Player Models Documentation

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Hmm , just OT , no one isnt NOOB when he begins with anything new …
BTW I saw some mods with converted RCTW models , maybe you should first learn to do RTCW ones , and then use ikkonato tools to convert it
( oh yes it shouldnt be so hard)

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And exist some plug-in for importing and exporting MD3, MD5, MDS, MDM etc. for 3D Studio max 7 ???

(Jaquboss) #43

not for MDM :frowning: , but for others use google :wink:

(mdd4696) #44

Have there been any recent developments with regard to the tools mentioned above?

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(foxale08) #46

the new version of light ray is out

(No1_sonuk) #47

Does it still have the “buy-on-faith-that-it’ll-work” disabled-export system on the “demo”?

(nUllSkillZ) #48

I think TCE has bought a version of lightray.
So I think they can be asked if the exporter is working or not.

(IneQuation) #49

This bugs me, they seem not to want the public to know what program they bought, refering to it as to ‘the software’. :disgust:

And yes, LR3D has it like that on the demo. It’s a great piece of software, I used it for Medal of Honor models, I didn’t get lost in all the options like I did in 3dsmax & blender. :wink: Plus it’s still the only program on the market that truly supports MoHAA model format.

(nUllSkillZ) #50

I’ve asked Activision for the tool:

Customer - 12/11/2005 02:48 AM

Wolfenstein-Enemy Territory is one of the most played online games.
The modding community is also very active.
Unfortunately only one tool hasn’t been released so far:
A tool to create player models.
With this message i would kindly ask if it’s possible to release a tool or an
exporter for an existing program.
Thank you very much in advance.

If this is the wrong way to ask I apologize.
And please let me know the right way.

Best regards


I got this as response:

Response (Nick Bee) - 12/11/2005 11:04 PM

Thank you for taking the time to contact us here at Activision. Activision does
not provide any editor or mod tools as they are not supported. Activision is
the publisher not the developer, we wouldn’t be the ones to release those kind
of tools regardless.

May be I was on the wrong site.

So who’s responsible for the modding tools then (if not activision)?
I guess id?

(Jaquboss) #51

good question what now?
maybe id and if they will send same response then contact nerve , greymatterm, OSP, etpro team ( they are in credits ) and if nobody will help then lets flame Splashdamage :nag:

(nUllSkillZ) #52

Arghh, the id site links to the service at Activision. :huh: :frowning:

(kamikazee) #53

WOW, “blame it on the others”.
I do see their point of not wanting to be responsible, but it’s no support.

A message to id could work, if they modded the engine earlier…

(No1_sonuk) #54

SD usually say it’s up to Activision…

(kamikazee) #55

Did they have an engine modder or some guy coding the tools?

(No1_sonuk) #56

The tools exist - it’s what SD used to make the ET models - It’s just that SD have said Activision needs to release them.

(dime1622) #57

It’s that whole Activision owns everything that SD did for ET thing.

(pctimes) #58

After reading all this I’m still confused… Any tools we could use to mod players?

(nUllSkillZ) #59

Lightray3d can im- and export player models and animations

And there’s another way using ikanatto’s tools.

(pctimes) #60


But what do I use to modify the look of the uniforms and faces?

I Photoshop the tga and test in LightRay3D or do I modify the .mdm and .mdx files?

Thank you so much!!!