New SP Map - test map of the addon for rtcw

(ronboy) #401

Understood, Dialog. I just wanted to bring that issue to your attention, that’s all.

(Dialog) #402

Strange incident). For example, with a small resolution, everything works without any problems )) :slightly_smiling_face:

(vicpas) #403

Hello Dialog.
Again I suggest you to change the name of the Station map, in the future it will not be confused with the map of the same name included in the addon Arkot_Mappack of my authorship along with Arkot24

(melc_av) #404

Unfortunatelly doesn’t load.
I tried to put both files in rtcw’s folder and game start with original one. I tasted “spdevmap darkvillage” in console and map couldn’t been found.
After, I tried to put in main folder but game couldn’t load.

(ronboy) #405

Hello, melc_av. Try placing the pk3 file included in the download inside a folder, and place that folder in the Rtcw root folder (where the original game’s shortcuts are located for SP and MP mode). Then, try launching the addon with the spdevmap console command after following the instructions shown on this video made by me:

(vicpas) #406

Dialog is making all his maps publicly available and everybody is making walkthrough of these maps, so what’s new when he publishes his final work.
In my opinion these maps should only be revealed to private testers to preserve the final design.

(melc_av) #407

Very atmospheric and beautiful. Great work. Almost like Padeborn Village.

(Dialog) #408

hmmm where .mds import/export :weary:

(ronboy) #409

Hey, Dialog. Try this program:

(Dialog) #410

Thk man

(Dialog) #411

*changed textures (added bump),
*changed models,
*changed sounds,
*changed light .

For example old Asylum (modification of the engine - Berserker)

and more Asylum ))

(ronboy) #412

Remarkable work, Dialog! These images are one reason why I want to see the Berserker@Wolfenstein engine become finished, so that all mappers can at least consider using it in their projects. :grinning:

(Dialog) #413

And suddenly have to wait a very long time?
So we will not wait )