"Post your screenshots" thread. Humor not required, but appreciated

(BomBaKlaK) #681

Yep I use it but here the image feel more desaturate

(BomBaKlaK) #682

We broke DB !

Some tricks jumps take by a mate :

Defrag mod on the way !

(Shadwblade2652) #683

I enjoy just running around doing jumps and knifing people.

This was no exception.

(SinDonor) #684

Ha, wow. I can’t believe this thread is still alive.



(Phantomchan) #685

Couchpotato Sparks.

I don’t even want to know what happened.

(Kl3ppy) #686

Strange shooting technique :smiley:

(Loffy) #687

[QUOTE=Kl3ppy;535473]Strange shooting technique :smiley:


I thought planking was old by now.

(Phantomchan) #688

[QUOTE=Kl3ppy;535473]Strange shooting technique :smiley:

Surely that was a tactical matrix dive or something.

(Ashog) #689

Lift full of lolz.


Guess who killed me.

P.s. Wish it was a FF-on server. Would have been funny to see them killing each other like in reservoir dogs.

(AssortedStuff) #690

988 ping!!! :eek:

(light_sh4v0r) #691

I don’t even want to know what happened.


Got one of those:

(BomBaKlaK) #692

(Mustang) #693

I see we go to the same parties. :penguin:

(AssortedStuff) #694

Looks like ghost tea-bagging

(Archivian) #695

Hey guys

Just for fun I made a Dirty Bomb video hope you guys enjoy it.


I’ve come to really enjoy the defense on Underground.

Do you guys have a faverate map for defense?

(Archivian) #696

What happens when the Reaper wants to end the Universe?


(light_sh4v0r) #697

The commentary made that quite watchable :slight_smile:

(ASD) #698

I know this is not new but I just run over some old screenie

(Elvisz) #699

A scene from a horror movie. body hanging from the roof…

The human dying pinata:

The attack of the ghostly avenging weapon:

and when all hope is gone…

(Ashog) #700

haha the last one made me giggle.

how awesum would it have been to read the next line: “satanae entered the game”.