New SP Map - test map of the addon for rtcw

(Dialog) #381

there were difficulties with the map :weary:
didn’t compile the map for bots.

now all is well :slightly_smiling_face:

(Dialog) #382

(ronboy) #383

Excellent news, Dialog and nice screenshots. You are a great mapper, just so you know. :sunglasses:

(melc_av) #384

Indeed. Old school, RtCW mapper.
Incredible maps. Even better than original.
Dialog, this new map will be stealth one, like Station?

(Dialog) #385


(Dialog) #386

Yes! The difficulty of the map is that the key characters move from building to building ).
For example:

  1. he drinks often and is rarely out of sight of security

  2. this character on the streets is always guarded

(melc_av) #387

Thanks for answer Dialog.
Another thing: in May last year, you uploaded some images. One image was for a chateau.
I loved, in oeiginal map Chateau.
I’d like to see your map Chateau. If you have some images…

(ronboy) #388

This sounds challenging! I’ll gladly look forward to playing this upcoming map. :heart_eyes:

(melc_av) #389

Hi Dialog,
If everything is fine than is wonderfull.
We are prepared for tesying

(Dialog) #390


(ronboy) #391

You don’t recognize it? It’s the nasty Shader Overflow Bug, typically triggered by placing too many entities and other details into a single map while compiling with Q3map2. There is more information here about this bug and tips on how to fix it:

Don’t forget that this forum contains many resources for mappers and modders. :wink:

(Dialog) #392

Heidelberg COMING ) download now

Ronboy - This error is corrected differently :slightly_smiling_face:

(melc_av) #393

Hi all,
I can’t beggin the game. I placed pk.9 and other item in Rtcw’s folder and game start with original map.
Supposed to place in folder Main?
Zip has dark village name but is Heidelberg?

(Dialog) #394

use .bat file

wolfsp.exe +set fs_homepath main +set fs_game darkvillage +set nextmap “spmap darkvillage” +exec

(ronboy) #395

Great news, Dialog. I’ll advertise this new map release to other Rtcw websites.

Also, congratulations on solving the nasty Shader Overflow Bug. :+1:

(melc_av) #396

Unfortunately the map is no working.
Do you have any command to be tasted in console, like spmap/spdevmap… ?
Can you fix this Dialog

(Dialog) #397

tested, everything works :roll_eyes:
/spdevmap darkvillage

(ronboy) #398

Hello, Dialog. On this forum, one of the members (Yo$hik) wrote that it is necessary to increase the game’s graphics and sound memory in the autoexec.cfg file. See the post here:

(Dialog) #399

Hi Rinboy. I have everything working well ) - the standart version RTCW and realrtcw. Other mods I don’t use

(Dialog) #400

This ) (standart RTCW)
+ (realRTCW+hdpack)