Playing Wolf: ET in 2019

(Moobabe) #1

A week or so ago I was asked to make a Facebook post about a few active Wolf:ET communities. I did, and almost 1000 comments later, I realised just how excited you all are still for the game!

So, with the help of =F|A=ScoOfi, we decided it was probably a good idea to try and address a bunch of the questions that came from that Facebook post, and make a clearer guide on how to play W:ET in 2019, how to watch it and highlight some of the communities that are still trucking.

While it’s nice that you’re all still here, chatting about W:ET, there are other forums dedicated solely to the game. If you’ve got any questions about W:ET from a technical or gameplay standpoint feel free to post them here or head over to the Fearless Assassins forum to ask.


“Where can I download Wolf:ET?” was the most prominent question aside from “People still play this?!”, so here’s what to do:

You can download Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory right here!

You can also download Return to Castle Wolfenstein here! – which also has a handy FAQ to help out with any tech queries.


So you’ve downloaded the game, now what? You want the best experience, with configs that are already done for you, right? Here we go:

Here’s a list of Variables you can use and edit.

Here is a config generator.

Here are a collection of configs that are pre-made that you can download. 1, 2, 3.


So you’ve downloaded the game, got your config sorted and you’re ready to play. You don’t want to play vs bots, though. You want to test your mettle against real folks.

You can browse servers here or here.


You’re in. You’ve caught the bug once more. Your spamming V-say commands and racking up the kills. Now what you need is a clan of like-minded folks:

There’s a nice big list of communities here for you to browse.

Or you can get in a little deeper, with the ET Pro or ET Legacy scenes.


Sadly, Xfire and MIRC are no more. Replaced by newer, shinier technologies. Three of the bigger communities are on Discord:

ET Pro
=F|A= Clan
ET: Legacy

There are also still a couple of big Teamspeak 3 servers:

IP: hyperion-gaming.Net:9991


Watching some really players shine is always a joy, and thankfully there are some brilliant people playing and streaming:

GamesTV is a great resource.
Twitch is also a great place to watch. You can check out VODs here, or clips here.


In addition to a thriving community, there are also upcoming events!

Between May 17th and 19th in Krefeld, Germany, ET LAN is taking place. Check out the link for more information.

In addition to the LAN there’s also an active ETPRO cup, with 14 teams competing in 6v6 tournament, and 20 teams competing in a 3v3 tournament.

As you can see, Wolf:ET is still going strong after all these years. A massive thank you to everyone in the community who still both love and play the game, and hopefully this makes it easier for some people to rediscover the game that started it all for Splash Damage.

(M4rVe) #3

I am a veteran of ET, and I think it’s great that SD re-announces, I hope that new modifications of this great game will be achieved!

I’m Wolf [Peru]

(Ray Wolf) #4

Thanks for releasing this post of Wolf:ET @Moobabe. Hopefully alot of new and old players will read this nice post you made. And hopefully they will join servers and start playing. :yum:

(Moobabe) #5

Fingers crossed!

(Loffy) #6

Excellent post! Thx for your hard work and for sharing

(Wolf1337) #7

90% of the fb comments are willing to pay for a ET Remake 2.0 can you think about it? And maybe add to Steam. You can catch the guys from ET Legacy and work together with donations?

or after release take 10-20eur for that game

instead of other crap games go for ET 2.0 remake as you can see the game is still strong after 16 years make it 2019 but with oldschool style just better gfx and fix the maps and you will be top 3 games for sure

most are willing to pay talk to your team please and think about it

but keep it as same as ET dont make to much changes, i.e the movement engine weapons etc should be almost same just better textures and gfx etc but also able to load low gfx configs etc

(Jan S.) #8

As far as I’m aware, Splash Damage doesn’t own the rights to WolfET. It’s most likely Zenimax.
And the only way for SD to make anything new with that IP is if Zenimax (Bethesda) contracts them - and since they own several studios, I don’t think that’s very likely.

But yeah, I would also love a new WolfET.

(Wolf1337) #9

Players are willing to pay as Facebook Page of W:ET Last Post comments say over 90%

Beside After 16 years this Game is still Strong as you See

Players pay > more Money > money + strong community = win. Zenimax didnt give a ■■■■ about our Mails to give Legacy any licenses… so you are the Last Hope splashdamge! And best Option is to Add the new remake on Steam then!!

(ronboy) #10

Excellent post, @Moobabe. Indeed, the Wolf ET community is still going strong. On the Fearless Assassins server that I visit sometimes, it gets many players even here in 2019. :sunglasses:

On the subject of a modern remake, while an official remake by Splash Damage would be awesome, there’s a good chance that it won’t happen, for reasons mentioned above. However, the ET: Legacy team is working hard to modernize the game while keeping the gameplay and feeling of the original game.

(Kodie) #11

This is great - my question for anyone on this thread, any Australian / Oceanic scene going? I would be interested in some games for sure.

(Wolf1337) #12

Didnt they work together before or did they buy it from Splashdamage? Why its not possible just to contact them and ask friendly to remake a 2.0 (almost as Wolf ET now 1:1 but a bit higher gfx etc) for 2019 Technique / Computers, players are willing to pay and add it on Steam. Since money rules the world why its not possible to try it out. But splashdamage has better chances to contact them, because they didnt give a ■■■■ from any mail from us (single players or ET Legacy team) for licenes. Maybe we have all to write and spam their Emails till they read it and react maybe.

And Wolf ET needs a new Anti Cheat since PB doesnt support anymore and Clans have to create their own …

cmon this is possible

keep in mind that this game is still played after 16 years, even a LAN lol dont think fortnite will be played after 16 years or any game.
Think about it, companies invest too much money in bullshit games like Rainbow Six Siege or PubG,
remake ET, competitive Gaming comes back, more sponsors, so if zenimax wants money its the best option for them. Contact them please Splashdamge!

(Alvin Brooklyn) #13


Please helps us out. It seems that Wolf ET is not compatible with the latest Mac OS. I know people have been using something of a proxy called ET Legacy in the past to get the game to work, but this should be straight forward.

This is the error message: “Couldn’t load default.cfg - I am missing essential files - verify your installation?”

Any plans to update the OS compatibility?

(kittz0r) #14

That’s just shows how Mod Support keeps Players active even after 16 Years. Too bad a different Game won’t have that.

But i appreciate the Posts on FB and the Guide Moobs :ok_hand:

(Moobabe) #15

You are most welcome Kitt

(ronboy) #16

Exactly. This is why I despise newer games that refuse to have modding/mapping support. Without that, any game will not last more than 5 years (on average). Look at games that were released a few years ago that don’t have mapping/modding support, and compare them to games like Rtcw or Wolf ET that are still alive here in 2019. :thinking:

(Moobabe) #17

I can’t say we have any plans – though I’m sure there are folks out there who have a solution to this!

(tjimboo) #18

dont forget to tell people how to connect 2019.
1000+ players any given time deserves a 2.0

(DarkangelUK) #19

How many of those are bots? I’ve seen a few complaints recently about trying to find a server that isn’t entirely populated by bots.

(tjimboo) #20

et is max 64 players so no bots just fakes

(ronboy) #21

This is sad but true. However, there are various servers/clans that are still alive for the game, such as Fearless Assassins and the UJE Clan.