Player Models Documentation

(nUllSkillZ) #61

For skins you don’t need lightray.
Have a look at the “models/players”-subfolders.
You will need a graphicprogram to change the skins.

(pctimes) #62

Yeah I opened that folder and had a look at the TGA files with photoshop.

Can I photoshop the TGA files and repack this to a new pk3 file?

How do you repack the moded TGA to a new pk3 and make it overwrite the pak0.pk3 skins?

Geez I feel so nub… maybe lead me toward a “How to skin for dummies?” document :lol:

Thank you guys!!!

EDIT: Maybe if I explained myself it would be better… I want to modify the medic face and body to look like a ninja. I’m running a TJ server and I thought that seeing a bunch of ninjas jumping around would be kewl. I don’t wanna change the bone or skeleton of the characters, just the outside look. Thanks again!!!

(kamikazee) #63

You could try this one: Price Of Peace: Tutorials: Basic skinning (By Hawk)

(pctimes) #64

Thank you guys you’re great help!!!

(N0zer0) #65

How can I modify the inner sniper-scope crosshair?


(nUllSkillZ) #66

It’s in the source code.

You should have opened a new thread.
As this one is concerning the player models.

(N0zer0) #67

Sorry… I’ve thought it is very easy.

It is possible to do? If so I open an own topic for it.

(nUllSkillZ) #68

Please read PM.

(cornholio) #69

hi everybody. i recently started writing a little player model viewer
in java. if anybody is interested i could make it available for download.
there is still a lot missing (weapons, real shader implementation…) but
at least it loads most skinpacks i have checked out fine.

(Shaderman) #70

Wow, looks very nice and professional. Would you mind making it available for download?

(Nail) #71

need a host for it ?
let me know

(cornholio) #72

thanks. i will make it available as soon as i have fixed a few things.

thanks again, but i can put it on my own website.

i will let all of you know when i have uploaded everything.

is there a problem with redistributing the models, animations and textures
from the original game ? i have a stripped down ‘pak0.pk3’ which is 4.5 MB
and i would prefer to redistribute this file instead of requiring the client to
specify the absolute path to his or her ‘etmain’ - folder…

(cornholio) #73

since i’m not sure about redistributing the models and
stuff i decided to leave it all out in the first release.

:arrow: download it here:

please let me know if there are issues regarding the installation or anything.

i know that the models don’t look right in all animations as i still
have to implement smooth vertex blending. it will be featured in
the next release…

(Mr.Mxyzptlk) #74

Very nice. The only issues I had installing on linux were with

  • no execute perms (trivial)
  • has DOS CR/LF termination on file which makes .sh impossible to run as executable
  • the path seperator used for unix is “:” – using semi-colons confuses /bin/sh .


(cornholio) #75

all fixed: linux- and mac-versions are .tar.bz2 packages now…

([H4D3S]) #76

Very nice app! thanks

(Meyerinchains) #77

Cool app :slight_smile:

Plans to support other .aninc files with extra .mdx files?
Any plans to support additonal .skin files?
What kind of filtering is used on the textures? Bicubic filter?

(cornholio) #78


that will be easy. i’ll add another dropdown-list
containing all animations found in the PK3-Path.

that would require a convention how they should be named !?

i guess that depends on your OpenGL hardware (GL_MULTISAMPLE_ARB).

i thought a couple of times about installing No Quarter on our fun-server
as it really is a cool mod. the customizable characters are a great idea.
currently we are running jaymod. just let me know if there is anything i
can do for you guys.

currently i am developing a new version of our community-software
and i plan on implementing the following feature:

after a player has connected to our server once he will be able to register
himself with his GUID. then i will include my application as an applet on
the community-webpages, so that the player can customize his character
in the browser. everybody will have a customized character of his choice
as his avatar. this could be a dynamically generated image or a small
applet with full animation.

by the way: since i got the code for reading .mdx and .mdm down i also
played around with converting the whole shizzle to different formats.
i think .md5anim and .md5mesh as used in Doom is a good choice. i got
the skeleton working but the meshes still give me major headaches. are
there any existing converters for .mdx and .mdm ?

(Jaquboss) #79

seriously, this is huge problem, muskoka maya3d plug-in by mr.mxyzptlk ( you should contact him - you are doing almost the same as him :wink: )
has the problem with exporting these, but i think he got them imported
There are no tools for MDM/MDX except for lightray 3D, but that is not really nice thing
anyway thanks for your effort

(cornholio) #80

Mr.mxyzptlk ? reading this forum ? like to share source-code ?