LNAYawn, enhance your ETQW experience!

(AnthonyDa) #1

I’ve made a little application which is capable to do the following :

-Smurf checking, you know if someone created multiple account with the same key. (it is based on old LNA Yawn application, and you will be able to import your old database. The software comes with 25K+ differents pb_guid)
-Autodemo record for base.
-Realtime frag counter (+ killing spree counter)
-And others cools stuffs …


It’s a client side application for Windows users only.

Download links
LNAYawn the main application : http://www.clan-lna.fr/download.php?view.7

Converter tool to merge server logs with LNAYawn : http://www.clan-lna.fr/download.php?view.8

I’ve uploaded a copy of the pb_guid list here for non Windows user : http://pastebin.com/ZnVY732H

(singing_fish) #2

Nice AnthonyDa,
since http://jmp.kapsi.fi/etqw/guid is down we look for such a tool.

I send you pm, even if I’ve to use windows for it :smiley:

good work!

(hozz) #3

Ahem… not that I’m actually going to complain about that, but I wonder if this is legal/in compliance with SD EULA/any privacy regulations by PB/whatever. But on the other hand sites like splatterladder exist and show much information too. Really just wondering :slight_smile: (and why would someone want to know about smurfs? due to hackers/cheaters/asshats? :confused:)

But well if someone needs a kill counter, now there is one:D

(AnthonyDa) #4

You get the info by executing “pb_plist” in game while playing, it’s only listing last 8 chars of the pb_guid, so I don’t see what’s wrong with that :wink:

(hozz) #5

Yeah this was not meant against you or something :)… just wondering how much information about players is “publicly” available.

(f34n0r) #6

any chance we could get this to work with the latest version of QWTA?

(AnthonyDa) #7

hozz : I’m only grabbing infos that the game is giving me, i’m not working for punkbastard or related :slight_smile:

Feanor Yes it should work with QWTA.

I’m currently fixing some bugs found tonight and hope to gives a first version to everyone who sent me a PM tomorrow night or the next day :wink:

(jopjop) #8

[QUOTE=singing_fish;214515]Nice AnthonyDa,
since http://jmp.kapsi.fi/etqw/guid is down we look for such a tool.

I send you pm, even if I’ve to use windows for it :smiley:

good work!

guess who collected the guids <.<

(Ryan) #9


(AnthonyDa) #10

MP sent with 1st beta.

(singing_fish) #11

Perfect tool mate!
It works really nice.
It identified lots of GUIDs.
I tested it yesterday evening and had no problems except my skill loss.
But this may happened because of too much red french wine and not of your program :slight_smile:

It’s a good tool in ‘the right hands’ e.g. admins.

you rock,

(AnthonyDa) #12

Found any bugs ? Because if everything is ok, i might add new features really soon (like autofireteam for example).

(MILFandCookies) #13

Frag counter works nicely, which is what I was interested in.
The kill streak sounds from UT are a bit loud, but still a nice feature.

Would be a nice feature to be able to use the frag counter, on its own. :slight_smile:

There are only a few bugs which are related to the ‘player list’.
But nothing I was able to replicate exactly.

(jopjop) #14

Works nice but how does the online synchronization work? Do you have some online database that the program every now and then would send and get the new guids/aliases? Because that would be nice… combining the efforts of all the users!

(Kl3ppy) #15

Can i get the file/link pls? :smiley:
I need to find out all my smurfs LoL

(AnthonyDa) #16

Your (known) smurfs are Kleptomane & Tinky-Winky & Dilios & Chance. ? :smiley:

(Kl3ppy) #17

I know this nicks, but some are missing :frowning:
And can i get the file? Pls :wink:

(AnthonyDa) #18

send me pm :stuck_out_tongue:

(Proteas) #19

Hey Tinky-Winky ?..:D:tongue: try this

Guid tool’s can’t help you with old acc…

Anyway here all duplicates :infiltrator:

