Is this the END?

(jemstar) #1

Any SD people can you confirm?
As I logged into my server’s control panel tonight this notification appears:


We are phasing out Community Game & Voice servers for Consumers by September 30th 2022. As a result, you can no longer order these servers and renewal periods on these products have been limited to 1 month. For more information, please read our FAQ or contact our Support Team!"

Is there any plans to find another hoster?

from i3d

‘’ We have currently limited contract renewal periods to one month (ProCon layers excluded) and adjusted every active account to this new policy. Contract renewal periods on consumer game and voice servers will be disabled on September 30th, 2022. This would result in your consumer game server or voice server being shut down in October 2022 should you not cancel the server yourself before that timeframe. We intend to shut down our last consumer game & voice servers by the end of October 2022."

(jemstar) #2

Just got an email

Splash Damage are working with us to identify new partners for your consumer game servers, you can stay up to date on Dirty Bomb servers through the Splash Damage Discord or the Dirty Bomb or Splash Damage twitter accounts.

(ASD) #3

got the same horror mail
@SD any interest from your side to find a new provieder



Taken from the db discord server:


(Poldy040) #5

Sounds good! :wink:

(DB 2 When?) #6

Thank god, I was about to get worried.

(jemstar) #7

Thanks I will put off pressing K now!!!

(jemstar) #8

Yep was scary! but it looks like they are working on new hoster, I’m surprised but relieved SD are still looking out for us!!
I thought with new owners this may just be a nuisance for them.

(K1X455) #9

gimme a holler… I might spend some coins of my tax refund for ‘a good charitable cause’

(ASD) #10

I’ll just copy and paste my question to @smooth here as well as maybe not all are watching discord all the time (i’ll never do)
so maybe @smooth you can also update here on your offical forum for us few oldschooled ones who visit you here :slight_smile:

just got a i3d ticket about the “END” again its saying: “For Dirty Bomb customers; you can stay up to date on Dirty Bomb servers through the Splash Damage Discord or the Dirty Bomb or Splash Damage Twitter accounts. They have identified new hosting providers for your consumer game servers and can put you in touch with their new partner(s).”
so maybe you can tell us the little secret to whom we now all run to get new servers?

(Poldy040) #11

Any update regarding a new hoster? :thinking:

(jemstar) #12

There’s this:

IDK when it will be available tho!

(Poldy040) #13

Good news! :wink: Selectable but not yet bookable… Let’s see! :wink: We have still nearly 2 months on the old hoster! Thank you! :hugs:

(Mc1412013) #14

Some one in redit said it was a no go and they backed out

(ASD) #15

im confused now…

(Mc1412013) #16

I hope they find something soon i dont want to be attending any funerals this year

(jemstar) #17

Oke that’s not good news, they better find a new hoster or I will be very sad.

(Poldy040) #18

Still selectable:

Any update?

(jemstar) #19

Strange they announced the new hoster and even put link on their website before realising they couldn’t host it as no game files.

(Mc1412013) #20

Would love for a dev to chime in but i think they completely abandoned the forum and redit. Havent seen one in ages