Player Models Documentation

(RR2DO2) #1

The following link is the player model documentation that I wrote for our artists during ET’s development. It refers to tools that haven’t been made public yet, but it should give everyone a better idea of how the player model system within ET works.

Any feedback is welcome!

(No1_sonuk) #2

Great, thanks.
Now all we’d need are the tools.

(chavo_one) #3

Silicon Ice announced today that they are definitely porting Urban Terror to ET, so I assume they will need the .mdm tools. Any word on when they might be available?

(Ancalagon) #4

Having recently discovered that the Wolf ET source was released, I’ve started my own mod. I’m working on other aspects of gameplay at the moment but the only thing preventing me from starting to replace the character models is the .mdm.mdx tools and\or plugins.

(CGmonkey) #5

Thanks… This will surely come in handy.

I’ve got a small question though… Can you use bones independant from the base-biped in MAX? For example “ponytails” in MAX creates a number of linked bones which is independant of the biped to control a ponytail for example. Or is it necessary to have every bone linked?

(ikanatto) #6

I think its impossible, though I have not tested it sorry. :eek:
I presume that .skl exporter uses the biped models to recognize where bones are and which bone vertices belong to.
So exporting objects not linked to the biped may cause errors or be ignored.
But as long as ponytails or such head parts, it could be done with HUD animation(md3).
yes, It will not wave with running… too bad.

I am SO looking forward to your mod, Urban Terror. good luck.

(ipox) #7

Any chance of this character modeling tool (buildmds) being released anytime soon? Privately to deserving teams, even?

(ikanatto) #8

I can not tell what is preventing Splash Damage from releasing the new buildmds,
but it is needed for all who want to make a special mod or some player models.
However not for private using, but for teams intending the great mod which will
improve ET raputation and bring more people.
damn my C program skill! I cant even build mdm converter in windows.

(fretn) #9

mds is still supported, use the buildmds tool released for RtCW :slight_smile:

(ikanatto) #10

Oooh Really?

I have tested some mds in ET, but they didnt work but crush my ET.
I had changed .char, .anim, .skin for mds… but some description were not suitable for mds system but mdm and mdx system.

Having a look at the ET source code, cgame/cg_players.c or cg_characters.c and so on,
Loading player models seems to be roughly 2 parts: mesh and animation( suggesting mdm and mdx?).
I think this prevents mds from using in ET.

Have you tested? If you have successfully done it, please tell me how! :eek:

(fretn) #11

digibob: posted it somewhere on these forums its still supported …

(No1_sonuk) #12

But weren’t there problems getting new MDS models to work in RTCW?
The Great Crusade mod died because we couldn’t get it to work.

(fretn) #13

there were, but pants (wolftactics mod) was able to export models and he wrote a very nice guide also (url is somewhere on this forum to)

(ikanatto) #14

I have exported mds successfully with following pants tutorial and it worked in RtCW.
There are some tips, but we can surely export mds.:slight_smile:

(Penny Lardass) #15

Any news on the MDM plugin?


(dime1622) #16

last i heard (about two weeks ago) was that they are waiting on activision to release it, said itd be out optimistically in a month, so id guess another few weeks

(xzibit) #17

its been abot a month… any news on that yet?

(No1_sonuk) #18

Indeed. Any idea of an ETA?

(MuffinMan) #19

any news?

(Dave) #20

Any reason for the delay in releasing the player model tools?