New SP Map - test map of the addon for rtcw

(Dialog) #361

Happy new year!!!

(melc_av) #362

Thank you very much

(ronboy) #363

Happy New Year everyone! Nice website Dialog, I’ll advertise it to other Rtcw websites. :smiley:

(melc_av) #364

Hello Dialog,
Downloads from your site are not working

(Dialog) #365

Asylum is available for download!!!

(Dialog) #366

Need: night and headphones + max volume )

(Eugeny) #367

By torment, reboots and quite a bit of cheating, somehow got through the map.
At first it was scary, but let go near the toilet

(Dialog) #368

stop cheating! :grinning:

P.S. Asylum update

(ronboy) #369

Awesome news, Dialog! I’ll advertise the download to other Rtcw websites too. By the way, have the other maps that we’ve already played previously (GreenForest, Airbase, Steinvillage) been updated, or are they the same as before with no changes made?

I don’t encourage cheating, even if a map is very difficult. For example, I made it through a level from PAV’s American Civil War Mod (Rio Grande), and that level put me onto my hands and knees with its difficulty level (lots of enemies but no healthpacks). It took about 30 minutes, but I eventually completed it with all enemies killed and no cheats used. :smiley:

(Dialog) #370

P.S. Asylum micro update

The map does not help the knife, there will not help the bullet )

(ronboy) #371

Hello, Dialog. Have there been any changes to the other maps that are available for download, or are they the same as before when you made them available for public testing (GreenForest, Airbase, Steinvillage)?

(Dialog) #372

Old version)

(Dialog) #373

Aaaand new level ))
no other mods… only standard RTCW!

(Dialog) #374

some buildings made from the original

(melc_av) #375

What’s the name

(Dialog) #376


(ronboy) #377

Remarkable work, Dialog and thanks for your answer to my question. Keep it up, mate! :smiley:

(Dialog) #378

I try for you )

(melc_av) #379

We are waiting Heidelberg…

(ronboy) #380

Yes, we are. Don’t forget to remain patient though, melc_av. Mapping for Rtcw SP is very time-consuming and challenging at times.