you are a lost soul in the Brink matchmaking wasteland, we will find you. Help is on the way.

(BallsPartyof2) #257

We need to talk guys. This whole time we have had lobbies (warmup) in the public game types. This great news and I would sugguest start hosting Comp or old school for now on. Big teams you can’t hear the other team during warm up.

(ZionDelhamorte) #258

I think i played a few with you the other day:penguin:

(thesuzukimethod) #259

plus you can deathmatch/free-for-all while you’re waiting for people to ready up…last night, Bullak, Easy(+numbers) and I even ran one in the comp lobby. it was pretty fun to try out different weapons for dueling potential.

on monday, Bullak and Seraph were testing weapons when i jumped in, and we were messing around when you jumped in (that was fun, btw!)…after you left, it went 2v2 for a bit, but then gradually expanded to 5v5. crazy!. so yeah - there are comp/old-skool lobbies with pre-game chat if you’re willing to just hang out and wait. (this has always been true, but i am rarely that patient)

(ZionDelhamorte) #260

I think i was in a few of those suzuki