"Post your screenshots" thread. Humor not required, but appreciated

(SinDonor) #1

I wanted to start a thread for people to post their funny or unique screenshots they were able to capture during the Dirty Bomb alpha test.

Humor is subjective. What’s funny to one guy might be lame to you, so I ask you to not be a total Buzz Killington if you think someone’s post/picture is painfully not funny. Like your mother always said, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then please just leave the money on the dresser and go home.”

Anyways, I’m gonna repost my other two pics from earlier and a new one. Feel free to add yours, or don’t. I’m sure I’ll keep adding more as I cap them.

Explain me this dark black magic
(SinDonor) #2

Draw me like one of your French girls.

Thriller night!

Death, TK Baha style. (Borderlands 1 reference anyone?)

(Loffy) #3


Darkangel doing his trickjumps again.
This time on White Chapel:

How you get up there!?

(Mustang) #4

I guess on the red scaffolding, might have to time it with lift movement.

(H0RSE) #5

Darkangel doing his trickjumps again.
This time on White Chapel:

How you get up there!?[/QUOTE]
This is actually a good example of why I don’t support trickjumping. Even if the game wasn’t in pre-alpha, trickjumpers always find spots to get to that either the devs never intended, or give a clear advantage over others.

(INF3RN0) #6

Hey we made it to the 3rd floor! But it wasn’t clipped :/.

(DarkangelUK) #7

Yeah that was upsetting, was hoping to go all the way up :frowning:

(SinDonor) #8

I found a new gun: The Howitzer!

(warbie) #9


(SinDonor) #10


Pics are broken. Try again…

(warbie) #11

Odd. Looks ok now?

(Violator) #12

Your friendly neighbourhood you know who

I miss these guys:

(neobsen) #13

Well that kill didn’t let you go through walls…

(acQu) #14

Taking a break:

Another one:

(SinDonor) #15

Yes sir. Good stuff

(adhesive) #16

thats because you have no imagination and use a terrible analog mouse like ur playing a console.

(H0RSE) #17

I use a trackball…a laser one. As for the no imagination comment…I’m an artist…

Thanks for the personal insults though…

(rookie1) #18

DarkangelUK in Bad position :smiley:

(SinDonor) #19

I miss these guys:


They look like they’re…


(Humate) #20