00e2177b 	Bacara Oksana
013fc176 	Ali100 BratensaftHeinz DeineMudderFlo Pr3d4toR
01b3d1c7 	Alpenschrat_CH Nacktmull
01c9dc6e 	Medvedka slonik
01f98cb6 	AboutToGetSick NeedLoveToo
020fc70b 	.Nemesis Apoc_Warlord N3Mi Raz3r Seraphic_Mercenary Silent_Samurai
024805c1 	parac rocklobster xunk
024f2b3a 	AJ-SUNCHASER Mr.AJ
0348bc40 	FiXx10 Merrid VentuS Wazz ar. ar.. defc0nq wazz x_
03dd05cb 	BlackButterfly Lover
0465e70a 	Adrenochrome Mothers..Finest
0466bfd6 	boqueron69 pakoman
049c329a 	MicFragger MicFragger2k
04a88d52 	Toxi-bio filip321
04ddef12 	Sam-tue sam-tue
0601900f 	Hank_Hill Miles_Bennett_Dyson sgt_pepper
075dee7d 	headtaylor stickingyourmother
079a2038 	Djico djico
07ccfabb 	PROMILLO schlampi1302
085919d2 	Abraxos BioSnark
085bf7f6 	Amaruq Kongh
08fd221c 	FoReSt112 faster232 master117
0938b193 	GreatShot GreatShot59
098fb9cf 	Mephistos Zacharius
0ac5adbd 	EviLPitT HeAdRuSh76
0b1ba1b1 	1ns4n3 Fleury Lech45 err0r.
0b92a8a0 	Dark_Mowgli dark_animals
0be5f6e7 	Papaia cell1
0bfdd1d8 	BruceWillis Gh0stRid3r
0c49ec75 	B4ND17 CE0S nightshift
0ce3e748 	PROTOTYPE_UA VladChulkov
0dce231e 	GwF-MuRdOc MuRDoG
0dfdf15c 	_NeCriS_ bl0odRage
0e1ac44c 	deliveryman virtuawarfighter
0e650b43 	jensus r3wt
0ef5bbae 	c927hris townsendguy349
0f545a09 	--Halla-- Carmen_Elektra D3aTh_r0w Perf3ct Perfectslayer perf3ct
0ff10308 	Azukail Evil_Overlord
10a51f2b 	PowerofIdiocity _Megabyte
1194c206 	-Ayat- Ayat
11c49cc3 	B-TAR furion
123915d5 	KSYHA-RUS oleg33
125d12bd 	Carri_pl Exe_pl
1261a693 	YouRNotAliV3 lecithin
129eda11 	TyRo tr3ffnix
12aad971 	3lack0ut Chief.Wiggum EaT_SoMe_MeAtBalLs Parepin Tyrannosaurus
13759ad3 	bomber666 sane666
1397e9b7 	DisarmoniaMundi Nikki.
14230930 	chill0r nappi yoyoba
14791699 	Pinnochio oliveoil
148bf75c 	SpIfy Stayflexi
16bcf1c6 	Djedje dje
170201e4 	Yoyo Yoyo.
1765164c 	Clepech nourslee
176a2528 	AXL_666 The.Thin.King
1782f390 	cez kasia
17f8c18a 	WADYAN007.RUS.PERM. Witalya
188937c0 	TopShelf zdFoddeR
18a42d42 	moosea strontiumdog2000
18ab4a36 	.pleX LuciFa SCRE4M WetChair bianzhi screeeam
18bb5554 	Riftrider Sarge_
18c42c11 	BullDog-jm orc-massacreur
18ec137e 	Viper2003 viper2003
191b6962 	Slushhead corotix grindcore jAucher mantrid t0tm4ch3r
1921cb5d 	Cybersilver DexterMorgan
193eeaeb 	Arkarian Keyboard
19651ee8 	Stary. pred4tor starlit3
198e4f48 	DeLaSouL delasoul
19cd4de8 	Elite_Boy _BoB
1a361d1d 	boy_potemkin ranCho
1ac907b3 	Acid BYou
1b9791d0 	Zack-Die-Bohne ZackDieBohne
1b9bc53b 	DeksonFan Drobash HeadshotozawR Miracle. Sasha_BelbIi Sleep. korpion
1cc45034 	Blackhead Halbundy
1db34e82 	SnowFlake The_Hornet
1deb7a36 	G.C Gillaerts
1ee15321 	alex-nega eduar
1eeac663 	Kapstok Onoez
1f0fff84 	YOGI69ER luckyshoot
1f468b17 	JuPiLeRR Nosferatu
1f5f799f 	CathWAAAGH IsayWhatWhat
1f7f6601 	GHOST-212 Rwane ghost212
1fde00df 	Kamien Rodik
20033e25 	LEZARDO Lezardo Sarenn
2077ddd6 	KURWA. Qrwa
2079525e 	LLIeMnaH3e MR.PSIHO
22502077 	AnGeR Glebmah
22d1cbf9 	CrazyNades Unarmed
231f5299 	BOBSI spondylolethesis
2480b06f 	Stroyent_Man TimeStar
249daa5e 	arw qZen s0n1k
24df5f22 	epicforce haji
2544c84b 	Gradis SaggyTiits
257bb744 	NEMESIS Nemesis Nems.s
25a0ee50 	Mr.St OwnU xxxXXXxxxXXXxxx
25ba63b5 	Pierre_Woodman chantal_goya.
25ec10c7 	LuckySstrike Suslik_666
25fd62be 	ShortY. jibez
271b9267 	Crispee NoraBatty
27fea434 	Kaos_Nigthwind Nightwind
28f34d2f 	Xenesis Xenesis216
299022ee 	Manbys TinkMaul
2992c2d9 	Flake74 Rex
299d7ccc 	Gearoid Gearoid. Lurker.
29f9b3f9 	AiR UnXocs Xocs
2ab9f310 	ArthG Quintilius
2afd65ab 	z4rd0z zardoz
2b471f56 	Marzena komora
2b7ae168 	JAneBOT RussiaMan
2bbe1f94 	.KoX. blood_money
2bf67232 	LayAbout UK-Sub
2c72ba1d 	ALKA-SELTZER tobalasBR
2ddd729d 	Axter slipslop tRixY
2e779c1a 	bURCHELLI sexymanINyourPANTS
2e795b1a 	lobezno vikernes
2f169887 	evog5 sRebRo-
2f566b5f 	Gh0st. Kordin br4inLESs br4inlag geniSs
2f93b477 	LiBreK Librek RpK W1cKeD. draculaaa
2fad6ed7 	MysErnst Zorken
3012e23b 	A_FART G.D.MESS wilson200
301b114d 	the_clap yurk
30f4b113 	goOam gooam
31aa7b0d 	Blankys Konamok
31b6f2cf 	di_rt. etqw...
31d4aa3a 	deadstrogg wboropunk
31f29663 	Lozzt YOu-.
32718acf 	donutmaster mchammock powers.boothe rastafrutti
333cfe99 	Icebergs Lucy_Lee
337c9362 	artur425 noob_noob
33aeddd5 	7urKo BROWNSER
33b25ba8 	Abondance deathactor
33d48db1 	J.M.Allen magpearl
3420d663 	Noobuk darkSector
348d080e 	Batsu Brrrak_Spencer
3492e09c 	White-Tiger gz
34f698b9 	Gotik byQ11
3500602c 	Chopekx Mxm7_PL
35882074 	Chomiczowka Mina68
35ad91ff 	Portuguais_du_95 sonic_bg
35f42c67 	Krzycho_pL Yerry_pl m4t3r4c
363cef68 	Gremling Tattoos
36b102ea 	Der_Gute Zipfelklatscher
37538425 	geejee skullmaniac
377e723e 	CRaKeaN treichi
37ecbcc9 	TRINITY mikerinos
385e1786 	FrenchK1ss Mixo Mixo`
38a61df7 	.Lo Roneyro
38fa7043 	.Fallout. Forest_ fear9000 mpn
394e215d 	Iberiusz MoHeroWyNinja SkinnyMan Szatanek Yberion
398c3919 	Koldun91 SnaKe.
39e5ed03 	ErMinella Er_Minella GrenadeOwner
39ec7c6f 	DugDanger Mr_HE_Charge
3a02d81f 	EatLeadCommieOBAMA KodiakOne
3a7a4fb2 	Nadine1995 ____
3b1156db 	Alega Fauct
3b578e4f 	-Heaven- Saneysa
3b5a3937 	Antrius Tempestus
3c39105b 	BLACKBUSA1981 PatrickSTAR
3cbbff19 	J.Vasquez podlost
3d54172c 	I3isounours SegimaH
3d574cc0 	Fen0men Fnm.
3d8c1a0b 	Kadett_Stimpy fitze
3dabb6f5 	Noss iXe
3e2d583e 	Poyo-tan popo-tan
