Pointe du Hoc - Mapping Project

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I decided to show you some early-screens of what the town will look like. I also will post the artwork which I want to build.

The screenshots have been deleted. New town in progress EDIT(24th July 2011)

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When one of those maps will be available to download?

(Kic) #43

Oops Shock !!!
I never saw so nice thing in Enemy Territory . I am really shocked !!!

EDIT: ahh those two 1st screens are COD screens .
Anyway Kemon dont hesitate to ask me. I can cooperate with you on my more better models . Contact me in profile or in another way .

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[QUOTE=Kic;274923]Oops Shock !!!
I never saw so nice thing in Enemy Territory . I am really shocked !!!

EDIT: ahh those two 1st screens are COD screens .
Anyway Kemon dont hesitate to ask me. I can cooperate with you on my more better models . Contact me in profile or in another way .[/QUOTE]

Surely :smiley: I started with the town one day ago and it looks like that :tongue:

It is one mapping project and there is still plenty stuff to do. I have great help but still it will take its time. I’m sorry.

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Sun seems to be placed wrongly with relation to the skybox :smiley:

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You see those streetlamps and the light at the guard shack? Now compare it to the sun :smiley:

You see some analogies? :wink: I put it there for some effect :smiley:

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Pointe du Hoc
An Enemy Territory Map

Current number of brushes: ‘5924’
Current number of Entities: ‘517’

That may sound much on the first moment but keep in mind that the beach + cliff and the cliff-zone are two ‘seperate’ areas. If you look from the beach up you can’t see the cliff-zone and if you look from the cliff-zone down you can’t see the front of the cliff and the majority of the cliff-zone so we are pretty even on that.

I changed several bunkers and also added some. I tried to create the Observation bunker.
Also I add several different trenches and finished the map to the left and right with barbwire and mine-fields.
Previously I used only Flak guns now I reduced their amount to 2 and added 3 naval cannons (thanks to Kic)
Now there will be the most difficult part of the whole map. The border between cliff-zone and the small village. One house is already built.

The village you see on the previous screenshots will not be used because it contains too many hills for a town in northern France (Normandy).

Well have a look on your own. Would be glad for response!


(Shownie) #49

All I can say is wow and great work :smiley:

Looks really good, I like the high quality of this map, hope it will be smooth to play :wink:

(BackSnip3) #50

Can’t say for now,haven’t tested on a server,doesn’t lags at the moment on my computer,once we get the rough layout completly finished we optimise,and then I’ll pimp it up with detailed models etc :wink:
We have some ideas to enhance the textures a bit, like adding some fake specularity to the walls inside that house in the last screenshot, I experimented it(might not be visible on the screens with normal settings,here I exagerated to show the effect:rolleyes:)

If anyone is interested it’s really simple to set up… :slight_smile:
I also experimented alpha blending with a model vertex color(.ase model) instead of using the boring alphamod brushes everywhere. :slight_smile:

This is a quick test,you can achieve better results with a bit of work :wink:

(shagileo) #51

Nice !

But if you have some spare time, could you explain a bit more about that ‘ase blending’?
Never heard of that technique before, sounds interesting and the results look pretty good

(BackSnip3) #52

There is a tutorial about it on the internet, which used a special q3map2 compiler,but link was dead… I have found a mirror so I could do vertex blending with a model.

I didn’t really made it and I used blender, but it helps, it’s This tutorial

To make it simple:
-you create a model and several shaders (one shader per object in model)

-then you can paint the opacity of one textures (–>the blending) with vertex paint (with blender,3dsmax etc). In blender, I painted in black&white (one colour for each texture).In 3dsmax it’s in the tutorial but I don’t have it, couldn’t test…

You can use blur tools such as in a 2d program to achieve the colour effects you want…

So this way you don’t use alphamod cubes and you can make very accurate blending, on for example very large distances…(instead of making 100 shaders for each percent of blending in cubes)

-Then you compile with the special compiler that I’ll upload here (would be good to mirror that if anyone ever needs it someday:wink:)

But it’s useful mostly on complex models (as this cliff:wink: ), where you need a lot and a lot of alpha brushes…

If I remember in ET:QW it’s also used for water transparency in the border of waterlakes…

(BackSnip3) #53

Recent quick lighting tests,nothing awesome but progress :slight_smile:

(shagileo) #54

Thanks for the tut, looks very interesting, might want to give it a go some time !

As for the screenshots, great work !

(BackSnip3) #55

Thanks,by googling a bit I’ve seen using .lwo models you don’t need the special compiler,which is a good point,because it uses vertex alpha and not color :wink: so it just works as alphamod brushes :slight_smile:
But I can’t find a way to paint vertex alpha in Blender x_x
I’m gonna try with the new blender cause I used 2.49 hihi

EDIT: no need for that! I found out using Netradiant with it’s q3map2 works! (use spawnflags 32 in misc_model)

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Little work with models going to fill the map:

(.Chris.) #57

The cobble stone in this screenshot http://www.splashdamage.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=1412&d=1304006216

Is that an ET texture? I’m sure I’ve seen it used before but cant find it for the life of me.

Nice models by the way!

(BackSnip3) #58

Don’t know if you talk about the stone floor,or the walls in the foreground of the picture, but I checked, and both are custom textures…:smiley:
You probably had some hallucination…:smiley:
I don’t know where this textures comes from, I download textures from cgtextures.com, but it’s KeMoN who finds the textures for this map(probably from internet texture packs). If you want the texture I’ll upload it :slight_smile:

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Models are great.

(Justice) #60

Sweeet. New revolution in ET :stuck_out_tongue:

I do hope it would not drop my FPS tremendously :confused: