"Post your screenshots" thread. Humor not required, but appreciated

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double post :frowning:

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Ha, I always thought that was a 2D object.

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[QUOTE=rookie1;417245]DarkangelUK in Bad position :smiley:


Somebody call the chiropractor!

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Tapir Airlines. Now flying non-stop from London to The Ark.

I like how the random Attachment number is 4747. Ha!

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Catching some Zzzzz’s while waiting to respawn.

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[QUOTE=rookie1;417245]DarkangelUK in Bad position :smiley:


Ha, first virtual snapshot of me that I got to see.

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I was just thinking …:tongue:

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[QUOTE=rookie1;417405]I was just thinking …:tongue:


I’d buy it in an instant, but I think there was a thread in the regular forum where badman described the problems with Android; so I gave up to even think about RAD Soldiers. Maybe the next mobile game is for Android too. I’d buy it unseen. For now I’ll stick with Chess from Tojo; not the badest thing to go with the classic.

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Have you see this one? …HAHA! …Who said SD didnt do some humor ? :smiley:

Missing just the Ribon to make nice Christmas Gifts :stuck_out_tongue:

Plane reflected in windows

View of London Clock from my apartment :stuck_out_tongue:

London View

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Nice shot!

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[QUOTE=SinDonor;417400]Catching some Zzzzz’s while waiting to respawn.

Ha ! poor homeless :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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[QUOTE=rookie1;417405]I was just thinking …:tongue:

Anyone played RAD soldiers yet?
There’re a lot of shared ideas between it and DB:

Set in London.
2 teams of various mercs of different classes against each other.
Classes are basically the field ops (the leader in rad soldiers), engineer, medic, covops (sneaky / spies) and assault/soldier.
Bombs going off in city.
Radiation theme.

I’d suggest giving it a spin if you’ve got some sort of iDevice.

Looking back at that list the class stuff really just describes all SD games. The shared stuff are the location and radiation theme.
Look out for the tapir cola vending machine :slight_smile:

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I didnt test it tho

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[QUOTE=rookie1;417915]I didnt test it tho


You can’t shoot through that plastic fencing stuff.

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Carnage on me with a turret in my spawn place :smiley:
All my dead Bodies lying on ground dont disapered
Thanks to <theselol> for infos that he gaved me btw
Still wanna know the easy way to kill a turret :S

(zenstar) #36

As an engie: try a grenade. Cook it while in cover so you can pop out and throw without attracting its attention. You don’t have the range limitation of the shotgun so you don’t need to get in too close. 1 grenade should take it out if you land it properly (iirc).

But you should be able to take it down easily with the shotgun if you get close enough. There shouldn’t be many places where you can’t sneak up on it.

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Evil-Doer setting the map on fire, with his arty.

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Check out the new glowing skin I just bought:

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[QUOTE=Rex;418483]Check out the new glowing skin I just bought:


You killed Tron!

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Evil-Doer setting the map on fire, with his arty.[/QUOTE]

Yay someone spotted it! We were keeping quiet to see if anyone noticed. There are a few more Easter Eggs in Whitechapel too :wink: