Is this the END?

(Mc1412013) #41

Nope took tvis long just for them to say wr found a new provider

(jemstar) #42

(ASD) #43

thanks for sharing

(jemstar) #44

(Mc1412013) #45

Cool we got official servers again for a few days

Now that stadia is dead and ao is that waste of a game. Maybe ad could use some.of that free time to add a few features like the short lived cmm match mode back

(DarkangelUK) #46

I wouldn’t get your hopes up for new features, or anything being added to be honest.

(Mc1412013) #47

I wasnt im just saying would be nice to have cmm back its already coded

(senilityiscool2) #48

A New York server. Ahhhhhhhh.

(ASD) #49

on nitrado website you can currently rent 200 slot servers

(Poldy040) #50

Friendly fire on plz! :smiley:
And don’t forget a Dark Matter Cannon or a Hammer! :wink:

(Mc1412013) #51

I could only select 16 and there more expensive than i3d was i3d was like $15 ish for usa servers

(senilityiscool2) #52

Spoke too soon. The servers are choppy and any EU server is unplayable for me.

(RageSmirk) #53

I’ve bought a 32 slots server yesterday.
But for some reason, my server would no longer show in the servers list.
I’ve tried to edit the config to 16 slots but maybe I got blacklisted.
Nitrado support says the game is under maintenance…
They probably don’t know what they are talking about

(ASD) #54

my new server also not working for 2 days now… looks like they have no clue whats wrong with it

(jemstar) #55

Mine took a little to get going but working well. I reinstalled it twice then copied my i3d config into it and working a treat. also is cheaper for me in Australia, i3d was $45 pcm Nitrado is $35!

(ASD) #56

can you share your “launch.log” … i have there some errors and just want to verify if they are “normal” ?

(Mc1412013) #57

Costs more in u.s

(jemstar) #58

Can’t find the launch.log have the restart.log tho.

restart.log (2.2 KB)

(jemstar) #59

You said $15, so that is cheaper!

(ASD) #60

oh nice… they removed it :frowning:
here is what i had in it days ago… somehow no communication from them since days :frowning: never had such bad support experience!
Launch.log (44 KB)
specialy wonder if line 44, 45 and 75 is the main reason why my box dont come up correctly… already pointed this out to support but as above written… they dont care