3e45650e 	Karol_PL_ karolgora
3f2af4ad 	..HeadCrusher.. .HeadCrusher.
3f3364b2 	Balbes32 FANTOM__76 KillerDogs_RUS
3fa98955 	inkt kaashetnet
400e18b3 	DlaJasnosci HARRYSO
405e406c 	LLITonop _anna_
40d9304c 	RAFAMAX69 RafMax
4103baa4 	Blitzkrieg DressToKill
412a32e5 	Noodie Tree-Frog
41962368 	BlackSunEmpire Xenaliana
421c36d7 	nilco zA.
431ce90e 	PolishNoob st.Kelly
43887253 	Chaosblubbel LangFingerJoe Myke.Hawke
43938188 	7777. Shot. Zeta. irving
4472fe4c 	J2K JoKeM
44a599e8 	MrGoo h1rnt0t
44c3e277 	Thatdamncrow Thievery
44e68f51 	Delirium87 Konsumpanzer
44ea7b29 	Amestris Lehane OFQmann
44fbdb46 	Harkai Mazzerl
45208b54 	Cronopl Snake_PL
4587fc3f 	Capt.Rhino Lt.Grey
464badcf 	Motte1337 Ragoo
466975df 	Millicite krasboy
46ebaa41 	BlueRed Midas-XL
4703bab0 	Azul Celadia
47105cc1 	Spy08 sTYLe.
47420b39 	Crazy_Edd Mr_Eddy
4769f408 	Pucia any0n3
47cd4639 	Gerard150pol ULTRA-VIOLET White-Wolf-PL gerard150
48062274 	McTravish ZackyVII
480ada8f 	Somers1983 somers1983
480d14fc 	Brillenjoe Philister
481d3fea 	bezobav catchme mrcin
482abeff 	Blade110 Riddig
4867f4e9 	DeusNova MaKina un_pollo
488deddc 	ShadowToLight _Treshold_
48b6644b 	13ananas BananasForBananas
49871402 	Alex35 snake35
49e2ba99 	Optiv Zangieff
4a21fe86 	BLINDLY DMK
4a26b716 	funnordiste nordiste
4aa16f95 	Vu vu
4abf30e0 	CudoQ McDonald klikos
4bb70eb7 	-HiM- ChopStiX
4c49c1ab 	CIIuD Narkoshka PRS
4c795384 	RRPB _RP_
4cf0b8a1 	Anung CeLulA Goan Shinoby
4d0d8a9d 	Bi0hazard Lut1
4d32c0dc 	Eng3l Kivikala
4db4b606 	Bestik king_of_heaven
4e355c0d 	AriaGiovanni YumYum pipari
4e372087 	TheD3ath TheDeath
4e6be9c4 	BAMBR_47-RUS FERDINAND TamplieR
4e7b9a71 	hendson rantamplan
4eb18e93 	HitsFromTheBong needforWeed
4f2a0b0c 	VpOlLeCdOgMe bati0070
4f37fdc3 	MingMaus dramaqueen
501cd034 	-Jerome- Kobe-Bryant
50cb5188 	Lofwyrm lepke
511bc79c 	JaviuKu Javiukku
51833db7 	Khater LSDmaniac MarioITA Omega-Arma PropheT59 SeavY Zibri deadORalive keiga klosky pantan xpatamonx
51a240f9 	fiend1381 jely6
52003706 	CaptainDash Mr.Hide
52679905 	Reno27 Renoo
52a73787 	HEBE3YXA npu3PAK
53156715 	Bu1Ld3.r Happy_Killer
5379b032 	GARUDA ME_aentchen
538ced1d 	xsicht zerGstarrr
5453f056 	forsakn mous- mousz0r
54a4f952 	.LALO. Floh Premrznan Sting2death X_Bimbo_X amko gastuh hulio82 trag westwoodrocks
567f4d70 	Delta-9 metauniverse
56e802eb 	gkox holzkuh
56e85e0a 	Fullkrite desconectado
570de727 	S7even. Stevo95
57cff452 	Ardelos bYng
583368da 	Forzi Miklovan
584e6c34 	ClanFreeMcGee HealTheSquad
586848f1 	darktapir zorn
58cc57b4 	ADC-Stamper Stamper
59a6db65 	-Spax- SomeRADS
59ab075f 	Bacardi Pwn33d
59acb8ff 	Napoleon.Solo xxcommodusxx
