How to One Shot the EV with Molotov in video

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Related to this topic Why was stoker nerfed, and why wasnt it in the patch notes?

Sorry for the lags, looks like I misconfigured the record.

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Well colour me surprised, I do indeed apologise… but then I take it back since you’re a bit of a rude individual that needs to learn some manners. We don’t condone hostility here, especially since you never got any in return so there was no need for it in the first place, you came in swinging and angry for no reason. Be respectful and you’ll get it in return as they say, I don’t see how some people struggle with that concept.

But still, nice example of (I suspect), the bugged detection smooth was talking about.

(Muddy Muddy Mud Nade) #3

Wow. Never seen that work without even getting shot at.

(henki000) #4

Nice deliver here (even if it’s flickering hell). What about that dying proxy, did she use mines against the EV?

(DarkangelUK) #5

It looked like the flames were delivering double damage to the EV going by how quickly the XP was rattling down.

(Begin2018) #6

No, and they were mainly playing melee…

Anyway, I use Stocker in defence in every EV maps since at least 6 months, and most of the time 1 molotov is enough without any help of my team. But it looks a bit harder sometimes since last patch.

Then the question of the other guy was interesting (maybe not the form but the substance) and the Dev answer too.

I just hope they won’t nerf it for real now… lol

@DarkangelUK : I find lots of your interventions on the forum disrespectful too, that’s why I answer like this too you, trolling.

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Sorry but I whole heartedly disagee, when you call people incompetent and claim people ‘don’t play the game’ to use game time as a belittling method because you don’t share the same opinion then you’re attacking the person and not the point. Basically if you continue to do that in your replies then action will be taken. My stance has been made

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That’s just sad mate, even if DarkangelUK was like that, just think for a second, wouldn’t he be already fired from being a MOD for the forums?

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I hope they wont nerf EV destruction too. But in my opinion; molotovs should work more like a area denial and horror development, rather than flame particles killing and destroying things instantly. Perhaps molotov could lit mercs on fire as well as cause butterfly effect. Destroy EV only when they are targeting MG hatch. I hope your actions will not cause any trouble towards any people, because it might harm your utterance and cause opposite actions. It will detrack other people with same views. Trolling does not encourage people to have constructive conservation. Trolling can be acceptable in rare occasion, if it’s obviously detected as humour and does not demean other people. Unfortunately, I dont think this was the case.

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Another example without recording lag :

(ThePigVomit) #12

I’ll validate it tonight on an empty server,since both throws were from cover, can’t tell if there was already a fire on it. The second had 2 mollies on it but 1 was an enemy, F2F server?

(Begin2018) #13

Of course it was a server WITHOUT friendly fire. And you can see I have lots of DAMAGE +100XP anyway. Not sure it works well if the EV doesn’t move at all, better if it move a bit I think.

I didn’t record all my parties, but on Bridge I fully disabled it maybe 5 times in a raw. I fixed my recording issue then I can do more videos if you wish. I play like this since months anyway…

(HadronZodiac) #14

From all my stoker gameplay, id say you will most likely 1 shot it if the ev is right on top of the fire, not like half over (maximum fire damageeee)

(Begin2018) #15

Yes, that’s probably why it doesn’t work 100% of the time I suppose.

A last example if some people still have some doubts :

(DarkangelUK) #16

It’s bugged and confirmed by smooth, it shouldn’t and was never designed to one shot the EV, I was certainly wrong about the bugs existence however which I conceded but I wasn’t wrong that it’s not by design. The original point from your thread still stands, the Molotov wasn’t secretly nerfed by SD, but more that the EV is getting effected by the bug less these days which is what you’re probably noticing. And well, since you’ve highlighted it maybe they’ll fix it for good :rofl:

Hostility won’t be tolerated in any context, whether I’m wrong or right, absolutely no need for it.

(HadronZodiac) #17

Tbh the molotov should at the very least drop the ev health VERY low (as its the hardest fire support weapon to sustain damage to the ev, its not instant or maintainable like kira laser.)

Also, a good tactic that I STILL use is to throw the molotov, and to have your time start pushing and taking out enemies near the ev as the fire expands under the ev. Their push will maximize damage, and then your assault push ensures their ev doesnt pass ur fire.

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This is polite but

Isn’t polite? Ok…

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Yes accusations of incompetence and belittling peoples points due to play time isn’t polite, but please keep the thread on topic or i’ll need to close another derailed discussion.

I personally hope the bug is fixed, there’s quick enough ways of taking out the EV without having a one-tap molly doing it along with them.

(HadronZodiac) #20

Imo it should at least do very high damage to the ev (at least 6/7ths). It is the one fire support ability that isnt instant damage or maintainable (aka kiras laser and she can move it). It needs the most timing, and therefore should be rewarded.