New SP Map - test map of the addon for rtcw

(Dialog) #1

Hi all! :slight_smile:
Want to offer you a stealth mission. Really to take it or not? I would like to video 1st passage.

(vicpas) #2

Hello, mate.
Are you the Author of addon The Enemy Castle?

(Dialog) #3

[QUOTE=vicpas;488993]Hello, mate.
Are you the Author of addon The Enemy Castle?[/QUOTE]

Hello Vicpas
Yes. :slight_smile:

(vicpas) #4

Be welcome.
I’m glad to see you in a new activity for RTCW.

(ronboy) #5

Hello, Dialog. I’m glad to see that an author of an old release is now working on something new. I will test this map in a few days, and post my opinions/corrections here. :slight_smile:

(Eugeny) #6

quite tricky map

Could not pass :frowning:

(Dialog) #7

Hi all!

Hi Eugeny
6 campaigns 5 missions. Each 5 mission difficult. Station - 5 mission. Why no one could pass. :frowning:

(W0lfMan) #8

I’ll try it this weekend. Looks interesting, based on those two screenshots.

(vicpas) #9

I already finished it and i found some missing textures and other needing fixation…
The gameplay is difficult, but with patience you get it and don’t forget the stealth mode requires that.
I suggest renaming station or add something to that name. because there is already a map with this name in the work called Arkot_Mappack.
Please Dialog, contact me by email:

(InterruptoR) #10

Great map, I love these. Also liked high detail.
Passed for two hours. And about 50 saves:D. Bots are very well arranged and scripted, especially in the beginning (2 on the tower and one between wagons) and the end (it was the most difficult part). At the end there is one strangeness - when i approached to the truck, alarm was triggered, although no one sees the player.
I also liked being able to open almost every door and see what’s inside.

(Dialog) #11

The guards patrolling the area. Some can be made to come to another room by any action. Often you need to wait. And everything will turn out.

@ InterruptoR - nice! you’re the first!

@ vicpas
I have now 30 maps related story, this is actually a remake of RTCW. With many it is necessary to work, but it’s a matter of time.

(InterruptoR) #12

I will try to put here passing tomorrow, if you do not mind :slight_smile:

(Dialog) #13

@Eugeny - one of the options (in brief)


pk3 updated. Added model and textures.

(AidenDemon) #14

You blow my mind. Can you give more detali please!

(InterruptoR) #15

Quick walkthrough (3 min)


(Dialog) #16

Damn, does not properly triggered one trigger. Now fix. And so quickly it will not be possible :slight_smile:

---- pk3 Fix

(ronboy) #17

Hello, Dialog. I’ve finally played through this map. Here are my opinions:

  • The pk3 file needs to be cleaned up. You have many empty folders and default content that is not necessary.
  • You need to specify that this map must go inside a mod folder outside of Rtcw’s Main folder, because your map has a custom menu that will overwrite other player’s default content.
  • I’m sorry, but I disagree with having this map as a mandatory stealth mission. It’s too stressful to play through, much like the original map forest. Maybe the stealth option can be optional instead of mandatory? :slight_smile:
  • The map design was great, good job.

These are my opinions of this map. Thanks for the hard work. :smiley:

(W0lfMan) #18

I finished, finally.

45 Minutes to get through, then another 23 or so minutes to find the secret areas.

I must say, that the game play during the first course of the map, that is, before you turn and enter the gates to the warehouse area, was a lot of fun. It was a good challenge to find out the way to navigate, and who exactly was pulling the alarm so that I could eliminate him early on.

However, the second half of the map, the warehouse area, was not as fun. It seems like there was a trigger brush that would call the alarm no matter what was going on if I just stepped into it. This was incredibly frustrating, and I suggest that you rethink this design.

Also, I found it unusual that large windows would be propped open in the cold of winter. I understand that’s for a sniper, but maybe you should think of another way to design this.

I also found some texture and architectural mistakes. There are some windows and pipes and a garage door that might need some attention. I sent you an email with these screenshots.

@ronboy: you actually can just run around shooting everyone, as long as you first take out the alarm or the guy who pulls the alarm. :wink:

(Dialog) #19

W0lfMan :eek:
too fast - have video?

(W0lfMan) #20

[QUOTE=Dialog;489288]W0lfMan :eek:
too fast - have video?[/QUOTE]
No. Like I said earlier, as soon as you discover who is pulling the alarm, you can just eliminate him (or blow up the alarm box) and run through the place, shooting up everyone else.

What took the longest was this discovery, and also running through that trigger brush that I mentioned.

Oh, and that reminds me. There was a soldier in one of the buildings. He walks into the radio room, but if he even looks at you, the alarm goes off. That was pretty amusing.

I have NOT tried your updated map file yet. I will do that as soon as possible. So all of my remarks are based on your map from the 5th of February.

Speaking of the forest map, I have done some CRAZY stunts on that one, including running across the bridge with all the guards there. Yes, it’s possible to do it without triggering the alarm-- as long as you time it right and shoot everyone at the right second!