Pointe du Hoc - Mapping Project

(KeMoN) #1

Pointe du Hoc
An Enemy Territory mapping project

NOTE: You are currently watching an outdated part of the thread. There has since been a beta 1 release. To jump to the current discussion and the release post, please follow the link. >>>Proceed>>>

(KeMoN) #2

Last change for today:

That will be the first spawn for the Axis.

Good night to you
Lot’s of regards

(Avoc) #3

You gotta be careful with chokepoint spawn exits. All spawns should have at least 2 exits - and if not, then there need to be scattered spawnpoints.

(shagileo) #4

Looks nice, keep it up!

(Paul) #5

Looks promising :slight_smile:

(Scennative) #6

hmmm the one beach looks like call of duty (1 or 2 i dont remember) :stuck_out_tongue:
but realy cool :slight_smile:

(KeMoN) #7

well, as far as I remember call of duty has also got a Pointe du Hoc mission.
And Pointe du Hoc was with this type of cliff. But thanks. If you can see parallels to a really pro-made map, this tells me that I did a great job with my map so far :slight_smile:

(Kic) #8

When will be release Kemon ?
point du Hoc is really nice map

(KeMoN) #9

There isn’t a release date planned yet. I need to fix some minor things and also some “side entrance” for the allies. Then there will be a part with trench warfare added and some other single bunkers with Flak guns. Afterwards I need to create a nice cut between cliff-zone and town.

(BlackEight) #10

Screens are looking good, well done. How much has that taken you to make that map?


(KeMoN) #11

The stuff in the upper pictures one and a half week. And the second bunker corridor about 4-5 hours.
Currently I’m reworking the cliff like I posted in the first post up there.
I changed the water texture and shader so it is a far better now.
And I added a tunnelentrance at the beach so the allies have a “side-entrance” if they really can’t make it on top of the cliff.
Sorry that I haven’t posted screenshots for some days, but I hope I will soon have some, with the new beach-area

(Indloon) #12

Map looks good.
And yes,Call Of Duty had mission map called Pointe du Hoc too.
But great work.
Will wait for it:)

(Kic) #13

Something like this look nice

Sorry fun

(KeMoN) #14

You want to tell me something with this?
Indeed the image is nice. I also got loads of ideas from playing saboteur the last week. So now I need to concentrate myself more on mapping again. :slight_smile:

But both of them (picture and saboteur) are really large areas and sadly impossible with our engine :frowning:

(Kic) #15

No this is really for fun , but i like this , looks nice .
Your map looks superb

(stealth6) #16

Impossible is nothing.

(hunterthebest) #17

ET doesnt have such high quality so it’s quite impossible stealth :stuck_out_tongue:

(BackSnip3) #18

Maybe xReal comes out final one day to solve the "impossible is not nothing"problem? ^^

(KeMoN) #19

Let’s hope for that! Would be awesome if Axis Revenge could be revived…!

EDIT: Today I resumed mapping again.Beach is about to be finished.
I recreated everything because I recognized that I’ve exaggerated a bit. The “old” map had already about 7000 brushes. Well, yes it was only the cliff zone :smiley:

So now new start and without EasyGen-Terrain. Let’s see.

(Kic) #20

Some new screens ?
Anyway really nice project .