"Post your screenshots" thread. Humor not required, but appreciated

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Found a nice spot to sunbathe for a little bit, got to remember to bring my swimsuit next time.

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That moment when suddenly you’re playing Dirty Bomb from a 3rd person perspective!!!
Some time ago I had a funny experience were my view camera went behind my merc :slight_smile: it only lasted for a short while, as the server either shutdown or I got booted out.

(mpod89) #703

This seems like a good place to drop my epic compilation of clips since i don’t see it worthy opening a new thread for and what is video if not a moving screenshot. Hope you guys enjoy it. [video=youtube_share;xxkFx-ge8sU]https://youtu.be/xxkFx-ge8sU[/video]

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Ha, this thread is still alive! Awesome.

(MarsRover) #705

One time in ranked everyone decided, instead of making a pile of bodies, to just to crouch-jump for a full minute.

We even formed a train and took off to visit our opponents.

(Your worst knifemare.) #706

Threads still pinned sooo.

(AlbinMatt) #707

Looking through this felt like an actual museum. We should keep this open for as long as Dirty Bomb has players.

And let’s hope that time is longer than “the near future”, SteamCharts isn’t making me any more of an optimist.

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A solid paint job:

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Reminds me of one of those “not my job” posts

(ZaZa) #713

Kind of a cool skin for Skyhammer

(Your worst knifemare.) #714

In the world of DB, everything is crooked.

(K1X455) #715

Shoe left

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Poor Arty couldn’t afford the whole cobalt outfit, just the helmet :vassadly:

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Been a while since I’ve seen this bug:

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