How to One Shot the EV with Molotov in video

(ThePigVomit) #21

No, a Molly should not nearly disable the EV, not when it can also deny a repair at the same time. A Molly, imo, take an EV down 50%, maximum.

(HadronZodiac) #22

1/2 is literally the most useless thing, especially with the actual skill needed to take out the ev (unlike literally every other fire support). Also no u cant deny a repair, only one side. 3/4 of the ev is still repairable, and plus. You cant always know someone is repairing. 3.5/5, minimum.

(Begin2018) #23

In my opinion, it’s fine as it is. It isn’t very easy to do, it permit to disable the EV when there is no sky view and it’s potentially a bit more Guardian-proof than other solutions.

(Muddy Muddy Mud Nade) #24

I don’t the think molotovs should be able to one shot an EV. They’re already not supposed to anyways, and I honestly didn’t even know that they could. Maybe I’m just bad. But I don’t think that some fire should be able to do the same amount of damage as a giant death laser from space, even if you do land that perfect shot from the video. Most of the molotov’s impact on an EV should be denying its ability to be repaired or moved, not just straight up destroying it.

(Begin2018) #25

As you didn’t noticed it was possible and as it looks like most people didn’t too (even if we are probably way more than two guys to do it), I don’t see why it would be suddenly a problem just because now you know it’s possible…

I disabled the EV hundreds of time like this, nobody never complained and you feel useful for your team when you disable the EV, for example, at the end of Dockyard where there is lots of roofs. It add some strategy to gameplay and make Stocker more interesting (especially now Javelin is way better to disable generators).

And of course we use molotov to kill people and deny areas too. I’m a bit sad when I have to spend all my molotov on the EV because my team doesn’t care about it at all…

(Muddy Muddy Mud Nade) #26

People didn’t complain about it because they didn’t know it could even happen. I’ve legit never seen it happen before in my 900+ hours of DB, so of course I didn’t bring it up.
Either way, it’s probably not going to be able to for much longer, if it is a bug. Then again, knowing Splash Damage, it may take a few months for it to be fixed.

(Begin2018) #27

Sure, as the EV bug.

(HadronZodiac) #28

But now they know, and people will start screaming and bitching even tho its happened for a long ass time, damn the community is so petty

Anyways as long as the molotov can do at least 3/4 damage to the ev im chillin

(Muddy Muddy Mud Nade) #29

You’re part of the community, too, pal. Don’t forget that.

(Begin2018) #30

I don’t think people are blind. Nobody complain because it just looks normal to disable the EV like this ^^ Sometimes I play against [SD]c4Te and/or [SD]Catafish and they don’t looks shocked to see their EV burning (but maybe they were REKT idk ;))

And it isn’t because it’s a side effect of the physics engine (or something else) than the result is necessary bad. If they change it, they will just make people playing Stocker complains.

(HadronZodiac) #31

With the way you react, im surprised u said that :slight_smile:

(Muddy Muddy Mud Nade) #32

I don’t hate you man. Honestly, when I get all antsy and “soapbox-y” with you, it’s mostly just because I want to see you be able to debate and argue properly. You’re opinions often differ from most, and if you learn to actually rebut, we could have some interesting debates.
Though, I’ll admit, you get under my skin sometimes lol.

(DarkangelUK) #33

Stoker is pretty much always in my squad and I Molly the EV all day, I’ve not (knowingly) one tapped it and I hit it from all angles. Obviously those on defense would love it to stay, but on attack it’ll suck, probably more so since Jav also got a buff to EV damage and the maps are inherently defender biased already. The roof areas are meant to be a cover/rest from the air spam against it, but then if it’s not too consistent then meh I guess. Basically there a ton of stuff to attack it with already and only one way to defend it, and her AARG up time got nerfed.

People probably haven’t been vocal about it because they didn’t realise it was happening, they probably just assumed good team work was taking it out quickly. It’s infuriating as hell fighting for a repair then it makes it 1m just to be disable again in a single hit. Leave Stoker as AOD and let the EV killers do their job imo, Molly is incredibly powerful as is and has no limitation of where it can be used, unlike air attacks, 50% EV damage is more than reasonable.

Realistically though, if it’s interaction with the EV then I don’t see it being fixed

(HadronZodiac) #34

Ig using facts and common sense isnt arguing properly then

Actually not really, many games where fire support spam didnt get defense anywhere and attacking still pushed (countered by repair spam lol). If it gets its nerfed to 40 seconds and left at one (or close to it) tap then it would be fine. But im sure all the people who like using molo as an offensive weapon wouldnt like that

(DarkangelUK) #35

Why wouldn’t those on defense want their molly to 1 hit an EV? Im pretty sure anyone on def would love their job made easier. I use it as AOD on both offense and defense, which it seems to its intention, one shotting the EV isn’t. A bug making it unintentionally do something its isnt designed to do isnt good enough reason to build it that way, again especially since there are other tools designed for that purpose and not for AOD. He has his role and I’d argue that he’s the best (arguably only one capable) at it and should be kept there, 2-3 molly’s (one + the team pitching in) is ideal, he literally has no need to be handed that extra buff by design. In fact given what smooth said, I very much doubt they ever will make it intentionally do it.

(HadronZodiac) #36

I didnt say they dont want it, just its not that big of a deal, only the airstrike can one tap and it
A - takes little skill and timing
B - destroys everything (boom)

Like i said it doesnt need to fully destroy it, but 3/4 but would be nice. 2 molos is fine

(Begin2018) #37

If it was really a problem, you probably already noticed it since the time you play this game. Nothing changed, if it wasn’t a problem for you until we talk about it, there is no reason it suddenly become a problem…

SD should spend its time to fix real problems. Especially when some people enjoy to play Stoker to disable the EV. And yes, it could become a wanted game mechanics ; For me it was already the case, I never thought it was a side-effect or some bug.

By the way, in the past it was more effective. It was really easy to disable a static EV. That’s probably why HadronZodiac started his thread about “silent nerf”.

(HadronZodiac) #38

Agreed, also i found out its still possible (just extremely rare to do it which sucks)

(DarkangelUK) #39

I unconsciously noticed it by how severely frustrating it is to try and push the EV and it only gets about 3ft then it’s disable soon, as I explained already. I don’t like EV pushes on chapel for that reason, if it’s fixed properly then I expect I’ll enjoy it a lot more. Just because I didn’t notice it didn’t mean it didn’t have a negative effect on my attitude towards the game

Your first clip was a perfect example, that EV should never have been taken out in 1 hit, and quite possibly they would have managed to escort it to the end before you had another to throw. Just because those players werent aware of the bug doesnt mean it didnt directly impact them in a negative way and give you a crutch to hold them back.

(Begin2018) #40

You know, you can one shot the EV with Skyhammer too and it’s easier. Nothing new here.