How to One Shot the EV with Molotov in video

(Teflon Love) #41

Skyhammer’s airstrike has a longer cool down than the Molotov, and Guardian has more time to react to an incoming air strike and can get her shield up.

(DarkangelUK) #42

As said his cool down is higher, it doesn’t work under a roof and that’s part of his job role

(HadronZodiac) #43

But his airstrike can just be tossed and forgotten, and there isnt always a guardian

Molo actually takes skill to deal the most damage to the ev

(DarkangelUK) #44

I disagree, the EV is a large, slow moving object and the Molly is instant activation with no warning or activation time, doesn’t take much skill to lob it at an EV

(Begin2018) #45

Stoker is in the same group than Arty, Kira, Skyhammer and Javelin. Then it’s his role to destroy things.

(DarkangelUK) #46

A Molotov shouldn’t do the same damage as an airstrike or a huge laser from the sky

(Begin2018) #47

Why not? Especially as it’s damage over time.

(Muddy Muddy Mud Nade) #48

Well it takes skill to land that perfect shot, and one shot it.
I still don’t think it should be able to one shot the EV, without assistance, in any situation.

Mostly, I would think, because it can do too much. It’s already an incredibly powerful area denial tool. it’s still a straight up killing tool, it’s not too bad at destroying generators, and now it can one shot an EV without any teamwork? Why would you ever pick any other fire support, other than to help take out the EV if you don’t land the perfect molly?

(DarkangelUK) #49

Exactly, add to that list that it can deny C4 plant/disarm, stop a push from any choke point, wipe out a defensive hold point around an aura station/turtle shield… it’s such a high utility tool that it really doesn’t need an EV damage buff on top of all that. Plus its a glass canister that gives off fire, it makes no sense that it should be dealing the same damage to a hard plated vehicle as a carpet bomb dropped from a plane.

(Jigstraw) #50

the molotov is kind of bad at area denial to be completely honest. You can get rid of it with a single fletcher sticky, a proxy mine, one of nader’s nades, even redeye’s smoke.

Kira’s laser is the real king of area denial and i really wish it dissipated if you killed kira before its duration ended, just for those shitty set-it-and-forget-it lasers they drop on the C4 from halfway across the map that nobody can do anything about.

(DarkangelUK) #51

The Molotov is great for area denial, just because it can be dissipated by certain mercs doesn’t make it bad at it’s job, the denial has worked just fine if mercs need to work to remove it at all, it’d be bad if it could be ignored entirely

(HadronZodiac) #52

Yeah but actually keeping the ev on it maximum effect isnt the easiest thing, unlike instant death airstrike

(Begin2018) #53

Airstrikes too, In Underground, Castle, Trainyard and more…

They even added more sky view in Underground while there is no EV at all.

There is lots of maps where air strikes can be used to disable generators too (Trainyard, Dockyard). Arty/Kira/Skyhammer are definitively not limited to only disable the EV.

By the way, it’s easy for attackers to avoid EV one shot by motolov : just escort it to not let it in the fire. Then it need team work for defender to stop the escort. Or throw redeye’s smoke…

(DarkangelUK) #54

Are you comparing AS utility which requires open areas to a Molotov that can be used absolutely everywhere? And also using that as an excuse to buff the molotov even though it’s clear it has far greater utility? I have confidence that this neither required or on the cards to happen.

(Begin2018) #55

Nobody wants to buff it lol. But don’t nerf it.

No, that’s just YOUR opinion. But not mine, I have lots of usages for AS, as disabling generators to open gates, prevent planting/defusing and more. Just depend on map.

To be clear, I always have Arty or Kira (depend on the map) in my squad besides Stoker. They are still useful, trust me. Stoker isn’t “all-in-one” just because sometimes I can disable the EV. I still use the others mercs.

(DarkangelUK) #56

It’s an objectionable fact, it can be utilised in a lot more situations for a lot more utility across a lot more areas of maps, me saying that doesn’t take away from airstrike utility so I don’t know where you’re getting that idea from. The point being, his Molotov doesn’t require nor warrant a buff, and there’s no justifiable reason to do so other than personal desire.

Either way I doubt it’ll get changed regardless, all I want is the lottery behind the flame scatter fixed, sucks when it should cover an area and doesn’t

(HadronZodiac) #57

Actually, saying it can be used more gets 100% neutralized by the fact that it takes time for it to do damage AND it is immobile (the fire at least). As said, coordinating with your team to ensure the ev stays on the fire should be rewarded. It doesnt HAVE to one shot evs if its such a problem out of nowhere, but it should do at LEAST 3/4 damage on a full fire.

(DarkangelUK) #58

Your math doesn’t add up, at no point is it 100% neutralised on your say so as that’s not how 100% neutralizing works :smile: The ‘used more’ (as quite clearly stated) was to do with utility and situations beyond the EV, I thought that was blatantly obvious. As for the rest of your comment, uh, seems like you want to do away with teamwork and be a solo EV killer. Regardless my point stands, you want it buffed out of preference rather than necessity, it’s not required, warranted or necessary… or happening.

(HadronZodiac) #59

neutralized = balanced

Slower damage deal balances out the fact that it can be thrown under roofs

(DarkangelUK) #60

DOT is in no way 100% neutralized, roof/moving or not… you do realize that 100% means completely neutralized, right?

Anyway the discussion has no more convinced me that what you want is required, no matter how much “it requires skill” dust you sprinkle on it. IMO i’ll quote shoe for your request, “Not Happening”.