59de9601 	GanjaBoy Protey
59df290c 	Weed Weed.
5a84ac28 	Zoobaka yakotza
5ad71e74 	pr0t0n ssor
5ad8585d 	Makir wandalos
5ba5da92 	.DressToKill. Kopfnuzz
5bd9a1ea 	ZBZZN_GLT uzzy
5c011f0b 	DARK_MESSIAH RADIANCE RaDiAnCe digitxxx
5c19dacc 	FireFist Iam_FreshPrince
5c1d1be3 	E. K1ll4Thr1ll
5c304872 	LECHUGEZ... rodri.r
5cf61837 	Quaddamage newlife
5e092619 	Banthek banthekvanzhan
5e5c9156 	Jelonek MrGnom
5f139bd7 	DarkLegacy DarkProdigy
5faa1cde 	Shadow-Master basher221
5fe2d0b2 	.System Mosphe SystemF
6008fbc5 	PolishPenguin Rudolf_PL
602f38bd 	KObal-t McOgonUA
611cb154 	GuNShOT geek95
61f0ffb1 	Panic_Attack.&gt; Panic_Attack.DK
6387fec4 	Cranix Wykdtron
63b11938 	McCall Orion2001 Proteas
63d85e31 	Tanzverbot Volker_Racho bndstrjnr.exe exists kacknub nerdrage
64088cb6 	ThirstyWhale ZWAKEEN
642c1344 	.FireFly seligrin
64629ad5 	LukaLeon SPF cr3at1ve forCreative systematic_
6465db4c 	edgard wakanoki
6536495c 	Cainx Mephysto Satanaell
65a51a9a 	Incubi ZernichteR
6606f4f8 	DuSchLampe ThaCode accu klf nutella
66e0cb61 	jazzcatt teenage-mutant
67ac6be3 	Never2Better RushinRussian
67fe5291 	Cannibal_ita Flying-Duck
682cda2d 	-Maks- Bravo-six SKAYVOKER Sgt.MacTavish
6850ecc2 	VaLo. derz0nk teeku
68b72a89 	-NikoPol- robocopz79
69d85655 	m1rra n0twehr
6a2c49e0 	Dummie Exiter
6ac2b625 	FishStix Fish_Stix
6b5dce5a 	pif-paf xspezzz
6bc86e7d 	Big_Stick_Mal slipstream24
6cb40687 	DEMON_WOJNY_83 SIWY_2000
6cea0b24 	Own3d Urias
6d2e3d23 	Etnix VeNi-ViDi-ViCi
6d726810 	EAT_PRILOSEC_BABY britishmonkeys
6dab60e8 	TheOneAngel dennistheplayer
6dbd8d33 	ReMix77 rMx
6dc3ecd8 	0Sulphate0 o-Surge-o
6dec589a 	LadyGenocide Petulante
6e633802 	GARFILD Knight_Lore
6f01600b 	ADC-Marseillais Marseillais
6f1ee700 	Bahr Shaluka
6f9b53ea 	Atcox The_Legend
700263e6 	agent_52 agento
70610a83 	LoveHina yominokuni
706bcd56 	Nazzz panzanoob panzernoob
70dbd193 	Schifo TheRampa
70e1f8b5 	MongoL Walond ZelibobA mongol
716ceeb5 	Amator_Pl DarDevilPL kamikadze_pl lordpatryk9876
71778765 	AltoKnallo DocZ Fleischgewehr Tripudius
720b8ab4 	RavenMaster noobn00bynub
7262f831 	KavSter Scar-Face kav
729a68c5 	JoBFoRaCoWBoY TeRRoRiZeD
72f7382c 	Ashy zxy
7331b185 	-_WigmaN_- Dreynar
737d7a29 	Dac2805-axelle- Poy02
73862805 	3v0lv3r. BlAcKt3cH. FooK. TiHi.
74937c94 	Kalle. Tulle
75a1a4fc 	A_GREENDAY_FAN WarlordSet
75a27cfb 	Capt.Lame Mr.Fert
75bbe37b 	Luc1an Neeng
75e81688 	.ben. Bailey-s titi.
75f61911 	CMG Ouch
762a3f9c 	GirlwithaGun accidentlyHappy mizzu
7653a8fa 	Chamaeleomidae small_virus
7676a560 	-Dieu- -NaS- Bill-b30 NaS-b15
76c60359 	HAARP LiHAARP
7749f442 	Akayne Ooh..Aah Yahaz Yazhoo
7779b51e 	BINLADEN C4-PL
