Is this the END?

(ASD) #21

less then 4 weeks and sepetember is finished…
any update on the new hoster?

(Mc1412013) #22

We dont know we tried asking devs on here, on reddit and devs refuse to answer. Ive asked in discord but no answer there either(didnt spend much time in there) Im assuming the devs either dont care or waiting for the last second to tell us games dead couldnt find a server host.

(ASD) #23

dont tell us such horror stories…

(rorgoroth) #24

Dirty Bomb is now officially ETQW version 2 :joy:

(Shanks) #25

Except that you can still play Quake Wars…

(jemstar) #26

I would say their bosses 10 cent, have sworn them to silence.

(Mc1412013) #27

Well ill give them 20 cents to open there mouth.

I made multiple posts askibg devs to answer. one nicely one angerly in reddit with nothing but toxic coments anout how games dead get over it hope it dies comments

(rorgoroth) #28

probably the devs alt accounts lol.

(Shanks) #29

This game has been on live support for 4 years, which is also the amount of time it took for them to take a great game and turn it into spamfest lol. I doubt we’ll hear anything until after the servers go down.
But ET is on Steam now, so if you’re looking for something similar you could try that.

(Mc1412013) #30

Even if it was a clone wont feel the same


I obviously can’t deny nor confirm anything but don’t give up hope yet, they clearly want to keep the game running.

(Poldy040) #32


(Mc1412013) #33

Doesnt feel like it we have no updates. Takes seconds to post an update they are dead silent


Fresh from the oven:

(ASD) #35

holy moly… smooth is alive!
@smooth maybe you find some minute to also post some update here on the forum? yes there is less audience but hey we are still here

(Mc1412013) #36

And that toxic dump that is redit

(Mc1412013) #37

Acording to discord screenshots i saw in reddit new provider by end of month

(Mc1412013) #38

Smooth said new servers online by end of september

(jemstar) #39

Yep saw that!! I’m actually paid up til Nov 1 so covered till then but if they come online at end of Sep woohoo!

(RageSmirk) #40

Any news on new regions possibly middle east?