Pointe du Hoc - Mapping Project

(Tardis) #119

Kemon ,

You have defiantly have an eye for detail all the new screenshots and all your hard work on models etc are most defiantly revitalizing this map and ET itself . If there was a prize for best map of the year you would most defiantly win it .

I would love you to work on some of my map projects you make them worth playing .

anticipating the release !

(kost3k) #120

Any news about this project?

(KeMoN) #121

Hello kost3k,

Thank you very much for your interest in this project.
I’m currently working on getting Dingenskirchen to a stable release. Besides that I’m also working on the recreation of assets for both ET:Legacy and ioRtCW. That takes up basically all the time I’m dedicating to Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and the rest I would like to actually spend playing.

As for Pointe du Hoc:
The map currently remains in alpha version #8 and hasn’t been touched since I started working on Dingenskirchen in January 2013.
However the 8th total reconstruction of the map seems to be very promising, yet I do not know whether/when I will have the time to continue with the project.
Despite all that, this project is basically what I stand for today, since I taught myself everything I know about mapping in the progress of this map.
I have to say it has been a pleasure and it would be a terrible shame if roughly 4 years of trial and error would go down the drain.

I refuse to declare this project dead, since it isn’t! Nevertheless I officially am putting this project to halt!
I hope you understand my predicament.

There are two possible outcomes of my next post in this thread.
One being the relishing, most glorious and satisfactory release of beta1 and the second one the both shame- and painful source-release of the latest alpha version. Let’s just hope it will be the first one.

Regards and again thank you very much for your interest in this project!!

(Tardis) #122

Time For a Bump … Any news KeMoN ??

(KeMoN) #123

Let me put it that way. If there had been any important news I would have posted them. I haven’t opened the actual pointe du hoc map for months.
Nevertheless I have been mapping because it is fun in my opinion. I found some interesting things on photos or pictures in the net and just mapped them. That way I’ve created a mill, a landscape with a bridge and currently a section of a village. Although I actually already decided to halt the project I recognized that all 3 elements I’ve mapped would actually fit in the scenario of pointe du hoc in a certain way. (of course modified) Also after playing the RtCW-Singleplayer again I found interesting things that I would like to implemt into a map so I will go on with the project. Since screenshots are always welcomed I took some of the maps in the editor and posted them below.


(DeatH) #124

Some very impressive work their Kemon :slight_smile:

(Tardis) #125

Looking fantastic Kemon :cool: :wink:

(stealth6) #126

Those shots look really cool!

(KeMoN) #127

Thank you very much, all of you :slight_smile: It’s nice to see my work appreciated!
If there will be big news I will post them. :slight_smile:


(kost3k) #128

Are you still working on this map, KeMoN?

(Kic) #129

Is there some progress ?
Otherwise nice looking map .

(Micha) #130

The map looks really nice. Can’t wait to see it also I don’t hope it will not be to big :slight_smile:

(Dragonji) #131

One thing, I hope you will optimize your map to provide at least stable 80-90 FPS for most players :slight_smile:

(BackSnip3) #132

I haven’t had news from him since quite some time now :frowning:
Hope he can finish it but he hasn’t logged here since july, no good news for now :confused:

(stealth6) #133

[QUOTE=BackSnip3;404401]I haven’t had news from him since quite some time now :frowning:
Hope he can finish it but he hasn’t logged here since july, no good news for now :/[/QUOTE]

Maybe he is enjoying the summer holidays like he should! :smiley:
Maybe some news in September?

(BackSnip3) #134

Hopefully, last talk I had with him was around may/june I think, never reconnected since. I wonder what happened. He oftens goes to other countries with school. :S

(Mateos) #135

As long as he’s fine, for me the screenshots are worth waiting. Thought there were news when I saw the icon, but just some digging to ask for progress :confused:

(KeMoN) #136

Pointe du Hoc B1

----- Entry for 2019 Trackbase map contest and result of nearly 9 years of headaches -----

The first post in this thread was in February 2011, which means the idea for this map has been with me for almost 9 years now. It was my first real map project and I learned the basics of mapping while working on it, so I have never been satisfied with the early versions for various reasons.
During the years, this project has seen a grand total of 8 different attempts for which I always started from scratch again. In 2014 I decided to put this map aside and move on to other projects.

The map contest this year required a historical background of the map, so I decided to try my luck a 9th time. How it turned out is for you to decide.

The layout and objectives of this map are inspired by the real-life Pointe du Hoc mission during the Normandy Landings, which you can read more about here.

June 6, 1944: To grant safe passage for the Allied ships during D-Day a small operation is launched to disable the artillery guns of Pointe du Hoc. The Allies will attempt to gain control of the bunkers on the cliff and advance into the Hinterland where the Axis have hidden the artillery guns from Allied bombers. The Axis have to prevent the loss of this strategic part of Normandy and the artillery guns at all costs.


  • Capture the Forward Bunker.
  • Construct a Command Post.
  • Only an Allied Field-Ops can call in reinforcements in the radar bunker.
  • Dynamite the East Artillery Guns.
  • Dynamite the West Artillery Guns.


  • Do not lose the Forward Bunker to the Allies.
  • Construct a Command Post.
  • Prevent the Allies from calling in reinforcements.
  • Defend the East Artillery Guns.
  • Defend the West Artillery Guns.

//Note: If one team holds both the flag and the Command Post, the flag is temporarily secured. To capture the flag, the enemy team has to first destroy the Command Post.




Author: keMoN
Brush count: 20.179
Entity count (total): 1.421
Entity count (ingame): 459
Development time: 2 months

-----Thanks to-----

  • bystry, hatcher and @ryven for constant feedback on Twitch regarding map design, layout, game flow and objectives as well as moral support
  • @acQu, @twt_thunder , @WuTangH , Aciz and @Mateos for technical support in TWT Discord
  • @ryven for direct script support
  • @WuTangH for the most awesome artillery guns
  • @acQu for the fixed plane model
  • @phisherman and @BackSnip3 for immense support during the early attempts of the map years ago.
  • Everyone else who was part of the Twitch stream, gave feedback and suggestions or helped in any other way.
  • Finally, the judges for organising another iteration of this contest. Hopefully. for more to come.

(BackSnip3) #137

Wow man I had forgotten about all of these experiments with 3D terrain and lighting and everything.
Awesome that you finally managed to finish it.
I’m proud of you, mate.

(KeMoN) #138

Thank you so much, my friend! You certainly taught me a lot during all those remakes. Be it tweaking lighting, water shaders, terrain blending and what not else. So many crazy experiments went into that map. I’m sorry that not everything we did back all those years ago made it into this beta 1 release, but it was certainly a pleasure to work on that project with you.
Thank you for all that time. I definitely enjoyed it!