78e3006b 	Switchheero oOSwitch
79565434 	I.own3d.U VaNiLLa4LiFFE piffKO
799bf82f 	-_-Punisher-_- H3LL54NG3L Skullcandy.
79c8c553 	FamousAmous iNFAMOUS
79cd601c 	grinyabekin666 zlyden
7a28a86d 	Killar Z-Xtra
7a69cdef 	Godsrigthhand toxicin
7a939241 	Ash_oldman PterosauR
7af288a3 	lego_oprah los_pantalones
7b8e1577 	3b0la 8-DigiT YouRm0m
7bac4fbe 	gazt pt.gaz.fps
7bd899e8 	Belfu belfu
7c8c4652 	L4nce rabb1t.
7d59bf61 	SlyWax [BBA]Silius
7d80d98b 	4713n2222 Kel_Thuzad
7e0c9f29 	Karn. Nobody-007
7e1e1ca8 	millerq3 nvthe1
7eb49c2e 	_silent_stepfoot aie-need-a-medic
7ec55f64 	Pangolin Pangolin.berzek
7eec310e 	DrFunkenstein SunRa
7f8822f0 	publicnoobclan-7 therainbowpiss
807c5adf 	AasGeier Mave
808afcb7 	Anakin1 RustySkull
80932d9a 	GooDsoldieR HammerT
80d22794 	RathMan Rathman
80f885ca 	JaNKieL Zuzak
81b60a14 	Asia.Amazonka Lepa1 masterlata
81da62fd 	Alexandrain alexandrain
8220eee4 	MeisterSuperFelinus SuperFelinus
82212fbb 	SickBiologie SickBoogie Sickboogie.
823f905c 	Bravehardt Donnachaidh TAW_Tull
82443c1d 	rakkio severand
82742eea 	J.Connor flo2016
82853fed 	-ZeroCool- pijerto77
83428ad2 	BreeOlson MUSTAC Manlove zSnIpErz
83663f16 	gloaming maniakal
83684e18 	Ingenuus ingenuus
839f4bd4 	TWOTOWERS dablel
843e32d8 	Bjarne_Stroustrup RamsesIII
84b14e8b 	Roma.n Roma_N rm.n
84ec8dd2 	MATT-the-MEDIC gh.the..EXCURSIONIST
85bcef09 	spng sponge_
870e7943 	BL00DHanter Bl00dWolf
879e9a8d 	MACHINEGUNRUNNER the_ultament
87a2e306 	LpK74 LpkBE goldagl
87f3bb8f 	.adidas. DOZA2008
880db2a3 	.Tux. Tux
88fbeabc 	t0db0t zombiegangster
8941ffd6 	DaffyPup DaffyShug jkhasdasda
8a20b6e1 	Teacher. lkS lks1
8a61183f 	.Bio. 4turama cmyk
8aa769af 	Kensha89 Necrosi
8bf5d8b0 	Hellrazor01 xHellrazorx
8cafb572 	BrontozawR Vasya_ToFan masadius
8e399ff5 	-M- .ma5t fobJa fobjAe. koldrein kurj0ozum5 mVst ma5t0 marc1n.
8ebe5501 	ab-norm wildehilde
8ee88e04 	Bertie Bertie.
9029419c 	-FUN-phenice Phenice
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(jopjop) #20

For some reason I can’t get the frag counter working… once I got it and then it started to announce all the frags made on the server… Then once I got it to show my k/d ratio but it didn’t update it at all.
Other bug that I found was that the program says in the toolbar “File loaded with success” but in the program it says “Wrong file!” not a big deal but still.
I changed the name from options->set options to my name and pointed the path to log to lnayawn.log.
I also tried to make a new log file but it didn’t seem to update it.
Check fake works fine.
Synchronize online gives “Wrong file!” error

I have all the files in base folder.
I’m running win7.