Pointe du Hoc - Mapping Project

(KeMoN) #21

Backsnipe and me are working on it.
I created some new bunker entrances so far and I had a closer look at the bunker in the CoD mission and inspired my work with these impressions. It will surely take some time to fuse my stuff with the 3-D terrain by Backsnipe but it will look really great. Please give us some more days!

(BackSnip3) #22

Time for some very-WIP screenshots!
here, here, here, and here, and here,
and here,
and here,
also here,
here too,
and here,
this way,
And finaly here.

(shagileo) #23

Nice set of textures there !
Also, Avoc’s skybox fits in perfectly with that. The screenshots already give a certain atmosphere, which is nice.
Keep it up

(KeMoN) #24

I’m very proud to present you the progress of this project. I totally reworked everything.
Backsnipe created a great 3D modelled cliff for me and I created the cliffzone with bunkers etc.

I changed back to the flat bunker shape, because it is the best way for a bunker and it saves a lot of brushwork and time.
Lot’s of regards

(.Chris.) #25

Where did you get the cannon from? I really could do with that rather than the brushwork prefab I currently use!

(KeMoN) #26

From ET-Stuff

What are you currently working on?

(Kic) #27

Kemon will you use my trees for your map ?

(.Chris.) #28

Wow, there’s lots of models I wasn’t aware of on that site!

I’m working on a map for the TLR mapping competition, you need to destroy two flak cannons on the last stage, no screenshots yet as the map is in block format at the moment with no details.

(KeMoN) #29

Of course I will. Don’t worry about that.

(UJERebel) #30

It looks awesome!!

Keep up the good work!

(.Chris.) #31

For anyone else using them flak and pak cannon models in their maps I’ve made some fixed versions, they were a lot of double verts on all the models, I think I removed over 1000 on each of the flak models and about 2000 on the pak model, download from:


Just extract into the same folder as the existing models.

When I can be bothered I’ll release it as full package after done some other mods to them so you can do some sexy stuff with the models plus I’ll make another texture for the damaged version, why would it turn brown when you blow it up?

(KeMoN) #32

Thank you very much for fixing up those three models for us .Chris

Well, I guess you could also ask why wood turns black if you burn it. It is the same thing. :smiley:

Thanks anyway, great job mate

(.Chris.) #33

But this isn’t wood, true there would be some change but there would still be some green left, the brown texture looks like prolonged decay rather than instant destruction.

(KeMoN) #34

Yes you’re right. The burned stuff on the texture is a bit exaggerated.

(Kic) #35

Something New ?

(KeMoN) #36

Yes, I’m just adjusting the lighting. I will surely post new screenshots this weekend.
Thank you for your interest :slight_smile:

(KeMoN) #37

Like I said before we want to present the progress of our little map-project. In the last two weeks I modified some textures and I tidied my working folder up so I put all my textures in a subfolder (textures/pointe_du_hoc/…) therefore I needed to re-texture the map. Like you can see I also built new stuff.

In the last pictures the wooden-platforms, thanks to kat and also thanks for the Water-Cans)
The platform will be constructable for allies, so they have another opportunity to reach the top beside the ropes. They need to construct platform by platform.

I’m still not happy with the water/sand texture so I need to find something new for that.

Well you can see the rest in the images. I recently started with the town. You can see a building in the background of some screenshots. Also on screenshot #14.

That’s it for now. I let you know if there is something new. Would be glad for feedback!!

(Kic) #38

If you want me to modify my models for you , for your needs ( example more darker textures for trees - it will look probably better - I looked on stock tree models and textures are darker and not so sharp - it look better in game ) dont hesitate to ask me . I dont make my models in best , because of problems with PC hardware - problems with display . it was Motherboard problem, I changed , Now it is good but need for graphics work better monitor ( I have NEC 195 VXM+ , but need 22 or larger )

Sorry my English

(UJERebel) #39

WOW that looks HD :slight_smile:

One question: is it playable on a ‘old’ pc?
Look so high defentions and open ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep it up!

(KeMoN) #40

Right now there are 5525 brushes and 429 Entities. That isn’t that much. Also have in mind that when you are in trenches or in the bunker you don’t see very much or nothing from the environment. Only if you walk on top. There isn’t any foliage so you should have stable FPS if you are concerned about that. I will add some rural models for cover. I thought of destroyed tractors, some carts maybe also corpses of horses (like in CoD) For the horse I thought of the one Kic made. Also I will add some trees maybe several bushes but that’s it. For the cliff zone. In the town there will be more models and stuff but there it isn’t open anymore.

So it should really be playable on older computers.

Thank you for the HD-part :slight_smile:

Thank you for your offer Kic. It would really look a bit better if the trees would be slightly darker.

EDIT: What do you think of the platforms? Is that a good idea?