Playing Wolf: ET in 2019

(Mustang) #22

I thought ET:Legacy had “solved” the fakes issue.

(tjimboo) #23

well all the fake servers redirects you to FA

(ronboy) #24

That’s true, but still, I enjoy playing on their servers. I don’t encourage/support the redirecting though.

(An ET Player) #26

The original in-game serverlist is broken because of clans like FA which disingenuously purport to have players in the servers, but either they are bots and/or redirects.

Legacy may have fixed this issue, but websites such as trackbase and splatterladder mostly show true numbers.

That said, FA still employ these dirty tricks and shady practices, even on trackbase the serverlist sometimes show as having more players in than is really the case, but clicking and examining the players/bots shows the true count.
This is why I very rarely play at FA, because of their lies, which ultimately damage the community.

(An ET Player) #27

There are still a couple of down under servers, one of which I enjoy when I’m around at that time, and has maybe a half dozen people (sometimes more) every night:

-OZ-ETPUB Xpsave SYDNEY #1 - overzealous gamers

To connect directly, start ET, open the console (tilde key) and type /connect

They have website and I’m sure they’d be happy for you to stop by and say hello.
A simple websearch will find them.

It’s a nice community … with some rebrobates, which I personally find enjoyable, but that’s up to you.

(macbeth) #28

ETS is still around, we started our first clan in 2004 :

(tjimboo) #29

guess by playing there (who dont :)) u are encouraging that behavior. But seems the serverlist is and will be usless.

(An ET Player) #31

There are many servers around - mostly at european evening times, but some USA servers are still quite lively. I recommend using trackbase or splatterladder, as these websites show the true player/bot numbers.

Then start ET, open the console (tilde key) and type /connect [ip]
If the ip has :27960 at the end, you don’t need to add that, however some servers have e.g. :27980 in which case, you will need to type that too.

Some servers allow you to connect by typing their name e.g. /connect et.nameofserver.whatever, which is easier to remember.

(ronboy) #32

Like I said on my post above, I don’t encourage the redirects. Also, don’t forget that I’m only a player, not a server owner. It’s not my decision whether a server has redirects or not.

Regarding the in-game server list, I agree that it’s useless these days. Thankfully there are solutions such as what @anETPlayer posted. :slightly_smiling_face:

(An ET Player) #33

tjimboo is making a point about personal responsibility:
you may not own the server, but It is your decision to play there, and all our decisions have consequences.

By being aware of a server which uses dirty tricks, and still playing there, you are
a) encouraging that behaviour (because it works i.e. gets players to their servers) and b) tacitly endorsing/supporting it (because you still play there).

If you are uncomfortable with these facts, I suggest you play elsewhere, not try and use words to disguise reality. No personal offence intended.

However, as he also pointed out, who doesn’t play there? Many people do. I still do, occasionally.

(ronboy) #34

I don’t want to start an argument here, so I’ll just say that I’ve gotten comfortable with frequenting one of the Fearless Assassins servers for several years now, and despite their questionable methods with the redirecting/fake servers, many people play there. I’d rather play on such a server that has many human players instead of many bots, as those belong in a game’s SP mode. When I play a game’s MP mode, I want to play with human players.

(Nail) #35

then use SplatterLadder to search out servers without bots and play there, refuse to play on fake servers, tell your buddies to refuse to play on fake servers. As stated above you are not only encouraging their abusive tactics but endorsing them.

(An ET Player) #36

(sorry it’s a bit long - so shoot me. In ET, even xd)

1st - I’m not necessarily criticising you for playing at FA. (on that note it’s very understandable that you don’t want to play with bots; I agree).
2nd - actually, you already started an argument with tjimboo. He made a reasonable and logical point, in a nice way, which you attempted to deny.

I’m not here to argue, just saying these are the facts, jack. I hope you can see the logic in what I and others are saying here, as I’m not trying to be rude.

It’s probably fair to say that you don’t approve of their abusive tactics. But by continuing to play there, you are - unfortunately and unavoidably - actively encouraging and tacitly supporting and endorsing them, whether you like it or not.

I’m saying all our decisions/actions have consequences. If we aren’t happy with the results, then it might be worth reconsidering our actions. Whatever the case, we should own our actions and be honest with ourselves.

It’s exactly due to their questionable methods that many people play there. Clearly these methods have worked.

Personal anecdote:
If you don’t know about sites like SL/TB, then once tricked into an FA server, it d/ls a new menu screen which only has FA server links on it. Thereafter, it is easy and simple to get a game by just clicking on one of these links. This is what happened with me for a time some years ago, when I played ET less frequently than now. Until I decided to find some more interesting places, and thankfully there were and still are many to explore.

If enough people move to other honest servers, then many people will play at those places. e.g. in the last few months there are a couple of highly populated places at euro evening times, which were not there before. Probably because of ET getting a bit of advertising from SD, which is indeed a wonderful thing.

(ronboy) #37

Ok, guys. Thanks for your thoughts about this issue. That’s enough discussion about server redirects for me though; I’d rather not start an argument here and thus have this topic closed by an admin. :sweat_smile:

(Nail) #38

it’s garbage like fake servers and the trash that help perpetuate them that led me in part to essentially shut down the original

(An ET Player) #39

No problem fellow.

I hope that by explaining the situation, some people may realise that there are still viable alternatives, consider exploring the online serverlists and discover some of the interesting and honest communities which still survive.

There are so many different servers with different settings and lovely people, that it’s a real eye-opener, once you dip your toe into the waters and explore.
There’s a whole world out there!


I’m a Medic!

(Thc Ma K34ry Rbkmg) #41

Back in the days :wink: yt: Self Concept Wolfenstein ET

(Noob818) #42

Hi guys, I haven’t played this game in a decade, got a fancy new pc with all the best hardware etc. I just finished replaying RTCW now Im ready to play online. When I try to connect to servers 1 of 2 things happens. Either it starts downloading files then immediately disconnects, game crashes and internet browser opens connecting me to various websites depending on the server. OR the files wont download at all and its stuck in the connecting/file download screen.

cs_allowdownload is on 1 (activated) I am using the 2.60b version of the game downloaded directly from the official website. I tried selecting CABLE and MODEM in the option menu and tried 800x600 and the high quality option as well. The computer is brand new from ibuypowerpc with the RTX 2080 Ti, i9-9900kf, etc etc, I don’t understand why I cant connect to a server?

I appreciate your help, thank you!