Map rotation (12 maps) Server config?

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You can always host the pk4s from your own machine using my method, so it is still possible. :slight_smile:

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Or perhaps host them on a website.

Dr. Funkenstein

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If I host the file locally, my pc has to run 24/7 :-).
How can i host the pk4 on a website? I have own root server. How does it work that people that joining my game my server can download the .pk4 from my website?

Thank You!

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So i’m under the impression that you can’t host an http server at the same time as the ETQW dedicated server based on everything you’ve been telling me…as I do not know what exact situation you are in. I know for me I can host the ETQW dedicated server and http server at the same time, however I’m doing it on my own machine that I have 100% control of.

Well, I know it’s not ideal, but your pc would only need to host the file once for each person that will download it. Then once everyone has it, they don’t need to download the campaign anymore hence you don’t need to host an http server anymore.

If you want to host the pk4s all the time, you’ll need to host your own HTTP website with the pk4s in a base folder (on your own machine) or use a website hosting service.


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So far i understand most. But if I host the pk4 on my own http server, how can the game servers show where this file is located (path) so that the clients can download the pk4. I do not understand that.
This index.html

<h1>GUFX’s Custom Maps and Campaigns!</h1>
<a href=“base/”>base/</a>

must be insert somewhere in the config of Game Server, i think.

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No the index.html does not go into the server config. The IPv4 and Port forwarded for the machine running the HTTP server can go in the server config.

1.) So first you setup the HTTP server and link it to a folder/directory to share.
2.) Let’s say this folder is called “pk4 Files”.
Inside “pk4 Files” should be another folder called “base” and the “index.html” file.
Inside the “base” folder should be custom map pk4s or campaign pk4s.
3.) You link your ETQW dedicated server to your HTTP server by specifying commands in the ETQW dedicated server. (These commands were shown in step 13 above). The linking is done specifically with the following command but the other two commands in step 13 are needed as well:

net_serverDlBaseURL public_ip:appache_port
(example: net_serverDlBaseURL 78.984.512.128:80)

Notice how the “public_ip” is the public IPv4 of the machine hosting the HTTP server! Not the dedicated server (unless the HTTP server is being hosted on the SAME machine as the dedicated server)! The “appache_port” is the port you forwarded for the HTTP/Apache server.

The commands in step 13 should be in a server config, but test first test this by running your server, typing in step 13 commands into the ETQW dedicated server, and having other people who don’t have the pk4 try to connect and download. If everything works then try using the server config!

Hope this helps!


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Comes this into the server.cfg? And for what stands the |*| behind net_serverDlTable

13.) Type the following commands for the ETQW dedicated server:
net_serverDlTable *
net_serverDlBaseURL public_ip:appache_port
(example: net_serverDlBaseURL 78.984.512.128:80)
net_serverDownload 2

Can i use an URL for BaseURL too? I have a dedicated server, but the ip is shared with 6 other servers.

The server dont know pk4 files, so i have to add new MIME, but which typ of mime is pk4? Its no audio, image, application ec.

Thank You!